Alberta Campgrounds | Bring Comfort While Camping

Alberta Campgrounds | Bring Comfort While Camping

Even though many people love camping throughout the province in many different Alberta campgrounds. For some, the experience is lacklustre. Due to the lack of personal luxury items while camping.

However, more and more people are enjoying what is called glamping. Which means the active camping with the comforts and luxuries of home.

This word was first coined in the UK fifteen years ago. To describe the new type of camping that was being seen across the continent. Where people were bringing luxury items with them on their camping trips.

However, far from being a new fad. People have been glamping for centuries. With the first known instances happening in fifteen twenty.

A delegation of thousands of people set up almost 3000 tenants. That held many luxuries that would be fit for royalty. Including fountains that contained red wine instead of water.

While this is the first known instance of luxury camping. It has been noted in history books ever since. For example, Genghis Khan was well known for the luxuries he brought with him when he was travelling.

Ensuring that he had the best of everything in his tents. Including servants to bring him everything he desired. And hanging silk along the walls, and silk carpet on the ground. Meant that he could enjoy every aspect of his travels.

Not to be outdone, sultans outdid everyone with the luxuriousness of their travels. Ensuring that everything that they could have wanted from the palace. Was brought along with them when they travelled across the country.


And while today’s camping is a little bit less luxurious. Many people still want the creature comforts that they are used to. When they go out into Alberta campgrounds with their family.

Some people like to go glamping with their recreational vehicles. Such as motor homes. Or, they bring a tent trailer or a fifth wheel trailer. That come equipped with many luxuries.

Including a stove and oven as well as microwave. These trailers allow people to cook food as though they are at home. Instead of over an open fire which has its own challenges.

Or, they can come complete with air conditioning, a heater, and satellite television and Internet. So that people can enjoy all of the things they love about home. Especially if they are faced with a gloomy or rainy day while visiting Alberta campgrounds.

However, this type of glamping requires paying for a recreational vehicle, or even buying some of the most basic camping equipment. In order to go camping in the first place.

And many people are not able or willing to spend money on camping equipment. But may want to experience Alberta campgrounds from time to time. Which is where permanent glamping sites come in handy.

These structures are often standalone. And can come in varieties such as luxury tents, tiny cabins, or yurts. To allow people the opportunity to go luxury camping. Without the expense of having to buy their own camping equipment.

If people ever wanted to go camping but either did not like it. Or did not have their own camping equipment. Glamping can offer them an opportunity they could not have before.

Alberta Campgrounds | Bring Comfort While Camping

For some people, when they visit Alberta campgrounds their goal is to rough it. While others, roughing it consists of staying in a hotel with no room service.

However, there is now an opportunity for these two people to be able to go camping together and both get exactly what they want. Now available in many Alberta campgrounds are permanent glamping sites.

Glamping is essentially luxury camping. And is on the rise in popularity all over the province. It allows people to experience wildlife and nature. Without having to leave the creature comforts they enjoy at home.

While there are many different types of glamping sites throughout the province. People need to ensure that they know exactly what amenities they are getting. So that they can have the experience they desire.

Throughout the province there are glamping sites that they can rent including yurts which are portable tents with structured walls and ceilings. To luxury tents, offering people heat and air conditioning and even a fireplace in some of the models.

As well as reconditioned grain bins, houseboats, structures that are called pods that can be placed anywhere. As well as traditional first Nations teepees and even tree houses.

Some of the comforts that they should be aware some of these come with include indoor bathrooms including a hot tub, air conditioning, heaters, skylights and folk kitchens.


And depending on what kind of experience people are looking for. They will be able to find in the various glamping sites that are available.

What is more important about these, is that people can have all of the creature comforts they desire. While still enjoying the outdoors in a way that only camping can bring. Which means the people who love camping and the people who love going to hotels can peacefully coexist with this experience.

In fact, many glamping sites offer opportunities that could not be had with traditional camping. Such as structures that have glass ceilings. That allow campers to be able to camp out under the stars.

Which is extremely fun during a meteor shower, or up north where they have the northern lights. A treehouse glamping site on the other hand. Allows people a completely unique perspective. As well as a unique experience that they would not be able to get with a tent or an RV.

Even up north, people can stay in an igloo or an ice castle. That will give them an experience unlike any others they can find.

When people want to have a vacation. And there is an argument between going to hotel or going camping in Alberta campgrounds. Glamping can be a middle ground to make everybody happy.

In order to plan their glamping vacation. People should start looking at all of the various campsites throughout the province. And making a list of what they need and where they want to visit so that they can end up with the vacation of a lifetime.