Glamping in Alberta | Summer Vacation Memories

Glamping in Alberta | Summer Vacation Memories

One of the reasons why glamping in Alberta is so popular. Is because it allows people the opportunity to enjoy the wilderness. Even if they do not want to go camping. Or do not like camping.

Glamping in Alberta

Glamping is a lot more accessible. Because it does not require people having any of their own equipment. And it allows people of all abilities to share in the experience.

Because camping, may not be possible for people with certain limitations, physical and otherwise. And when they do want to go glamping in Alberta. They should look no further than elevated experience camping.

Located in a river valley, five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. The unique location of this campground. Will help people have a wide variety of activities. So that no matter why they are on vacation.

They can have the experience that they want. Large families in particular love coming to elevated experience camping. Because there is literally something for everybody. No matter what people enjoy.

For those who love adventure, there is the river. That has a boat launch on it. So people can go boating or fishing. Or even if all they want to do is stand on the banks, fishing, or simply enjoying the water, and the sounds.

If they do not want to spend time on the water, or near it. What they can do, is go hiking or biking in one of the many trails that there are within, and just outside of the campground.

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However, if people are looking for activities of the but closer to their campsite. Elevated experience camping will not disappoint. Not only do they have minigolf, that everyone gets a free round when they arrived.

But there is also a retro arcade, a community library. Where they can borrow books in case they are board. And games that they can rent, from horseshoes, and cornhole to a slip and slide.

They also can rent what they are calling a discovery kit. Which is a knapsack, for love all of the tools they need. To go on a self-guided adventure. That is as fun as it is educational.

Whether they want to have a daytime adventure, exploring the river valley at night. Or learn how to pan for gold on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. They will be able to all of those through these kits.

However, for people who are looking for a different kind of glamping in Alberta vacation. They may want to try unique experience called goat yoga. This is perfect for yogis of all ages and abilities.

Allowing people to strike a pose in the beautiful outdoors and sunshine. While surrounded by happy, and playful goats. This activity is surely the smile on everyone’s face.

When people go glamping, they may be looking for a wide variety of experiences. And want to make many different memories. And when they do that at elevated experience camping. They are going to be able to have many different experiences. The matter how often they come back, time and time again.

Glamping in Alberta | Summer Vacation Memories

Often, people use glamping in Alberta. As their summer vacation. And because of that, want to have an extremely unique experience for themselves, and their entire family.

Glamping is more popular than camping. Because it is more accessible. However, up until recently. People could not have a glamping experience if they did not have equipment.

But now, more and more campsites throughout Alberta. Are adding glamping amenities. To appeal to a wider variety of customer. And that is exactly why elevated experience camping built their tiny cabins.

There whole goal, at elevated experience camping. Is to help people fall in love with the outdoors again. And provide camping experiences for a variety of campers.

Therefore, they will offer great experiences to the expert camp or. That has their own equipment. And generally does not need any help. But they also an offer a great experience to those campers.

Who have never been camping before. And may not have their own camping equipment. It is why they are renting the glamping sites, which are tiny cabins.

Or perhaps, the reason why people are going glamping in Alberta. Is because camping is inaccessible to them. Due to a physical or other limitation. And glamping allows them the opportunity to feel like they are spending time outdoors.

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And when they do go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience camping. They are going to be able to have a wide variety of experiences, based on what they want to do.

For example, for some people. The perfect vacation is sleeping in, and watching their favourite movies, and reading books. And there is something for this kind of camper.

Because not only do their glamping sites have televisions. But those televisions are hooked up to a satellite. So they can get their favourite shows or movies. But they also have a library on site.

That people can go and rent a book, in case they forgot there is. Or finished reading and already. And while this is one person’s idea of an ideal vacation. Another person’s idea of an ideal vacation.

Is going on many different adventures. Whether the adventures are on the water, because they are located next to the North Saskatchewan River. Or whether they want to go biking or hiking on one of the many trails.

Perhaps a person’s ideal vacation is going on in adventure. Without leaving the campsite. And for this person, there are many amenities that they can enjoy.

Not only either many different games that they can rent, such as board games, A slip and slide or horseshoes. They can also head on down to the retro arcade. And spend an afternoon, playing classic video games.

Perhaps they want to go on a guided adventure, and learn something about their surroundings. Or enjoy an hour of yoga, stretching in the wilderness. All of these things are possible for people who come to elevated experience camping. For a unique summer vacation, where they can create their very own memories.