Alberta Campgrounds | Who Enjoys Gardening

Alberta Campgrounds | Who Enjoys Gardening

While gardening, and camping both have been outside, many people do not think of both happening in Alberta campgrounds. Because they are often seen as two separate activities.

Alberta Campgrounds

However, elevated experience camping decided to change that. Adding a new community garden. To their already impressive list of amenities. To their campground this coming camping season.

They truly believe that the two go hand-in-hand together. First of all, because many people do not eat enough fruit or vegetables. When they go camping, often because how difficult it is to transport them.

Because they require a certain temperature. And get bruised, or damaged quite easily. Therefore, many people tend to eat a bit and healthy. When they are spending time in the great outdoors.

But they may want some fresh vegetables. They can get that at elevated experience camping this year. The community garden, will be accessible by anyone staying in their Alberta campgrounds.

Whether they are staying in a tent, an RV, or one of their glamping cabins. They will be able to go to the garden. Spend some very relaxing and rewarding time. In the beautiful sunshine, weeding and watering the garden.

And then, will be able to harvest some vegetables. To take back to their campsite. And prepare with the rest of their meal that night. There are just some rules that they need to follow. While spending time in the garden.

They must put tools back where they found them. Treat the plants, and the vegetables with respect. Take only what they will be able to eat. And close the gates when they leave.

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In addition to servicing they campers. The community garden that they have in their Alberta campgrounds. Will also be servicing a nonprofit food truck called operation Sasquatch.

This not-for-profit is going to be servicing the campers that are staying. At elevated experience camping. Whether they are camping, or using the day use area. And since there not-for-profit.

Elevated experience camping wanted to ensure. That they could keep their food costs down. And therefore, offered them the use of some of their garden vegetables. For free, in exchange for selling their food.

At elevated experience camping, between Thursday and Saturday, in the afternoon and early evening. And while providing fresh vegetables to the food truck, and patrons of their campground is important.

That is not just the only benefits of a community garden. It will help people learn about agriculture, food sustainability. And eliminate waste. By providing composting, so that less waste and up in a landfill.

That compost, then feeds the garden. Ensuring that the vegetables grown, are full of nutrients. Even if people do not spend any time in the garden. And never eat a vegetable. They will still benefits.

Since plants remove carbon dioxide in the air. And replace it with oxygen. Meaning the campground will have better air quality. So people benefits, even if they do not realize it. When people are ready to go camping and gardening. The choice, is elevated experience camping.

Alberta Campgrounds | Vacations For Those Who Enjoy Gardening

For people who love camping, and gardening, they will get to do both in Alberta campgrounds this year. Elevated experience camping, the operators of Willie West camping. Just outside of Drayton Valley.

Are adding another amenity. To their already impressive list of services for their guests. They have decided to build raised garden beds. So that they have a community garden, that is accessible by all.

The reason why they chose raised garden beds. Instead of a traditional garden in the ground. Was due to a lot of research. And also, wanting to make this community garden accessible by all.

The benefits of a raised garden bed includes ensuring that people can tend to it. Without having to bend or crouch down. While many people would love to garden. Their bodies do not allow them to do this activity.

Either because they have a sore back, sore knees. Or other limitations. For example, someone might have a walker, or be in a wheelchair. And therefore be able to garden in a raised garden bed.

As well, anyone who has spent any time in any Alberta campgrounds. Will know that there are many types of animals that they can see. And most of these animals would not think twice.

To destroy the garden, eating the vegetables. As well as eating the plants within it. While a traditional garden, could potentially have a fence around it. This is not going to stop many small animals.

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Who could burrow underneath the fence. Or simply bide their time, until an open gate. Is unattended for just a moment. And then they could scurry inside. Where they would be locked in once the gate closed.

Instead, they decided to put raised garden beds in their campground. Because this would mean these small animals, such as mice, rabbits, and skunks. Would not even be able to access the vegetables here.

However, that does not guarantee no animals will not snack. On the delicious vegetables and plants. Deer and moose, will not be deterred by a raised garden bed. Which is why they built large barriers.

On all sides of their raised garden beds. These barriers will let the sun in. And will be on a hinge, so that people can easily get into the garden. But will be tall enough to prevent deer and moose from snacking on their delicious plants.

There are many other benefits of raised garden bed. Including better drainage. So that plants are less likely to get waterlogged. Which can cause root rot, as well as soil borne fungal diseases.

There are many benefits of having a community garden. Even when that community is in Alberta campgrounds. Including fresher, breathable air. Having nutritious vegetables to eat.

Having a relaxing, and rewarding activity. That is great for everyone’s mental health. Anyone who loves gardening. Would love to have their summer vacation at elevated experience camping. So that they can do their favourite to activities. Camping, and gardening at the same time.