Alberta Campgrounds | Comfort Camping

Alberta Campgrounds | Comfort Camping

Even though the word glamping was coined in the UK in two thousand and five, people have been glamping in Alberta campgrounds for decades. Because glamping essentially means camping with some of the comforts from home.

People have known glamping by other names for several years. From luxury camping, posh camping to comfort camping. It allows people a way to experience the beauty of nature. But without leaving important amenities behind.

The creation of recreational vehicles such as trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes. Meant that people were using these two go comfort camping for decades before the word glamping came around.

This meant that people did not have to sleep on the cold hard ground. But also it allowed them to bring with them things like a stove, a fridge and even heater just to name a few.

It also meant that people could be more comfortable than they would be sleeping on the ground. Or cooking their food on an open fire. So that they could spend more of their time enjoying the outdoors.

Whether people used comfort camping as a way to spend more time hiking, fishing or hunting. Or just being able to spend time with their family outside instead of indoors.

The longer comfort camping has been around. The more amenities people are bringing with them when they go camping. And people are bringing a wider array of luxuries than have ever been possible.


When people visit Alberta campgrounds, they may want to bring a coffee maker, a toaster, or a barbecue. To make mealtimes faster, or to make cleanup easier. So that they can spend more time on the activities that they came camping for.

However, some of the luxuries that they bring with them. Mean that they are bringing air-conditioners or heaters. And even recreational vehicles that have queen beds in them. To ensure that they are even more comfortable than ever before while camping.

Many people have had the experience of going camping in a trailer, and when there is no airflow. It can be as hot as an oven in there. Therefore, people often want to be as comfortable as possible when camping. And that is the reason why they bring the luxuries they do with them.

However, it is not always possible for people to be able to purchase a recreational vehicle such as a motorhome, trailer or fifth wheel. Which is why the popularity of glamping sites in Alberta campgrounds has exploded.

When people go to the campsite, there will often be structures that are built. In order to allow people a luxurious camping experience. Whether these are luxury tents, a structure such as a yurt or a small cabin.

These things can offer all of the amenities that are not necessarily possible during typical camping. But can do so to make glamping accessible to people who do not have or cannot afford recreational vehicles to go glamping in.

Therefore, even though glamping is something that people have been doing in their RVs for decades. Glamping is no longer just limited to people who have these vehicles.

And anyone who would like a camping trip away from home. With luxuries of home can enjoy glamping.

Alberta Campgrounds | Comfort Camping

Comfort camping is something that people have been doing in Alberta campgrounds for years. By bringing comforts that are not traditionally associated with camping with them.

While this was done by the superrich and royalty for centuries. This has gained popularity in Alberta campgrounds in recent years.

Ultimately, comfort camping can be done in accommodations that people bring with them until Britta campgrounds. Or can be done in many of the various amenities available throughout the province.

Depending on what type of experience the glamour wants. They can go camping in everything from luxury tents and tiny cabins. To pods, treehouses, and even grain bins and houseboats.

What makes these luxury. Are the amenities within them. And some can contain everything from air conditioning and heaters. Two skylights, fireplaces and even satellite television and Wi-Fi.

What will help a person pick the right glamping site for them. Will be figuring out what kind of camping experience they would like. As well as what amenities they cannot do without.

At elevated experience, they have tiny cabins with many different luxuries within them. All while allowing people to feel as though they are truly experiencing camping, and the beauty of the nature around them.

This is why they do not have any indoor plumbing. And they have amenities such as a barbecue for outdoor cooking. As well as a fire pit to make people feel as though they are actually camping.


Camping this way can be a way for people to experience the joy of camping. Even though they may not have any of the camping equipment. Such as a tenant or sleeping bags.

And this can also be a great way for people to experience nature. If they have been travelling through the province. And do not have any of their camping equipment with them.

By checking into one of the glamping sites in any of the various Alberta campgrounds. People can experience camping, as well as the beauty of the province. Without having to have their camping equipment on hand.

Glamping is also a way for people to experience something completely unique. As many amenities available in the various glamping sites. Offer people an experience that is not possible through traditional camping.

When people are wanting a completely unique vacation, and are looking for something to do that they have never done before. They should see what glamping sites are available throughout the province at various Alberta campgrounds.

So that they can have a fun and unique experience. Without leaving any of the comforts luxuries that they of to have behind them. In fact, when people go glamping for the first time they are often hooked.

Because it can be a fun way to experience nature. While themselves to enjoy many luxuries that they do not get while camping.