Glamping in Alberta | Experience Food Trucks While Camping

Glamping in Alberta | Experience Food Trucks While Camping

The one thing that elevated experience camping is dedicated to doing for the patrons camping and glamping in Alberta. Who are staying at their campground for their vacation. Is giving them unique experiences. That they would not be able to get anywhere else.

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Last year, they added goat yoga, as well as a retro arcade. Many golf, and a community library. In addition to the wide variety of games and activities for people to rent.

In addition to the luxury, tiny cabins that make up there glamping sites. But this year, they are aiming to divide some new amenities and services. To help people get the most out of their vacation.

While many people want to go glamping in Alberta for a unique vacation. To some people, glamping just is not desirable unless they can give up cooking all of their meals themselves.

This is why bringing a food truck to the campground is a stroke of genius. This food truck is owned and operated by elevated experience camping society. Which is a completely separate entity to the campground.

And the purpose of the society, is to support the community socially. Supports the community economically, and support community initiatives. It does this through the food truck.

The food truck hires individuals and use that are at risk. Between the ages of 14 to 20, to allow them to learn skills. While having gainful, full-time employment in the food truck.

They will learn skills that will help them prepare nutritious food at home. And skills that will help them get and keep gainful employment in the future. Taking these at risk youth, and turning their future around.

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Through this seven month long program. Two months are spent in the classroom learning. Where they will learn about proper food handling and safety. And things like knife skills, so they do not hurt themselves.

But also, they will learn important job skills such as money management, customer service. And even important teambuilding experiences. During their program, they will have the opportunity to work in a commercial kitchen.

Before finally being able to work for five months, from May to September in the food truck. When people are glamping in Alberta, and decide to purchase their meal from the food truck.

They know that they will be supporting a local community initiative. That supports at risk community members. And put money back into the community. This is extremely important.

And both people who are camping, and glamping should feel good about. But also, the food truck works with Drayton Valley family, community and support services. And the Drayton Valley youth hub.

Which means they are connected to many amazing different community organizations. That will help them put the right people in the food truck, to gain the skills they need to succeed in life.

While many people do not think camping and food trucks go together. The owners of elevated experience camping know that this is not true. And
are excited to offer this new service to their patrons.

Glamping in Alberta | Food Trucks While Camping For an Elevated Experience

One of the most important things that people should do when they decide to go glamping in Alberta. Is thoroughly research the different amenities at each of the different sites that they are thinking of going to.

Not every single glamping site is going to be the same. And while many have different services that they can offer the guests that stay there. Some provide just the accommodations.

Which even require some of the people staying there, to bring their own bedding, such as sleeping bags and pillows. However, when people decide to go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience camping.

Not only is everything that they need to have an amazing stay provided in their luxury accommodations. Including a queen-size bed, with pillows and comforters. But also, a mini fridge, and a barbecue to cook their food on.

The people who go glamping at elevated experience camping. Will also get a full size, flat-screen television. That is hooked up to a satellite dish. So that people can relax by doing whatever activity they want.

And for some people, relaxing completely, means not having to cook their own food. Which means the addition of a food truck to their already amazing amenities would be an extremely welcome site for many people.

While 90% of people who go to food trucks enjoy the food. And 80% of the people who have a great experience say that they would return. They researched the food that they would serve extremely well.

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Settling on two of the most popular dishes that always sell out at food trucks. And something that people would not be able to get easily anywhere else. Which is why they decided to go with gourmet hotdogs.

As well as gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. For the side dish, they wanted to take a familiar food, and elevated. So they are offering gourmet on the cob in four unique flavours.

People can choose from Mexican street corn, Parmesan pesto, Thomas and red peppers. And even a spicy sriracha corn. Therefore, when people are going glamping in Alberta.

There going to be able to skip cook their own food. And be able to support an amazing food truck. Whose mandate is also to support the community that they service.

Whether people are going to elevated experience for a vacation, and are going to be glamping. Or, if there going to bring their tent or their trailer and doing some traditional camping.

Our whether people are simply coming by for a picnic, and to enjoy the day use area. Or if they want to launch a boat, and noticed the food truck on the way. They are all going to be able to enjoy this amazing food truck.

In fact, if people are in Drayton Valley during the week. Between Monday and Wednesday, they will be able to purchase food from the food truck in town. And know that they are supporting a great cause.