Glamping in Alberta | Going Luxurious Camping

Glamping in Alberta | Going Luxurious Camping

Glamping in Alberta is catching on in popularity very quickly. With glamping being a portmanteau of two words, glamorous and camping. And it simply means, camping with elevated amenities.

Often, glamping can take place in a very unique building, such as a luxurious tent or a year or two. And when people go to elevated experience campground. There glamp sites are tiny cabins.

These tiny cabins bring all of the amenities one would find in a hotel room. But stages it in the great outdoors of Alberta. So that people can feel like they are camping, and even have a campfire if they wish.

But then can sleep in a flash, queen-size bed, have air conditioning if it is hot out. And even get pizza delivered straight to their door, if they do not feel like cooking on the barbecue that is provided.

There are many reasons why people might opt for going glamping is this camping. From not ever having gone camping before, and want to try it out, in a way that is accessible.

Or perhaps, people were not planning on going camping. So they do not have their camping gear with them. Glamping offers the ability to go camping, but without needing a lot of camping gear.

And it is very popular that people go glamping in Alberta, because while they love spending time in the great outdoors. They do not want to sleep in a sleeping bag, in a tent or on the ground.

Whatever the reason people are looking for a glamping experience, they will get it at elevated experience. And if people are simply camping at elevated experience either in a tent or in a trailer.


The amenities that are available for all, can elevate their camping experience as well. So that it can feel like they are glamping in Alberta, even though they are staying in intent.

To start, they have programmed activities such as yoga, and even yoga with goats. But also they have a mini golf course on site for people to play. As well as the ability to rent activities like a slip and slide.

Or rent large versions of popular games to play interactively on the grass, such as yahtzee or Jenga. Which can be a fun way to play a game outside with the entire family.

They also have horseshoe pits, as well as a retro arcade, in case people want a completely different experience. Or if it is raining, and the activity they planned outside is not possible.

People can end up having an amazing, elevated experience. Even though they are not staying in a glamping site. However this is not the only thing that they will get when they come to this campsite.

Not only do they provide excellent customer service, they also have free coffee and breakfast of pancakes and sausages on the day that people check out. So they do not have to cook before packing up their campsite.

Anyone who is looking for an exceptional camping or glamping experience. Should look no further than elevated experience campground. Because they want to be every Albertans go to destination for adventuring in the great outdoors.

Glamping in Alberta | Going Luxurious Camping

When people think of going glamping in Alberta. They often think about staying in a hotel like setting, but close to the outdoors. So that they can get a feel of camping. Such as having a campfire, or exploring the wilderness.

This is something that they can get when they go to elevated experience campground. Their goal is to make people fall in love with the outdoors again.

By giving them every level of camping experience that they desire. Whether they are beginners, experts. Or if they want to go camping, or glamping. No matter their experience or what they want to do.

When people think of camping in Alberta, they often first think about Banff and Jasper in the mountains, as well as Kananaskis as destination spots. Because the mountains are so beautiful.

However, elevated experience has a desire to be a destination location as well. They want to be considered synonymous with rate destinations when people are thinking of going camping, or even glamping.

They are located near Drayton Valley, on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, in a valley. And many people have compared this to being in the mountains, without having to drive to the mountains.

And while it is a beautiful location, they want to give an exceptional experience, whether people are exploring the outdoors, resting and relaxing. Or if they want a unique experience like they have never had before.


They also want to help people get the experience they want, but offering a wide variety of activities. That can elevate their experience and make them feel like they are glamping in Alberta.

Even if they are simply staying in a tent in their regular campsite spots. One of the things that they offer that is completely unique to their facility is the ability to rent discovery kits.

And if people are familiar with the wilderness and Alberta or not. Or if they have kids that they want to go exploring. These discovery kits send people on a mini adventure.

That can help them learn about this part of the world, and help them explore their surroundings in the unique and fun way. They have got kits for exploring in the daytime, nighttime exploration kids.

As well as exploring the North Saskatchewan River. And even a kit that can help them do some gold penny in the river as well.

By offering experiences and amenities that other campsites do not. Elevated experience is hoping that they ensure that everyone who arrives at their campsite is wowed by their experience.

And that will keep them coming back again and again, and telling their friends about this campsite. Therefore, there are brand-new campers, or have been camping for several years.

They want to simply go camping, or if they are looking to do some glamping in Alberta. Elevated experience should be there destination location for all of their adventures during the camping months in this great province of Alberta.