Alberta Campgrounds | Is Glamping a New Activity?

Alberta Campgrounds | Is Glamping a New Activity?

It seems as though glamping is on the rise in popularity especially throughout Alberta campgrounds. And because the word glamping is relatively new. Being coined in two thousand five.

Many people think that glamping is a new phenomenon, that has just been invented. However this is not the case. People have been going luxury camping for centuries.

Glamping was created as a word in the UK by combining the words camping and glamorous together. And was created just 15 years ago. The word refers to combining yesterday’s amenities with today’s technology. In order to give a unique camping experience.

However, people have been combining camping accommodations with luxurious amenities dating back to the fifteen hundreds. This is actually how royalty used to travel.

Since accommodations such as hotels were less available across the less populated expanse of the country. Requiring these royals to erect tents in order to have places to stay the night.

However, true to what they are accustomed to. The royals would want to bring many different luxuries to outfit their tents. So that they could be as comfortable as possible.

One of the most luxurious events in history happened in fifteen twenty in France. While during a summit, delegates erected tents with such luxuries, that fountains were created that ran with red wine instead of water.

And while this is one of the most luxurious known instances of luxury camping. The most famous historical figure known for their luxury accommodations was Genghis Khan.


As he marched across Mongolia and China, he was known for the luxury accommodations in his tents. From silk drapes and carpets. To servants to cater to his every desire. He was very well-known for all of the amenities he had during his stays in tents.

However today’s glampers in Alberta campgrounds are quite a bit less luxurious than the royals in history. In today’s glamour’s are simply known for bringing comforts of home with them on their camping trips.

This might mean luxury items that will make camping more comfortable. Such as queen-size mattresses for sleeping on, air-conditioners or heaters to make the temperature comfortable.

Or technology that is brought to make food preparation and cleanup fast and easy. So that they can get on with the activities that they have gone camping to enjoy.

This is why many recreational vehicles such as motorhomes and trailers come equipped with amenities such as a full kitchen including stovetop and oven as well as microwave.

Creature comforts such as air conditioning and heating, as well as bathrooms that have a fully functioning toilet and shower.

Even people who go camping in tents often have the ability to bring amenities that were not always possible. Such as air mattresses or raised beds. Air-conditioners, and ways to cook food so that they do not have to chop wood, or cook over an open fire.

And now, many Alberta campgrounds are erecting their own permanent glamping sites. So that people can experience luxury camping. Without needing to bring their own trailer or tent to stay in.

Alberta Campgrounds | Is Glamping a New Activity?

Even though glamping, or luxury camping as it is sometimes called is on the rise in Alberta campgrounds throughout the province. It is not as new an activity as many people assume.

Simply put, glamping just means merging yesterday’s amenities with today’s technology. And as technology evolves. So does the ability to bring new amenities to the campsite.

While many people typically enjoyed camping because of the roughing it nature of the activity. It was actually the only way people could get away from the city. And sleep in nature. Because there was no additional technology to make the event any easier or more comfortable.

However, nowadays people can bring many different things with them to make their camping trip more comfortable or easy. Which is why more people are going luxury camping than ever before.

Unfortunately, up until recently the only way that people could go luxury camping or glamping as it is called. Is if they have their own accommodations such as a trailer or a tent to stay in.

And not everybody can afford all of the camping equipment that would make going camping possible. So while many people may want to engage in this activity, it is not always within everyone’s reach.

This is why permanent or semi permanent glamping sites are on the rise. Sometimes, these accommodations are built for an event such as a music festival. Giving people a completely unique festival going experience.

But more than ever, Alberta campgrounds are erecting some of these glamping sites within their own campsite. To allow people an opportunity to go glamping they might not have had before.


These permanent glamping sites might be tiny cabins, luxury tents or even structures such as a year or teepees. But all are typically outfitted with everything that a person will need to spend the night.

The different luxury amenities will depend on each individual glamping site. And people need to be aware of which glamping sites comes with what amenities. In order to match the right accommodations with the experience that they want.

It is also very important to note that people need to book these glamping sites well in advance of their vacation. Because these are extremely popular. Especially as many people who had never been able to go camping for our booking them. So that they can have a camping experience.

Another great aspect of these glamping sites. Means that people who previously would not go camping because they did not enjoy it. Can now join friends and families in the Alberta campgrounds by renting a glamping site.

Even though there is more glamping sites than ever before throughout the province. They are continuing to be extremely popular for people everywhere.

So people need to book the site in advance. So that they know that they can have the trip that they want. When they start their vacation, in order to have the experience they are looking for.