Glamping in Alberta | Making Memories

Glamping in Alberta | Making Memories

When people go glamping in Alberta, they often do it to make memories. Whether they are having a vacation with their children. Having a romantic getaway with their significant other. Or if they simply need a break from their regular life.

Glamping in Alberta

Elevated experience camping strives to ensure every customer. Gets the experience they are looking for. Whether their goal is relaxation, adventure, or something in between.

In fact, they attract families that have a wide variety of interests. To come to their campground whether they are going camping, or glamping in Alberta. Because there is something for everyone.

If people want to relax in their campsite, and do as little as possible. They have the ability to do that. As well as give them access to things like the community library, so that they can have as much of relaxation time as possible.

But also, if people are looking for adventure. Since elevated experience camping is on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. There is a boat launch for boating or fishing.

As well as many trails that people can go hiking or biking on. And if people who are going camping are wanting an adventure. But they do not know what kind of adventure they are looking for.

There are many things that will help them have a unique experience. For instance, there are several discovery kits that they can rent. That will take adults or children on self guided adventure.

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That will allow them to explore the river valley either during the day, or at night. Or can give them the opportunity to do something is unique. As learning how to pan for gold on the North Saskatchewan River.

As well, there are going to be activities like many golfing, a retro arcade, and the ability to rent games. Such as horseshoes, cornhole, or large boardgames. To help give people an extremely unique experience.

They also are debuting a brand-new activity. That is good for people of all ages, and abilities. And is said to have positive impacts on people’s mental health. And that activity is go to yoga.

People do not need to have previous yoga experience. And spending an hour stretching, and holding yoga poses. While surrounded by playful goats. Will give people an much-needed mental break as well.

As well, people who come to elevated experience camping. Can feel good about their decision. Because not only did they have a recycling program. And they have many community partnerships.

They also employ people with disabilities. And empower their staff. To give excellent customer service. So while elevated experience camping, can give people a unique experience while they are glamping in Alberta.

It is also a socially responsible vacation. That can help them feel good about doing good in the world. While getting away from their regular life. And relaxing in the wilderness.

When people are looking for a great getaway. For the day, the weekend or an entire week at a time. They should contact the customer service experts at elevated experience camping for their unique experience.

Glamping in Alberta | Making Memories

One of the reasons why people go glamping in Alberta, is because they are not able to go camping. Or they do not like camping. One of the reasons why elevated experience camping has added glamping sites to their repertoire of services.

Is because they recognize that not everybody likes to, or can go camping. And they want to provide a spectrum of services. For a wider variety of customers who can come to their campground.

A great example of this, is people with disabilities. My love the outdoors. And may love camping. But are not able to pitch their own tent, or sleep on the ground. As well as cook over an open fire.

And up until now, the opportunities to go camping have been few and far between. But with the introduction of glamping sites to campgrounds such as elevated experience camping.

Can now make this experience accessible to a wider variety of people. When people go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience. There are several things that they can expect from the experience.

First of all, they will have a fire pit in their campsite. Despite the fact that they do not have to use it if they do not want to. Because they have a full-size barbecue on the porch.

But also, the fire pit has a bench around it. And the porch has a bistro table and chairs. So that there is no need for anyone to bring any of their own camping equipment.

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Upon entering there glamping sites, which are built to resemble tiny cabins. People will notice immediately, the full queen-size bed in the middle of the room.

In addition to the queen-size bed, there will be a large, flat screen television mounted on the wall. That is actually hooked up to satellite television. Because what is glamping, without people’s favourite television shows and movies?

There will also be a mini refrigerator, a microwave and coffeepot. As well as all of the dishes that they may need to use. Whether they are cooking their own food or not.

As well as a water cooler, with a dispenser for their pets. Because nobody can go glamping in Alberta, and feel good about leaving their pets at home. They have thoughts of every thing in their tiny cabins.

Even having bedside lights, that give people the ability to plug in their technology. Because for some people, going camping or glamping. Means laying in bed, and eating the pizza that has been delivered to them by the campground.

And playing candy crush, or Pokémon go on their cell phone. No matter what camping experience people are looking for. Going glamping at elevated experience camping.

Can give them that experience. To help them fall in love with the outdoors. And keep coming back, to make beautiful memories with themselves, or with others.