Alberta Campgrounds | Take Luxuries While Camping

Alberta Campgrounds | Take Luxuries While Camping

It is very important for people to know that they do not have to leave luxuries of home behind when visiting Alberta campgrounds. Also known as glamping or luxury camping. This allows people the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Alberta landscape. While continuing to enjoy comforts of home.

While the word glamping was actually coined in the UK about fifteen years ago. Luxury camping is not a new phenomenon. It has been done for decades throughout Alberta campgrounds. When people brought recreational vehicles with them to go camping in.

And even before that, luxury camping has been dated back to the fifteen hundreds in Europe. Where lavish tents were set up for royalty and the ultra rich. So that they could travel in style.

One of the most famous and first known instances of luxury camping. Is fifteen twenty, when twenty-eight hundred tents were erected for a event. And not only were the tents outfitted with luxuries. But they even created fountains that ran with red wine.

So that all of the people who were travelling together. Could enjoy many of the luxuries that they would experience back home.

Even Genghis Khan was known for the many luxuries he brought with him on his travels. Lining his tents with silk drapes and silk carpets. Among other luxuries he brought with him for his comfort.

While the things that people bring with them now for their comfort are different than what previously was brought on luxury camping trips. The idea is the same, allowing people comforts of home. With them on their camping trip.


This can be things to help make mealtimes faster and easier. Such as barbecues, coffeemakers and toasters just to name a few.

Or things to help make them more comfortable such as queen mattresses in their recreational vehicle. As well as heaters and air-conditioners.

While glamping used to be reserved for the people who could afford recreational vehicles. Such as motorhomes, fifth wheels or trailers.

That is no longer the case, with many glamping sites cropping up throughout the various Alberta campgrounds. These can come in many forms.

With glamping sites happening in luxury tents, tiny cabins, and your it is just to name a few. Allowing people to get away from the city. While allowing them to feel like their camping but not to give up their luxuries.

These glamping sites are often outfitted with many comforts such as air conditioning and heaters. Microwaves, barbecues, or indoor plumbing.

While others offer the unique experience in the structure themselves, such as glamping sites that were created out of grain bins, pods or even treehouses just to name a few.

While the various glamping sites available will depend on where people are travelling and how much they are willing to spend. There are as many different glamping sites as there are travellers. So depending on what people are looking for, there is going to be a perfect site just for them.

Alberta Campgrounds | Take Luxuries While Camping

When people go camping in Alberta campgrounds. The idea is often to get away from it all. However, not every camper wants to get away from everything they leave behind at home.

This is why glamping has surged in popularity lately. Because many people like getting away from home. But not leaving all of those luxuries behind.

Whether people want to bring things from home to make them more comfortable. Such as heaters and air-conditioners. Other people bring luxuries that they simply do not want to do without.

They may have an espresso machine in their recreational vehicle. Or have satellite television so that they do not have to miss their favourites television show. There is no right or wrong way to go glamping when visiting Alberta campgrounds.

However, other people may go glamping. Because it allows them an experience to get away into the Alberta wilderness. In a way that they would not be able to before.

Whether this is because they do not have any camping gear themselves. Whether it is a recreational vehicle or just attend. Because that can be an expense that many people are not able to afford.

So by offering glamping sites. People who have no camping equipment. Can still get out into Alberta campgrounds and enjoy all of the amenities they have to offer.

Or, glamping is a way for people with physical limitations to be able to enjoy camping. In a way that they would not otherwise. If they had to do things like cook on an open fire, or sleep on the ground.


Therefore, glamping can help people experience camping. But in a way that is possible for them. And others simply dislike camping. But they want to join their family and friends on an adventure.

For these people, glamping gives them a way of being able to enjoy comforts of home. While allowing them to do some of the same activities that their family and friends are doing.

For example, at elevated experience camping. They have a fire pit in front of each of their glamping sites. So that they can still have their family and friends over for a campfire. But know that at the end of their night, they do not have to sleep on the ground.

When people are getting ready for their vacation. Or if they are wanting to get away for just the weekend. They should figure out what kinds of amenities they are looking for.

As well as figure out what kind of experience they are looking for. So that they can match the glamping site that they get with what experience they are looking for.

There are many different glamping sites throughout Alberta campgrounds. And by doing what they want, can help people get the right experience they want for their vacation.

While glamping surges in popularity in this province. More people are glamping than ever before. Meaning this is something that people will want to book in advance. To ensure they get the experience they want for their vacation.