Glamping in Alberta | Unique Summer Vacations Are Easier Now

Glamping in Alberta | Unique Summer Vacations

More and more Albertans are wanting to vacation close to home which is why glamping in Alberta. Can be the perfect activity, for their vacation this year. However, there are many different places to do this.

Glamping in Alberta

And before people choose which place that they want to book their vacation. They should hear about elevated experience camping. Because they are an extremely unique place for people to go.

They strive to be a campground facility. That gives the people visiting, unique experience. And access to activities, that they may not have anywhere else. The reason the owners came up with this concept.

Is because in their extensive camping experience. No other campgrounds that they visited. Had ever had everything that they wanted in a campsite. Therefore, they decided to create a campground, that would be there perfect idea of a place to go.

Therefore, not only are there a wide variety of different activities, and programs. But they are also nestled in a beautiful river valley. Next to the North Saskatchewan River. With numerous trails within their campground.

Therefore, whether people want to get away and do as little as possible. Or if they would like to spend time on the water, fishing or just boating. Or if they want to go exploring on the trails.

This is something that they can do very easily at elevated experience camping. However, they recognize that camping is not an activity that everybody likes, or that everybody can do.


Which is why they created glamping sites. Which our tiny cabins, with all of the luxuries of a hotel room. This means that if people do not like camping, or cannot go camping. Glamping in Alberta is something they can do.

These tiny cabins are outfitted with everything that people will need to have a great time. From a barbecue to cook their food on, to a queen-size bed. And even a large screen television. That is hooked up to a satellite dish.

So that even if people are wanting to sleep in, read their favourite book. Or watch their favourite movies. With the beautiful views they can see from outside their window, they can do that here.

The cabins will also have an any fridge, a microwave, a toaster and coffee maker. As well as all of the dishes that they need to eat their food out of. And a basin to wash them up in.

Which means the only things that people need. In order to have a perfect vacation. Our the clothes on their back, and the food they would like to eat. However, glamping in Alberta would not be complete.

Without fresh, made to order pizza delivery. So even if people do not want to cook on their perfect vacation while glamping. They can simply order pizza to be delivered. And not worry about the cooking or the dishes.

The only recommendation that the owners have for people who want to spend time at elevated experience camping. Is to book early enough in the season. So that when they inevitably fall in love with the campground. They can come back as many times as they want.

Glamping in Alberta | Unique Summer Vacations

When people want a fantastic summer vacation, without travelling far from home, glamping in Alberta. Will be the perfect solution for many families this year. However, with the proliferation of many different glamping sites throughout the province.

Many families are not sure where they should book their vacation. However, they should hear about elevated experience camping. Before they book anywhere, because this will be everyone’s preferred destination.

Not only is this campground, nestled in a beautiful river valley. On the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Many people have said that it is as beautiful as the mountains. Without having to drive to the mountains.

Which makes this a preferred destination for many people. However, that is not the only reason. Why people should make elevated experience camping. Their preferred summer vacation destination.

They have so many different programs, activities and amenities. That no matter what people want to do on their summer vacation this year. They are going to find something that is enjoyable to them in this location.

They have a mini golf course on site. And everyone who arrives, gets a voucher for a free game. But they can feel free to return as many times as they want. Or, they can enjoy a rainy afternoon in the retro arcade.

Playing classic video games, and eating candy. If people would prefer reading, there is the community library that they can visit. When they have finished the books that they have brought.

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However, if people are looking for adventure. There is no greater adventure than what they can find at elevated experience camping. For starters, they have a boat launch on the river.

So that if people have about, and want to go boating or fishing. They can do that with ease. Or they can fish from the shore, dip their feet in, or take a float and float down the river. Which is a favourite pastime for many.

However, if spending time by or in the water is not their idea of a great glamping in Alberta vacation. There are numerous trails to explore on foot. Or explore on a bike.

However, if people are preferring to stay little bit closer to their campsite for their adventure. They can rent a discovery kit, that will take them on a self-guided adventure. Either in the daytime, at night.

Or teach them how to pan for gold, and the North Saskatchewan River. Where persistence and diligence will pay off. Because people can actually find gold for their trouble.

Or, they can play any of the numerous games that there are to rent. Or join the goat yoga class. That is perfect for people of all ages. That will allow people to do yoga, and be joined by goats.

While there is something for everybody at elevated experience camping. People should go glamping in Alberta there early, so that they can come back often.