Glamping in Alberta | Gourmet Comfort Food While Camping

Glamping in Alberta | Gourmet Comfort Food While Camping

For all of the different people who go glamping in Alberta. There are many different interest levels from the people who do this activity. And elevated experience camping, wanted to appeal to all of them.

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While I have over a hundred regular camping sites, for single and group camping. They also added several glamping sites. To appeal to the people who love the outdoors, but do not like camping.

Or they love getting away, but do not like the outdoors. They built tiny cabins, with every luxury of a hotel room. Including a queen-size TV, and a television that is hooked up to a satellite dish.

While these tiny cabins, have a full-size barbecue, a mini fridge. And all of the things that they need to cook their own meals. Even if they do not have their own supplies.

Only requiring people to bring the food that they wish to ease. For some people, glamping in Alberta. Means avoiding cooking food, or having to do dishes at all on their vacation.

To appeal to these people. As well as appeal to the campers, who might want a break from cooking food over an open fire. Or support the people who are too busy having fun, to cook their own food.

Elevated expense camping, is offering a food truck so their already impressive list of amenities at their campground. The food truck, is owned and operated by a separate society.

However, they worked closely together. To research the types of food that would be hit at the campground. By talking to other popular food trucks. And people who enjoy food trucks.

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They came up with a great menu of hotdogs and grilled cheeses. However, they put a gourmet twist on them. To give people something familiar. But to a more elevated experience.

The food truck, will be in operation at the campground, between Thursday to Saturday. To allow people the opportunity to skip making a meal. Or enjoy a picnic in a unique way.

That is not just the people who are camping or glamping in Alberta at elevated experience camping. The people that are using the boat launch, or the day use area. Will also get to enjoy the food as well.

However, if people missed the food truck on the weekend. Or got a taste of the amazing food on the weekend. And are looking for more. They can catch the food truck in the town of Drayton Valley.

Located the short five minute drive away. During the week, Monday through Wednesday. And Wednesday evening, at the Drayton Valley farmers market.

Whether people are looking for a unique vacation. Or if they want to give themselves a treat, by not having to cook a meal. The food truck is a welcome addition. To the already impressive list of amenities on offer.

At elevated experience camping. And when people are looking for a unique vacation. For a vacation that will appeal to the extremely varied interests of everyone in their group. They should check out elevated experience, they will not be disappointed.

Glamping in Alberta | Gourmet Comfort Food While Camping With Us

While many people do not think of gourmet food when they go camping, or glamping in Alberta. Elevated experience camping, would love people to associate gourmet food with their campground.

Which is why they are bringing a food truck to their already impressive list of amenities. So that it can serve up some gourmet comfort food. To the people that are enjoying their facility.

They already added many impressive and amenities and services. To their campground last year. Including goat yoga, mini golf, and a retro arcade. In addition to the community library, games and activities to rent.

As well as a boat launch for putting watercraft in the river. Whether people are enjoying boating, or going fishing. Or hiking and biking on the trails that are there.

And while many people will love the opportunity to skip cooking a meal. Or avoid having to do dishes on a night where they support the food truck. Purchasing food from the food truck is also something that they can feel good about.

Since the food truck is owned and operated by elevated experience camping society. Which is a separate entity from the campground.

It actually has a mandate, to help the community, both socially and economically. Which is why the food truck exclusively hires youth at risk. Who may not have the skills to become employable otherwise.

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During the seven month program, dubbed operation Sasquatch. They will have two months of classroom learning. Where they will learn things like how to prepare food safely, and learn the menu that they are going to serve.

But also, learn important other skills. That will be transferable into any employment opportunity in the future. Such as teamwork, customer service and money management.

After the two month-long classroom program. They will work for five months in the food truck, for the entire duration of the camping season. And not only will they be working full-time.

These at risk youth, will also learn a full and living wage. So that they can support themselves, and their family. As they learn important skills. That will help them in the future.

Therefore, when people go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience camping. They are going to be able to feel good. That they are helping the community that they are staying in.

Whether they eat at the food truck once. Or they want to keep coming back, to experience all of the amazing food. That they have to sell. When people think of elevated experience camping.

Not only should they think about camping and glamping in Alberta. But a place, that offers an impressive amount of amenities and services. As well as the company, that truly believes in supporting the community.

So that people can feel good about the vacation that they take. Not only getting away, and having some important rest and relaxation. But ensure that their vacation dollars, are going to truly matter to the community that they stay in.