Glamping in Alberta | Tricks to Use While Camping

Glamping in Alberta | Tricks to Use While Camping

Often, when people are going glamping in Alberta. It is because they cannot afford to buy their own camping gear. Or, before they do spend money on camping gear. They want to ensure that it is an activity that they love.

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Therefore, glamping is a gateway activity. To help people get the idea of what camping is all about. So that they know if it is something they will enjoy. Or something worth spending money on.

However people who go glamping in Alberta. Also need to bring a certain amount of supplies with them. Because while the glamping amenities will have many things provided for them.

Such as a queen-size bed with pillows and comforter. As well as a satellite television. A barbecue, and all of the dishes they would need to cook their meals and then clean up after themselves.

There are many things that people still need. Such as bringing their own matches. So that they can start a fire if they need to. Just for one example of things that people might need even while they are glamping.

When it comes to the matches, many people underestimate how important having their own matches can be. And they should spend just a few dollars. Buying a box of wooden strike anywhere matches.

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However, if they were to store those matches while camping, or glamping in that cardboard container. The matches will be useless if they get damp, or wet. For example, if they are caught in a rainstorm.

However, people may not want to go to a camping supply store. Where there will be waterproof match containers. For more money than it is worth. Especially when people are able to get a great container for free at home.

Chances are quite goods that everyone has at least one pill container in their home. That is empty, and that is exactly where they can put their wooden matches. Not only is it waterproof.

But the plastic container will float, if they accidentally go for a swim in the river. And they can do things like put a piece of flint in the bottom of the container. So that they have more than one way of starting a fire.

Another handy hint, would be to put some cotton balls in the container as well. To act as an easy fire starter. In case people have to start the fire in less than ideal conditions. For example, if they get lost.

And finally, people can take the time to glue a piece of sandpaper to the inside lid. So that they do not have to look for a place to strike the match on. In order to light that match on fire.

It may be that people may never need to use their wooden matches. Especially if they are glamping in Alberta. And are not going far from their campsite. But if people need the matches, and they have them. That is a lot better than having a need, but not the matches themselves.

Glamping in Alberta | Tricks to Use While Camping

When people are ready to go camping, or glamping in Alberta. A little bit prepared. Can help people have a more enjoyable vacation immensely. However, this does not mean that people have to go and spend a ton of money at the camping supply store. There are many things around the house that can help them.

For example, when people are going camping, or glamping in Alberta. They are going to have to bring their own food. And depending on where they are coming from. They might be travelling a significant distance. With perishable food.

When people are going to elevated experience camping, just the kids five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. They will have the luxury, of having a many fridge in their accommodations.

Which means they do not have to worry about keeping their food cold the entire trip. But it does mean that they need to keep their food cold, from wherever they are coming from.

And while many people can go grocery shopping when they are very close to the campsite. Other people, especially those with specific food sensitivities and allergies.

May not want to chance that a grocery store they are not used to. Will have the food that they need. However, people may not want to purchase a cooler, or ice packs. Just to go on a glamping in Alberta vacation once.

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However, they do not need to buy a cooler or reusable ice packs. All they need to do, is save up a couple of their empty juice or milk containers. And fill those with water. And put them in the freezer.

After they go shopping for their food, they can put the food in a sturdy box. And the juice containers filled with ice. Will keep the food nice and cool, until they get to elevated experience camping.

Once there, they can empty their box into the mini fridge. And then let the ice thaw in their containers. And then leave them in a recycle receptacle. This way, people do not have to spend any additional money.

To make sure they have safe food. As well, when people are travelling with food. They may be very hesitant to bring eggs. Because eggs are extremely breakable. And there cardboard container is flimsy.

A great hack to get around this. Will be to beat some eggs in a bowl. And pour them into an empty water bottle. That way, they can travel very easily. But just as easily, be open up to make scrambled eggs or omelettes.

Even better, people who are glamping. May want a touch of excellence. By preparing all of the ingredients for making omelettes. Shredded cheese, and cut vegetables. And put that into the bottle with the eggs.

In order to have prepared a omelettes. Without having to cut up cheese, or vegetables while camping. Whether people are camping or glamping, there are many tricks. That can help ensure they have a comfortable time on vacation.