Glamping in Alberta | What Makes a Great Camping Experience

Glamping in Alberta | What Makes a Great Camping Experience

Often, people love to travel in order to go camping and glamping in Alberta. And whether people are from this province, or are travelling from somewhere else.

A destination that they should definitely put on their list is elevated experience campground. Located in a river valley, on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River just outside of Drayton Valley.

This scenic location has often been described as, as beautiful as the mountains. Without having to drive all the way to the mountains. And the owners want to make this as much a desired destination.

As the national Parks of Banff, and Jasper. As well as Kananaskis. Attracting people from not just all over the province, but all over Canada as well. And they plan on doing that with amazing amenities and customer service.

They hope to exceed expectations, that will keep people returning. And make them fall in love with the outdoors again. By offering such a wide variety of services, appealing to all types of campers, and glamper’s alike.

Whether people are looking for a completely rustic experience. By sleeping under the stars, and cooking over an open fire. Or if people are looking for the complete opposite, by staying in luxury accommodations.

People arriving at elevated experience campground will get both extremes as well as everything in between. Including many amenities that are unique to this campsite, and are found nowhere else.

The amazing service starts as soon as people arrived for check-in. Not only is there a crackling and welcoming fire. That people can roast a marshmallow on. As check-in and registration is taking place.


People can allow the stress of their urban lifestyle fade away as they enjoy a free coffee on arrival as well. This will let them know that their vacation truly has begun. And they can start relaxing.

Whether people have to set up camp, or simply take their suitcases and place them inside their tiny cabin when they are glamping in Alberta. If they do not want to cook their dinner, they can always order a pizza that is delivered directly to their campsite.

When it comes time for activities, they have many traditional camping activities. Such as a boat launch onto the river, for people to go boating or fishing. As well as horseshoe pits, and trails for people to explore.

But also, they have many other amenities, that are unique to their campsite alone. Starting with programmed activities such as goat yoga. Whether people are seasoned yoga practitioners.

Or have never struck a pose in their life. They will enjoy this activity. That will allow them to enjoy being outside, stretching their bodies and playing with adorable goats.

However, if people are interested in games, whether they want board games, or video games. They can get what they are looking for at elevated experience.

When people are looking for completely unique experience, unlike any they have had before. Whether they are camping or glamping in Alberta. They should check out elevated experience as their first trip of the season. Because once they have experienced this, they may not want to go anywhere else.

Glamping in Alberta | What Makes a Great Camping Experience

There are so many different amenities at elevated experience campground, that if people want to go camping or glamping in Alberta. There will be something for everybody here.

When families are camping, they often have the problem of their children complaining that they are bored. But this is not likely to happen at elevated experience campground. Because they have so many games to occupy people’s time.

They have a retro arcade that will appeal to children and adults alike. But also, they will rent out many different board games, that are giant sized. To allow families to play family favourites.

But in a unique way, that they have not experienced before. Such as giant sized Jenga, or yahtzee. However, if videogames or board games are not to their liking. They can always rent a slip and slide, or enjoy a game of mini golf.

And in fact, people can enjoy a free game of mini golf. As all campers get one free game to kickoff their vacation in the right way. However, if they want to play more games of mini golf, they can do so as often as they wish.

And if people want a more rustic, and traditional camping experience. They can bring their tents, set that up to sleep under the stars. And cook over an open fire.

And in enjoy some of the more traditional camping amenities, such as going out onto the river, fishing. As well as hiking and exploring the wilderness in the beautiful river valley.


However, people may want to bring their trailers, or motorhomes. And there are Sites to accommodate this as well. For a personal style of glamping in Alberta.

And whether they are families, individuals or couples. Even though they have their own glamping amenities. They can access any of the other amenities on offer at elevated experience.

From pizza delivered to their campsite, to games that they can rent. Using the boat launch, playing for shoes. Or even enjoying mini golf.

If people would like to go glamping in Alberta, but they do not have their own trailer. They will be able to rent a tiny cabin at elevated experience. This is giving them all the luxury of a hotel room.

That it is set in the you to full wilderness of the river valley. So that when people look outside. Even though it feels like they are sitting in a luxury hotel room.

The beauty of nature outside, will let them know that they truly got a way to the wilderness for a vacation. And for some people, they never even have to leave their room, in order to have the vacation of their dreams.

No matter what camping means to each person. Everyone can get what they want at elevated experience campsite. In a way that exceeds their expectations.

Once people experience that camping can be like. Not only will they return, they will tell all their families and friends. In this become their annual destination.