Alberta Campgrounds | Luxurious Camping

Alberta Campgrounds | Luxurious Camping

Even though going glamping is something that has recently become very popular in many Alberta campgrounds. People have been going glamping for many years, dating back to the fifteen hundreds.

Glamping is the mashup of two words, glamorous and camping. And refers to when people go out camping, but take the luxuries of their home with them.

There are many different ways that people can go glamping. From taking a recreational vehicle like a motorhome or a fifth wheel. To bringing things with them to make their space more luxurious or give them more comforts.

Such as bringing a coffeepot, an air conditioner or heater when they are camping in a tent for example. As camping gained popularity. People wanted to get up off the ground.

So that they were not sleeping on the ground. And started bringing their recreational vehicles to Alberta campgrounds with them.

With the popularity of recreational vehicles growing. People are bringing more and more luxuries with them. And in, the first usage of the word glamping was coined in the UK.

There are many reasons why people might go glamping. From loving nature, but not wanting to sleep on the ground. Or wanting to spend time with their extended family. And their family loves camping but they do not.


It is also a great way that people who are travelling through Alberta campgrounds can get a taste of nature. Without having to have their camping gear with them.

Or, people may love going camping. But they do not have the finances to be able to purchase all of the equipment. Such as a tent, sleeping bags and cooking equipment just to name a few.

Therefore, being able to rent a glamping site in Alberta campgrounds. Means that people can still enjoy nature and get the feeling of going camping. Without having the expense of purchasing their own equipment.

People need to understand that there is going to be different equipment within different glamping sites. And many campgrounds offer different buildings for people to be able to go glamping in.

From your, which are portable round tenants. With structured walls and ceilings. Two luxury tents, tiny cabins, and even recreational vehicles or houseboats. Can all offer people the feeling of camping but with the amenities of home.

The most important thing that people do when they decide they are going to go glamping. Is figure out what luxuries they are looking for. So that they can find a site that has all of the amenities that are important to them.

Once they figure out what they are looking for, they can call ahead to reserve their glamping site. So that they can enjoy all of the fun that the campsite has to offer. Without having to leave the luxury of their home behind.

If anyone wants any more information on glamping and its costs. They should call elevated experience camping. In order to find out what glamping sites they have available. As well as what they have to do to go about reserving a spot for their vacation.

Alberta Campgrounds | Luxurious Camping

Even though many people have been talking about glamping in Alberta campgrounds quite recently. This just refers to camping in a way that allows people to bring luxuries of home with them.

Before the word glamping was coined, people often called it luxury camping, posh camping and comfort camping. And it is something that has been done for centuries.

Traditionally, glamping was how royalty travelled. By ensuring they got to take some of the luxuries from their palace with them. So that they could be as comfortable as they wanted while camping.

The first instances of luxury camping are from the fifteen hundreds. When 2800 Tents Were Erected in Europe. And fountains were set up that ran why instead of water.

One of the more famous historical figures known for their luxury camping is Genghis Khan. Because when he travelled, he ensure that he carried all of the luxuries that is most important to him.

Such as silk carpets and silk drapery just to name a few luxuries that he enjoyed having. So that he was as comfortable as possible during his journeys.

Sultans were also known for the luxuries that they brought with them when they travelled. And even though they stayed in tents. They made sure that they had all of the luxuries of home that they wanted for a comfortable track.

Nowadays, people tend to go luxury camping. As a way of escaping their homes for a vacation. While allowing them to enjoy the beauty of nature at the same time.


Many people first went glamping in their recreational vehicles. Which allowed them to bring things that were not traditionally brought with them when they went camping.

They would bring things like a barbecue, a coffee maker or a toaster. And as these recreational vehicles evolved. So did the luxuries that people were able to bring with them.

And now, RVs come with heaters, air conditioning, fridges, stoves and ovens. As well as fully functioning bathrooms just to name a few luxuries.

However, people who do not have the means to bring recreational vehicles with them or to purchase them. May still be able to go glamping when visiting Alberta campgrounds. Because many sites offer glamping accommodations as part of their amenities.

Whether they are luxury tents, tiny cabins or even years. Most of these glamping sites will contain luxuries that are not usually found within those structures.

So that people can enjoy a lot of the comforts of home. While still feeling like they are spending time in nature. And being able to experience everything that they normally could during a traditional camping trip.

Often, these glamping sites are reserved very quickly. So if people want to get away from the city and try glamping for themselves.

They should contact these Alberta campgrounds right away. In order to book their stay. So that they can experience glamping for themselves, and enjoy their vacation as well.