Alberta Campgrounds | Why Comfort Camping is Popular

Alberta Campgrounds | Why Comfort Camping is Popular

While many people have often referred to camping in Alberta campgrounds as roughing it. That is exactly why many people do not enjoy camping. Because they do not like the rough aspect of the accommodations.

Which is why comfort camping, which is also called glamping these days. Is so popular, because it merges today’s technology with camping amenities for a unique experience.

Whether people are going camping in order to spend time in nature and get away from the city. Or if it is because they want to be closer to their favourite activities. Such as hiking, cycling or kayaking for example.

Camping allows people to stay closer to where they want to pursue their activities. And is often a means to an end.

For these people, they often want to have more amenities to make it more comfortable. As well as make things more convenient such as mealtime and cleanup.

And as long as technology has been progressing. Camping supplies have also been improving with time. Meaning what is possible now was not possible to bring twenty years ago.

So while many people might think of glamping as an activity reserved for the rich. This is not the case, and it is a very popular activity with people of all ages and income.

While glamping traditionally required people bringing their own accommodations such as trailers, motorhomes and even tents. This is no longer the case as Alberta campgrounds build more and more glamping sites.


They are building permanent or semi permanent structures for people to stay in. To make glamping accessible to more people.

The buildings could be varied structures such as small cabins, luxury tents, even yurts and teepees as well as treehouses. Have all been turned into glamping accommodations.

They are typically outfitted with many luxuries not usually found while camping. Such as queen-size beds, air-conditioning and barbecues just to name a few.

The appeal of these permanent or semi permanent glamping sites in Alberta campgrounds. Is that it gives people the feel of camping. In a way that allows people to be more comfortable than they would if they were actually camping.

The people who might want to go glamping in these structures are extremely varied as well. From travellers who are simply passing through. And do not have the equipment to go camping.

But might want to experience the landscape or wilderness in a way that only camping allows. Can rent one of these glamping sites for the night. Because they do not require having any camping equipment.

Or, for others they might want to go camping with their family. But need or want different accommodations. So having these sites within Alberta. Mean that people can spend time with their family and camping. But in a way that allows them to be as comfortable as they need.

If people want more information on booking a glamping site. They should contact elevated experience camping. As they have traditional as well as permanent glamping sites for every camper’s enjoyment.

Alberta Campgrounds | Why Comfort Camping is Popular

Camping is an extremely popular activity not just in Alberta campgrounds. But throughout the entire country. Because it gives people the ability to see nature in a unique way. That they would not be able to achieve by staying in a hotel.

For some people, camping is a means to an end. To allow them to get closer to where they like to engage in their recreational activities. Such as mountain climbing, mountain biking, white water rafting, or sailing for example.

When combining these sports with outdoor accommodations. It is known as adventure recreation. And is extremely popular. Especially in Alberta, because there are so many different types of landscapes that offer many different activities.

However, just because many people love to engage in a sport that requires staying close to the mountains or a body of water. Not everybody loves the rough accommodations associated with camping.

This is why comfort camping is quickly rising in popularity among people who have traditionally gone camping. Because they want more luxurious accommodations than camping had typically been able to afford them.

Comfort camping was first given the name glamping fifteen years ago in the UK. By mashing up the two words glamorous and camping. And simply means bringing new technology to camping. For a new experience.

And while people use to associate glamping with people who did not like the outdoors. this is generally not the case. People just want to be more comfortable. Or have the convenience of technology when they stay in the wilderness.

For other people, glamping is seen as the only way that they are able to enjoy camping. Either because they do not have the equipment. Or they have physical limitations that keep them from engaging in this activity.


For some people, pitching a tent, chopping wood, and sleeping on the ground are things that they simply cannot do. And when they are able to book a glamping sites in Alberta. Suddenly the ability to go camping exists for them.

Also, it allows people the opportunity to get close to nature. So that they can leave the city, and have a vacation. But in a way that does not require them to actually go camping.

Or, it is a compromise for couples where one person loves Canada but the other does not. And while glamping traditionally had required people to have their own accommodations.

Glamping sites that have permanent or semipermanent structures are also increasing in popularity throughout Alberta campgrounds.

Whether people are staying in a tiny cabin, a luxury tent, or even a yurt. It allows them a unique experience to get close to nature that they would not have had otherwise.

But also, combining the most current technology and amenities. To allow people a comfortable camping experience that they will enjoy.

Regardless of the reason why people want to engage in comfort camping or glamping. It is a popular activity that is continuing to gain popularity. And anyone who is going to be visiting Alberta campgrounds should give it a try.