Our Campsites

Regular Campsites

30 AMP Full Service

We have 36 Full Service Campsites (power, water and sewer right at your campsite) All full service campsites have cement pads, easily accessible for parking your RV unit and come with a picnic table and firepit.

Price is $47.00 per night

30 AMP Service Pull Through

We have five Full Service pull through Campsites (power, water and sewer right at your campsite). All full service campsites have cement pads, easily accessible for parking your RV unit and come with a picnic table and firepit. These sites can support large Motorhomes that are towing additional vehicles etc. right in the campsite without unhooking.

Price is $44.00 per night

15 Amp Tent Camping

We have nine 15 AMP tenting sites. Our tent only sites are small, untreed campsites that have a picnic table and firepit for campers use. Only one tent per site. The electrical outlet is located on the lamp post closest to the tenting site.

Price is $25.00 per night

Tent Camping Non-Serviced (No power)

We have 5 power only campsites (power only at the direct site) but we have non-potable water at the front of the campground for your convenience to fill up your unit when you arrive & a sani-dump directly on-site. All power only campsites are well treed, good privacy & spacious. Please see our Choosing Your Electrical Campsite on our website to best determine if a 15 AMP campsite is right for you.

Price is $20.00 per night

All campsites are pet friendly (on leash). Our sites are a short walk away from our hot showers, flushable toilets, and playground. Our amenities will accommodate everything from a pup tent to a 45-foot motorhome with multiple slides.

Monthly Rate $950 plus GST

Choosing Your Electrical Site

A circuit breaker is an electrical switch that is designed to protect an electrical circuit from an overloaded or short circuit. The basic function of a circuit breaker is to interrupt the electrical flow after if the circuit is overloaded.

Below is a list of common camping items that draw electricity in your trailer, recreational vehicle or motorhome. If a combination of these run at the same time, your electrical circuit breaker will interrupt the flow of electricity, in order to protect your electrical equipment.
Upon arrival at your campsite, you typically plug in devices such as your fridge and or your water heater. Next you may turn on your air conditioning. Combined with other electrical items such as a microwave, stereo, lights or similar electronics, this can easily push your draw close to or over 30 amps. Over 30 amps, the circuit breaker will function to turn off the circuit, and you will need to reset the breaker to use your electricity again.

We recommend adding electrical items gradually, to avoid overloading the circuit since many devices initially draw more electricity to start, thus allowing you to avoid tripping the breaker.

Equipment  – Amperage Draws

RV Converter 1-8 Amps
Lighting (per light bulb) .5-1.5 Amps
Water Heater (6 gallon, heating) 8-13 Amps
RV Air Conditioner, start up 16-18 Amps
RV Air Conditioner, running 13-16 Amps
Window Air Conditioner 5-10 Amps
RV Roof Fan 3-5 Amps
Ceiling Fan .2-6 Amps
Oscillating Fan .5-1 Amps
Furnace Fan 7-9 Amps
Space Heater (1600 watts) 7-13 Amps
Space Heater (800 watts) 4-10 Amps
Refrigerator 5-8 Amps
Portable Ice Maker 19.2 Amps
Blender 5-6 Amps
Microwave (Standard) 7-13 Amps
Microwave (Convection) 7-15 Amps
Portable Pizza Oven 12.2 Amps
Toaster 8-10 Amps
Coffee Maker 5-8 Amps

Equipment  – Amperage Draws

Electric Kettle 6-12 Amps
Frying Pan (On High) 7-12 Amps
Crock Pot (Cooking) 3-5 Amps
Crock Pot (Warming) 1-2 Amps
Food Processor 5-8 Amps
Hair Dryer 7-13 Amps
Curling Iron .5-.7 Amps
Clothing Iron 8-10 Amps
Washer / Dryer 140-16 Amps
Hand Held Vacuum 2-6 Amps
DVD Player .5-2 Amps
CD Player .5-2 Amps
Radio .5-2 Amps
Television 1.5-4 Amps
Satellite Receiver .5-.8 Amps
Game Console .5-.8 Amps
Laptop Computer 2-3 Amps
Small Electronics Chargers .5-1.5 Amps
Drill 2-6 Amps
Golf Cart Charger 13-21 Amps