Glamping in Alberta | Brilliant Hacks For Campers

Glamping in Alberta | Brilliant Hacks For Campers

Whether people are camping in a tent, in an RV, or going glamping in Alberta. By utilizing the luxury cabins, at elevated experience camping. There are many hacks, that can make life easier for any of these campers.

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One great thing that anyone should always have with them. Is some wooden matches. To help them start a fire. Whether they are starting a fire on a hike. Because they got lost.

Or are out later than they expect. And need to stay warm. So they need to cook an unexpected meal. Or if people are using the day use area, and want to roast a couple of hot dogs for lunch.

Perhaps they are finishing their day in their campsite. And they want to roast a couple of marshmallows. While looking at the night sky. Or visiting with friends and family. Starting a fire is important.

The last thing people should do, is bring a lighter. Thinking that that will suit all of their needs. While lighters can be very helpful. They also are not infallible.

If they get wet, or if they get broken. It is going to be difficult for people to start the fire that they need. And everyone should have an emergency supply of wooden matches as their backup.

Purchasing a box of wooden matches is extremely inexpensive. However, they should not be stored in that cardboard box. When people bring them camping. Because they might get wet, or damp.

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And then, they would be rendered useless. Therefore, people should avoid bringing matches, unless they are in a waterproof container. And while they can go to their camping supply store. Prior to glamping in Alberta.

To buy waterproof containers for matches. A much easier, and cheaper solution. Would be for people to simply look around their home. For a pill container that has no more pills inside of it.

This is the perfect size for storing matches. It has the added benefit, of having room for small piece of flint in the bottom. As well as a few cotton balls. That can act as fire starter in a pinch.

The final touch, will be to cut a piece of sandpaper and it glued on the inside of the lid. So that everyone has a great place to strike the matches every single time. While they might never need to use them.

It is far better to have the matches and not need them. Then it is to need them and not have them. While there looking for that important pill bottle. When they find a second pill bottle.

This is great opportunity to create their own many first-aid kit. That has enough room to hold a few Band-Aids. A piece of gauze or to. As well as an alcohol swab and even an antibacterial ointment.

Not only is this also waterproof. So that if they get caught in a rainstorm. Or their bank gets wet. They still will have first-aid kit. That will help them ensure that they can take care of minor scrapes and cuts while they are out having an adventure glamping in Alberta.

Glamping in Alberta | Brilliant Hacks For Campers

When people are ready to go on a glamping in Alberta adventure. There is not a whole lot that they need to bring. Because there will be many things in the accommodations. That will help them have everything they need.

Unless they decide to go on adventures during the day. There are many adventures to be had at elevated experience camping. And in addition to bringing appropriate clothing and footwear.

There are certain things that can help make their experience a little bit more comfortable. And a little bit better as well. An example of this, is bringing a roll of toilet paper.

The toilet paper is going to be vital. If they are out on the trail, or on the North Saskatchewan River. And nature suddenly calls. While people may never need to use it. It is far better to have it and not need it.

Then to need it and not have it. However, for some people all there going to do. Is grab a role of toilet paper from home. And tossed in their knapsack, without a second thought. Unfortunately this is not a great idea.

Not only will it likely get damp or wet. If they are caught in a rainstorm. Or even if it is a humid day. But even if they are spending time close to the river. Such as fishing from the shore, or panning for gold.

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But particularly if they are spending any time in a watercraft on the river. There is a high chance that the knapsack is going to get damp or wet. And render the toilet paper useless.

This is why it is very important that people put a roll of toilet paper in a coffee tin. And snap the lid shut. This way the toilet paper will be dry, for every circumstance where a person might need to use it.

However, this is not the only reason. Why people should store their toilet paper in a coffee tin. The squirrels in the area are notorious for getting into people’s knapsacks.

And one of their favourite pastimes, is shredding toilet paper. People might be very surprised, that a bag that is left unwatched for just a moment. Will suddenly have these little scavengers inside of it.

Eating their food, and shredding all of their toilet paper. With a little bit of foresight, people can not only pack the best things. So that there glamping in Alberta vacation can be amazing.

But that the things that they pack, can be protected. So when they need them they are there. For more great tips and tricks on what to bring how to pack well camping.

People can go to the elevated experience by visiting Where they will not only be able to get great tips that can help them. But also, where there going to be able to book their glamping in Alberta vacation as well.