Glamping in Alberta | Fun Summer Vacation Activities

Glamping in Alberta | Fun Summer Vacation Activities

Even though camping is a popular pastime, glamping in Alberta is quickly rising in popularity. There are many reasons why this is the case. While many people enjoy camping.

Glamping in Alberta

It is not accessible by everybody. Requiring specialized equipment. That can be quite expensive to purchase. Or bulky to store. And people with limitations, or disabilities. Are often not able to enjoy it.

Glamping can offer people an opportunity to enjoy the experience of camping. Without having to purchase special equipment. Or having to have any previous camping knowledge prior to coming out.

In fact, glamping in Alberta can be aware beginner campers start out. Having the experience. And when they fall in love with the types of things that they can do.

It makes justifying the purchase of buying camping equipment much more easy to handle. However, some people do not go camping, because they do not like it. Whether it is sleeping on the ground.

Having to pitch a tent, or cook food over an open fire. Their idea of roughing it, is staying in a hotel without room service. And that is why they do not like camping.

And for people like this, glamping in Alberta can bring the luxuries this of hotel rooms. To the beauty of the outdoors. And can be enjoyed by people who would not normally go camping.

One of the first things that people will see, when they arrive on site at elevated experience camping. For their glamping in Alberta vacation.

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Is not only is there a full-size barbecue. But there is also a fire pit, and a bench. In case people do decide that they want a traditional fire, or to roast marshmallows or hotdogs on.

They will also notice that their is a porch on the tiny cabin. That has a bistro table and two chairs. That they can eat meals that, or had a coffee will watching the sunrise. Or having a glass of wine and watching the sunset.

Inside the cabin, they will immediately notice the beautiful, serious -looking queen-size bed. That means that nobody who is glamping here have to sleep on the ground. Or will have to sleep in a sleeping bag it all.

Adjacent to the bed, is a large, flat screen television. That will be mounted on the wall. And because the campground is nestled in the river valley. The televisions are hooked up to a satellite dish.

Therefore, people can still get their favourite television shows. As well as watch their favourite movies. So that if their idea of an ideal vacation. Is sleeping in, and watching TV or reading in bed. They will be able to enjoy that.

Whether people want to use the barbecue, and prepare their own meals. Or simply order pizza from the campground. To be delivered hot, fresh and ready by campground staff. Truly, elevated experience allows people to create the vacation of their dreams. Whether they are camping, or glamping.

Glamping in Alberta | Fun Summer Vacation Activities

When people are ready to leave the routine of their life behind, glamping in Alberta. Can be an ideal vacation for a wide variety of people. In fact, it will appeal to a broader segment of people then camping alone.

And the reason why people should go to elevated experience camping for their vacation. Is because all of the amazing amenities and services that they have.

Can help everybody, no matter what their interests are. Have a fantastic vacation that they love. Many people do love spending time in the great outdoors. Whether they are camping, or glamping in Alberta.

They can bring their boat, or their watercraft. Because the campground is located right beside the North Saskatchewan River. And if people do not have a boat, but still want to enjoy the river.

They can grab a tube, and float down the river. Fish from the shoreline. Or simply sit by the river, and enjoy the sounds of the water. While enjoying the sun, and the sounds of nature.

However, if they do not want to spend any time by the river at all. The great location of elevated experience camping. Means that there will be dozens of different trails for people to explore, either by foot.

Either hiking with their family, or with their pets that they have brought. Or by bringing their mountain bike, and exploring the trails on wheels. They are going to be able to enjoy the wilderness this way.


However, if a person’s ideal glamping vacation. Involves adventures a little bit closer to their campground. There are many different activities that they can engage in.

First evolve, there is a mini golf course on site. And everyone who arrives, will get a voucher for free game. There is also a retro arcade, with classic video games. So that children of all ages, including adults.

Can spend an afternoon playing games, which is fantastic. Especially when the weather is not cooperating. However, many people would prefer nothing more than to read a book.

And when they have finished their book. Or realized to their dismay that they left there is at home. They can head down to the campground’s community library. And borrow a book for the duration of their stay.

However, if people are not sure what kind of adventure they are looking for. They can rent a discovery kit. Which is the knapsack full of all the tools they need. To go on a self-guided adventure.

Where they are exploring the river valley by day. Or exploring the river valley at night. Or even learn how to pan for gold in the North Saskatchewan River. That actually can yield some gold for people who are the most patient.

There are also many different programs that people can enjoy. Including goat yoga. It is fun, unique. And extremely good for people’s physical, and mental health. No matter what type of vacation people are looking for. Glamping in Alberta at elevated experience camping. Can be an ideal way to spend a weekend, or a week of vacation.