Alberta Campgrounds | Unique River Vacations

Alberta Campgrounds | Unique River Vacations

Spending time close to rivers, in Alberta campgrounds. Is something that many people look forward to each year. However, to try something different. People should book their vacation at elevated experience camping.

Alberta Campgrounds

Not only will they be able to enjoy spending time on, or near the river. But they will be able to enjoy many of the different amenities that they offer at this amazing and unique campground.

They are located, five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. On the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. While the North Saskatchewan is not the only river in Alberta. It is a rather large one.

Boasting over 1900 km of river length in total. This river starts in the national Park of Banff. By forming, from the glacier. And then snaking its way across Alberta. Before joining up with the South Saskatchewan River.

And flowing from Saskatchewan, into Winnipeg. And eventually Hudson’s Bay. Since elevated experience camping, is located closer to the start of the river. Many people will notice that the water is colder.

Which is perfect for fishing. This is why many people love going to Alberta campgrounds by the North Saskatchewan River. So that they can catch some of the many fish that live here.

While northern pike, are fairly common. No matter where people go in Alberta. People fishing in the North Saskatchewan River. They find a wide variety including for different types of trout.

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Such as rainbow, brook, bull and brown trout. As well as mountain whitefish, gold eye, sucker fish and even sturgeon. The first thing that people who are fishing in the river should know about.

Is first, that they are appropriately licensed. And second of all, they know how what fish they can catch and keep. If there is a limit to how many they can keep. And which fish they need to release.

While there is no limit on northern pike. When people are fishing the North Saskatchewan River. It might be quite rare, but possible. To catch sturgeon. These are protected worldwide.

And while sturgeon can reach startling sizes. Such as 6 feet long. They are not allowed to be kept under any circumstances. Therefore, the matter what Alberta campgrounds people are in.

If they catch sturgeon, they should be fast to capture a quick picture. And then release this animal back into the water. The reason it is so protected, is due to its slow reproductive cycle.

An adult sturgeon must reach the ages of 15 to 20, before they can start procreating. Therefore, overfishing them. Can endanger the entire species.

While fishing is popular. It can happen from a boat, or from the shoreline. But if fishing is not what people are interested in. When they visit elevated experience camping. There are numerous amenities and activities they can enjoy instead.

All people need to do, is take a look at their website. And see the vast variety of things that they can do. So that they can plan their perfect vacation this coming summer.

Alberta Campgrounds | Unique River Vacations For Families

People might not think initially of a river vacation when they are booking their Alberta campgrounds. However, there are many wonderful things about rivers. That are not the same when people camp by a lake.

The river valley, offers many different things to do. And when people are looking for a great summer vacation this year. Instead of looking through various Alberta campgrounds. All they need to do, is visit elevated experience camping website.

They have recently added a wide variety of amenities. As well as many different activities. So that no matter why people are visiting the campground. They will have many different things to enjoy.

From campsites that are perfect for tents, trailers. As well as groups. Elevated experience is also installed glamping cabins. Which are tiny cabins, with all the luxuries of a modern hotel room.

They will also have a park, flush toilets and showers. But what makes them unique. Is the fact that they have things like a mini golf course on site. The retro arcade, and community library.

In terms of activities, they have bikes and games for rent. So that people can explore the interpretive trails either by foot. Or by bike to burn off energy. Or, if they would rather something slower.

They can always engage in one of the yoga classes. That elevated experience offers. Complete, with playful goats, interacting with people as they hold their positions. Whether the weather is beautiful.

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And they want to spend time on the river, or simply outdoors is much as possible. Or, if the weather is not cooperating. And people want to spend time inside and reading.

Or watching the satellite television in their glamping site. Or spending the day in the retro arcade. They will have a wide variety of activities they can engage in to keep them happy.

Even if people decide that they would rather not cook while on vacation. Elevated experience camping has them covered. People can head down to the day use area. Where Thursday to Saturday.

There is the Sasquatch hideaway food truck. Offering up hot and delicious meals. Of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Gourmet hotdogs, as well as street corner and desert.

In the evening, when people get back to their campsite. No other Alberta campgrounds has pizza delivery. By placing an order on their phone. They can get hot pizza made to order.

And delivered directly to their campsite. And when there fire is dying. Or in the morning, if they do not want to gather firewood. They can get free campfire delivery right to their campsite as well.

At the end of their perfect vacation. When people are getting ready to pack up and leave. They can avoid having to cook breakfast. And then clean and pack. By getting a checkout breakfast.

Pancakes, sausages and coffee. Can fill everybody up. So that they are full, and packed up. So that they can head back to their regular life. After their restful vacation.