Glamping in Alberta | Unique Camping Experience

Glamping in Alberta | Unique Camping Experience

One of the reasons why glamping in Alberta is on the rise. Is because it is a unique experience. Merging luxury, with the rustic charm of camping.

When people decide to go glamping. It helps them to fall in love with the outdoors again. Because they will be able to stay in luxurious hotel like accommodations. So that they can experience they outdoors in a completely unique way.

And when people are ready to go glamping for their next vacation. One place that they definitely needs to put on their list of places to go first. Is elevated experience campground.

Set on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Located in a picturesque valley, it brings the beauty of the mountains to the river. So that people can truly feel like they have gone to the mountains.

Without actually making that long drive. There are many things to do at elevated experience campground. From spending a day in a boat on the river, or fishing on the river banks themselves.

To exploring the wooded area, watching wildlife, and going for hikes. Are just some of the things that people like to do when they go out into the wilderness that they can do at this campground.

However, at elevated experience campground, the owners want to give people a unique experience. So there are activities and amenities that are not available anywhere else.

They have activities to rent, such as a slip and slide for the kids, or a retro arcade that they can use. Which is especially beneficial if the weather decides to be less than ideal for outdoor activities.


Or, if people want to rent some of the boardgames that they have. That are supersized, such as large Jenga or large yahtzee. The whole family can enjoy these familiar games.

But in a way that makes them feel new and more fun to play outside. However, if people are new to Alberta, or they have not gone camping or glamping in Alberta before.

They can also rent some discovery kits. Which our backpacks that take people on a mini adventure Without ever leaving the campsite. There is a kit for daytime, nighttime and exploring the river.

While there is even a kit that they can rent, that will allow people to experience what gold panning is. So that they can look for gold on the shores of the North Saskatchewan River.

Not only is this fun, but it is educational for children as well as adults. What better way to spend a vacation in the wilderness, then having an mini adventure and learning.

In addition to all of these amazing amenities. There are also great services that they can enjoy. Such as pizza delivery to their campsite, a pancake breakfast on the day of their checkout.

So they do not have to cook before they packed up camp and leave. And whether people are looking for camping vacation, or they are looking to go glamping in Alberta.

The sites and amenities at elevated experience campground can accommodate any of these activities. From beginners, to experts. To allow people to experience the beauty and charm of Alberta wilderness.

Glamping in Alberta | Unique Camping Experience

One of the fastest-growing activities right now is glamping in Alberta. Because it appeals to a wider section of people then regular camping does. For many different reasons.

Often, people who have never gone camping before. Seek to go out glamping first. Simply because they want to approximate the experience of camping. To see if it is something that they would like to invest more time and money into.

Another reason why glamping is on the rise in Alberta. Is because while many people do not like camping. It is because they do not like pitching a tent, or sleeping on the ground. And not because they do not like the wilderness.

Therefore, the glamping sites that are available at elevated experience campgrounds. Offer people hotel room accommodations. Staged in the great outdoors. To allow people the best of both worlds.

While they get to sleep in a luxurious queen sized bed, amid air conditioning and being able to watch television. They also get the beauty of the wilderness outside.

And the ability to roast marshmallows or hotdogs over an open fire. However, another reason why glamping is very popular. Is because it allows people the ability to stay in hotels style accommodations.

So that they can exert as much energy as they want on their exploration, whether it is hiking, or fishing in the wilderness. And in this case, people may not want to use the barbecue that is provided.


And will opt instead to call for pizza delivery. That elevated experience offers as one of the services to their campers and glamper’s. By allowing people pizza delivery, they are truly giving a unique camping experience.

And while glamping in Alberta is a fun activity that is on the rise. What they will get at elevated experience campgrounds that they will not get anywhere else. Is the exceptional customer service that they are well known for.

They know that by providing exceptional customer service. They will give people an experience that exceeds their expectations. That will keep them coming back year after year for more memories.

And by allowing people to keep coming back for the amazing experiences that they always have. They will help people fall in love with the outdoors again.

Therefore, it does not matter if people are looking to go on a vacation that allows them to go camping, because that is what they love about the Alberta wilderness.

Or if people want to go glamping, because they are not keen on camping. No matter what their goal is, they are going to be able to get this at elevated experience campground.

And anyone who is looking for a unique holiday, a weekend or longer. They should book a spot at elevated experience quickly. So that they can experience the fun and joy of camping for glamping in Alberta themselves.