Alberta Campgrounds | The Popularity of Glamping

Alberta Campgrounds | The Popularity of Glamping

Even though camping has been a popular activity for people throughout Alberta campgrounds over the years. Many people think glamping, which is a portmanteau of camping and glamorous is new. But actually, people have been glamping as long as camping has been around.

Historians date the first known instance of glamping all the way back to the fifteen hundreds. In France, during a summit called the field cloth of gold summit. Where three thousand delegates erected twenty-eight hundred tents.

What made this glamping or luxury camping instead of just staying in tents for regular camping. Was the luxurious accommodations that people set up inside those tents.

Not only did they have every known luxury of the day. From drapery, furniture and servants. But historians also say it was recorded that they set up fountains that ran with red wine instead of water.

And while this is the first instance of luxury camping on record. Since that moment, historians find many instances of luxury camping throughout history, and in all countries.

Typically reserved for royalty, as the Royals needed to travel across the country. In order to carry out their royal duties. The expanse of land is large. While the accommodations few and far between.

Which is why they would bring their own tents to set up. And of course, they always insisted on having all of the luxuries typically enjoyed while at the palace. So that they could be as comfortable as they carried out their job.

And each royal that came after would want to out do their royal counterpart. With sultans being known for having the most luxurious tents for their travels. So glamping has been around for hundreds of years.


Even a hundred years ago, it is an activity that became popular for the richest and most elite in the world. As African safaris became the popular thing to do.

As the world’s wealthiest would flock to Africa. In order to see the beauty of the landscape. As well as the majesty of the animals that the world had never before seen.

The tents that they stayed in could only be considered as luxurious by today’s standards. They all had mosquito netting, so that the pests would stay out. And they included electric generators to keep people warm from the cold, African nights.

And also included hot baths, and crates of champagne. So the world’s elite could see this new continent in style. In some of the first luxury camping trips that was done purely for enjoyment.

Therefore, people who are visiting Alberta campgrounds are in good company when they go glamping or luxury camping. As they bring today’s technology to yesterday’s amenities.

And while this is an activity that has been done for many years. More and more campsites are erecting permanent or semi permanent structures. In order to allow more people the ability to go glamping than ever before.

Therefore, if people are looking for unique way to visit Alberta campgrounds for their family vacation. They should consider glamping, because it is more accessible to all people than it ever has been.

Alberta Campgrounds | The Popularity of Glamping

Many people love nature, which is the reason why they flock to Alberta campgrounds not just in the summer. But throughout the year. Especially as there are many activities to enjoy throughout the province.

In the summer, there are many activities such as hiking and cycling, mountain climbing and white water rafting. And in the winter, there is skiing, sledding, and skating.

And any time of the year, people can enjoy nature and a variety of activities throughout the province. From the northern parts of the province that is known for long summer nights and Northern lights.

To the south that has a almost desert -like appearance, and foreign landscape of the hoodoos. To the mountains of Western Alberta. That offers many activities for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy.

And for some people, visiting Alberta campgrounds in order to simply enjoy nature is the reason why they go camping. But for other people, it is simply a means to an end. To allow them to be closer to where they are going to be in order to engage in their favourite activity.

And while camping had previously been described as roughing it. Many people want to go camping. Who may not want to go roughing it in the wilderness.

And as technology improves every year. So does the ability to bring more creature comforts. And luxury items from home than ever before.


This is why many trailers and motorhomes come standard with things such as air conditioning, fridges and stoves as well as microwaves. And queen-size beds and fully functioning bathrooms.

And even if people are camping in attendance. There are many luxurious style tents. That have multiple rooms. Or the ability to use a heater or air conditioner. To ensure that the temperature is always perfect.

In fact, when people are visiting Alberta campgrounds, the luxury items they can bring. Our limited really only by people’s imaginations. As well as their wallet.

However, anyone who wants to go luxury camping, or glamping as it is now referred to as. They typically have to bring their own accommodations. Whether that is a tent, a trailer, fifth wheel or motorhome.

However, since glamping is becoming more and more popular. More and more Alberta campgrounds are building structures in some of their campsites. That allow people to do some luxury camping. Even if they do not have their own tent or trailer.

These structures might be many cabins, or luxury tents. Or they might be your, teepees, or treehouses. But the one thing is common with all of these glamping sites. Is that they have luxuries that people typically do not find while camping.

From heaters and air conditioning, to barbecues and hot tubs. People are really only limited by where they want to go and how much they want to spend.

So for people who have always wanted to try camping or even glamping. This is an accessible and fun way to see the province.