Alberta Campgrounds | Who Goes Luxury Camping?

Alberta Campgrounds | Who Goes Luxury Camping?

While many people might assume luxury camping is reserved for the rich, people have been luxury camping in Alberta campgrounds for decades. And it is not an activity for the upper crust like it used to be.

Typically, hundreds of years ago as royals travelled for their duties. They would erect tents along the way as accommodations.

But would want to make sure that they could have many luxuries that they would enjoy at their palaces with them. Therefore, these tents would be known to be outfitted with the best amenities of the day.

From silk hanging on the walls, and silk carpets on the ground. The royalty would ensure that they had all of the best food, and servants to ensure their stay was comfortable.

The most famous person known in history for their luxury accommodations intense. Is Genghis Khan, who was known for the luxuries he brought with him on his marches across Mongolia and China.

The earliest known instance of luxury camping comes from fifteen twenty in France. Where a summit of thousands was set up, with luxuries so numerous. That even the fountains ran with wine instead of water.

And while luxury camping is something that only the richest or royalty did hundreds of years ago. It is now something that is done commonly by many people who are looking for a unique getaway.

Ultimately, luxury camping simply means bringing today’s technology and merging it with yesterday’s amenities. To allow a unique camping experience.


The luxury items people wish to have with them are as varied as the glamper’s themselves. Helping people stay comfortable with air-conditioning, heating and bedding.

Or helping make their stay more convenient by helping with cooking. Such as stove tops, ovens, microwaves and even instant pots to name a few.

And still others like to have many comforts of home. Such as satellite television, or Internet. Particularly large families who are looking for things to do on a rainy day.

While there’s no correct way for people to go glamping or luxury camping. It typically required people having their own accommodations. That they were then able to outfit with the amenities they wish.

Whether this is bringing tents, or their own recreational vehicles such as a motorhome or a trailer. That meant that those who are unable to go camping itself. Could not really go glamping, because they did not have the accommodations in which to bring their creature comforts with.

Therefore, many Alberta campgrounds throughout the province. Our bringing permanent or semi permanent glamping accommodations to their campgrounds. To allow the opportunity for those that do not have camping equipment themselves.

These structures might vary in appearance or style. Such as being luxury tents or yurts, tiny cabins, or even teepees. But are typically outfitted with everything that people need for camping or glamping experience.

They typically will have full size beds, places for people to store and cook their food. As well as many amenities that people can enjoy such as air conditioning, and fire pit for their enjoyment.

When people are looking for a getaway to enjoy the beauty of nature in Alberta campgrounds. Even if they do not have camping equipment. Glamping makes this a possible getaway. And why it is so popular with people now.

Alberta Campgrounds | Who Goes Luxury Camping?

Many people who have gone camping in Alberta campgrounds love the roughing it aspect of this activity. However, while many people love nature, they may not love the rough accommodations that camping offers.

Which is why there is growing popularity in luxury camping, or what is now called glamping. Because it allows people to merge today’s technology with camping. To make the accommodations less rough.

This is often so that people can enjoy nature, but are camping as a way of getting to their favourite recreational activity. Such as hiking, biking or rock climbing. Or if they are by water, canoeing, kayaking or even rafting for example.

When combined with camping or glamping, these activities are known as adventure recreation. And are popular throughout Alberta campgrounds.

And the different types of amenities that people like to bring with them are as varied as the people themselves. For some, they want to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible.

Whether this is because they do not like sleeping on the ground. Or because their adventure recreation can leave them sore, and they want to be as comfortable as possible after they are done.

These people like to bring thick mattresses to sleep on, or heaters and air-conditioners. To ensure that they are at the perfect temperature.

And some like to bring amenities that make meal preparation and cleanup faster and more convenient. So that they can spend more time on their activity of choice.


For these people, bringing a barbecue, or appliances from home such as microwave, hot pot, coffee maker or toaster. Means that they are able to prepare food quickly. So that they can get on with their activity.

However, all of these types of luxury campers all need to bring their own accommodation. Which means glamping had been inaccessible to many people until now.

With the rise in popularity of luxury camping. Many Alberta campgrounds are constructing glamping sites. That have prebuilt structures on the campsite. That come completely outfitted with all of the amenities needed for an overnight stay.

Most of these accommodations will have a place to sleep such as a full queen-size bed. And the other amenities are dependent on the type of accommodations that they are.

Some can have air conditioning and heating, some can have hot tubs and fully functioning bathrooms. Some contain microwaves, fridges and barbecues to allow people to prepare food.

When people are looking for a glamping site to stay in. They need to be aware of what amenities they want. So that they can match their wants and needs with the right glamping site in Alberta campgrounds.

By looking for the right glamping site. People can look ahead to get the right accommodations for their Alberta vacation.