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We now have a second campground at

Drayton Valley RV Park.

It has full service RV campsites, daily, monthly, and annual availability. 


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The Campground

Willey West Campground originally was a ferry landing on the south shore of the North Saskatchewan at the end of Buck Creek Road in the 1940’s. The name Willey West comes from the campgrounds three founders’ names combined, Theo Westling, William Roos and Bruce Cropley. May long weekend in 1989, was the campgrounds first official operational day.

Our Location

Situated along the shores of the North Saskatchewan River, Elevated Experience Camping at Willey West Campground is located in Central Alberta and only 6 kilometers east of Drayton Valley on the Cowboy Trail Highway 22 which offers stunning mountain-like scenery and picturesque views.


Situated on the shores of the North Saskatchewan River, Elevated Experience Camping offers seasonal camping annually from May – September. For the 2021 camping season, Elevated Experience Camping will be open April 30, 2021 – October 3rd, 2021. Whatever your style or level of camping, each spacious campsite offers an outdoor wilderness experience with its towering trees, picturesque scenery, free roaming wildlife, endless flowers, edible, and forging.

We offer fully serviced, partially serviced (Power only 15 and 30 amp) non-serviced sites, pull-thru, tenting only campsites mobile water and sewage service (additional fee) group camping sites and glamping sites with queen size beds, television, air conditioning, mini fridge, patio deck and outdoor sitting, full size BBQ and much more.

All campsites and day use areas are pet friendly (on leash). Our sites are enclosed by trees for privacy and all sites are a short walk away from our hot showers, flushable toilets, outhouses, playground, and a day-use area located directly on the North Saskatchewan river. Our amenities will accommodate everything from a pup tent to a 45-foot motorhome with multiple slides.


Convenience Store

Fully stocked with everything you probably forgot.


Retro Arcade

Made for kids of all ages. Play all the games you grew up with & school your kids with the original video games.


Family Fun

Rent a board game or ten (Yeah! they are daily rentals) for those rainy camp days, participate in our activities for kids, youth and families or play at our amazing playground.


Large Outdoor Game Rentals

Large scale fun for everyone.


On-Site Boat Launch

 Launch your boat into the North Saskatchewan River from our campground.


Sasquatch Trail/Walking & Hiking Trails

NEW for 2021. Interpretive Sasquatch Trail that takes you through the hills and valleys surrounding Willey West Campground.


Day Use Area

Enjoy the day with us and enjoy the amenities with friends and family.


9 Hole Mini-Golf

Who doesn’t love a game of mini-golf?


Goat Yoga

Yoga with a twist! Baby goats and yoga; what could be more fun?


Sunday Breakfast

This is a true life-saver when you’re packing up to go home Sunday morning. 


Late Night Pizza Delivery

We have late night Freshly made on site pizza delivery available Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday and long weekends.


On-Site Sani Dump

No having to drive into town to dump!


We ensure the ultimate elevated camping experience for campers and customers. There is 24-hour crew service and support, 24-hour Camp Manager on-site, hourly maintenance and cleanliness checks , 24-hour security surveillance throughout the campground.

The Vision & Mission

Our vision is to provide an elevated camping experience to 20,000 people in the next 5 years.

How we plan to do this is by helping people fall in love with the outdoors every time they camp with us.

Why Elevated Experience Camping?

People love the outdoors however; most want the modern amenities to make their stay more comfortable. At Elevated Experience Camping we have created solutions to elevate traditional camping amenities and experiences for all levels of camping enthusiast.

Our Values


Customer Service is Priority Number One

Our campers deserve exceptional customer service from our team; we will always find an answer or a solution to a need or a question.

Create WOW

Look for opportunities to give our campers that “WOW” moment.


Work together to give our customers an elevated experience and to make our campground win.

Be The Camping Experts

Understand our facilities, services, safety standards and activities to ensure our customers receive a one-of-a-kind experience.

Create Fun

Make every day fun for all crew and campers.

Devise a Little Weirdness

Normal is boring! Always be willing to try something that will give our campers an extraordinary experience.

Create Opportunities For Others

Partner with community stakeholders through economic and social development.

Camping is For Everyone

Make everyone feel comfortable to have fun and enjoy themselves.


Execute our commitments to our campers and always encourage our team members to get better every day.


Do what we do, and do it better than anyone else.


We are uncompromising in our commitment to safety for our crew and campers.


Be diligent in following tried and proven systems to create a consistent camping experience.


We pride ourselves in providing clean and well-maintained facilities.

Build Memories

Providing prompt, friendly and exceptional interactions to leave our guests with an elevated camping experience filled with a lifetime of memories.

Be Our Own Customer

Apply the golden rule in every customer and crew interaction. Do unto others.

When our customers come to visit us, they will be able to rest, relax and rejuvenate while receiving exceptional customer service, family fun amenities and an unforgettable elevated camping experience.

Our History

April 2008
Jason and Carmen married in a small ceremony in Fort Edmonton Park with their 4 children.
Carmen worked as a Manager for a non-profit organization specializing in supporting high risk youth
Jason’s love for people took him into a profession as an Edmonton Transit Operator receiving several accommodations for excellent customer service.
December 2011
Carmen and Jason adopt a 9 year old boy from Alberta Childrens’ Services
May 2014
Jason and Carmen’s adoption granted and both take time off their busy work schedules to spend time with the kids. The summer was filled with adventures camping all across Alberta. This sparked a new interest and passion for Carmen and Jason.
May 2016
Jason approached Carmen on looking for a business opportunity where they could work together and develop a legacy for their children.
July 2016
Carmen and Jason adopted a second 9 year old to complete their blended family.
Early 2017
Carmen changed careers and started to see opportunities to bridge her passion for social work with other areas of interest including business, social and economic development.
April 2019
Jason has an opportunity to volunteer at Willey West Campground.
June 2019
Carmen and Jason learn of the opportunity to potentially become owner operators of Willey West Campground.
July 2019
Jason and Carmen complete extensive research around camping trends and talk to both the community of Drayton Valley and Willey West campers on what they want in a camping experience.
September 2019
Carmen and Jason are awarded Willey West Campground.
Elevated Experience Camping Inc. is Incorporated.
November 2019
Elevated Experience Camping Inc. starts building collaborations and partnerships to support the vision of Carmen and Jason.
Elevated Experience Camping Inc. starts the process to create a non-profit entity to the business to support social innovation and build community.
January 2020
Elevated Experience Camping officially becomes the owner operators of Willey West Campground.

June 2020
Elevated Experience Camping officially opens to the public operating Willey West Campground.

July 2020
Elevated Experience Camping Society is incorporated and the Board of directors is formed.

September 2020
Jason and Carmen purchase a Food Trailer and Gift it to Elevated Experience Camping Society to start a program called Operation Sasquatch. The program is to support at risk youth with Employment opportunities.

October 2020
Carmen and Jason Create a Legacy fund through Drayton Valley Community Foundation to support continued and future initiatives.

October 2020
Elevated Experience Camping’s recycling program presents a cheque to Beehive Support Services for $2474.00 to support employment opportunities for Persons with Disabilities.

November 2020
Elevated Experience Camping is awarded Modeste Creek Campground, to start operations 2022.

Carmen Roberts-kowalchuk is Alberta Woman’s Entrepreneur Feature Entrepreneur.

December 2020
Elevated Experience Camping Society is awarded a grant through Family and Community Support Services for start up costs for Operation Sasquatch.

March 2021

Operation Sasquatch Employment program for at-risk youth officially begins.


March, 2021

CBC interviews Carmen, Jason and youth from Operation Sasquatch.


April, 2022

Carmen and Jason Roberts-Kowalchuk are awarded The town of Drayton Valley RV Park Effective May, 2021