Alberta Campgrounds | Top Reasons To Go Biking

Alberta Campgrounds | Top Reasons To Go Biking

There are many things that Albertans like to do in the summertime, such as visit Alberta campgrounds. As well as go biking. Biking is such a popular activity. But the biking and camping season is so short.

Alberta Campgrounds

That it only makes sense, to combine the two. Unfortunately, the biggest problem with that. Is that people who love to go camping. Often do not have enough room. To bring the bikes with them.

Therefore, if they want to do both. The answer, is now quite simple. Instead of going to just any Alberta campgrounds. People need to book their summer vacation. And weekend getaways.

At elevated experience camping. Located just five minutes. Outside of Drayton Valley, in a river valley. On the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Not only is this incredibly beautiful location.

That many people, compared to the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. But without the drive, and annoying tourists. But what they have, is a wide variety of amenities that people can enjoy.

Last year, they added several new features to the campground. Including mini golf, go to yoga. A retro arcade, a library. And a fleet of brand-new mountain bicycles. This was one of the most popular activities.

Because not only are they located. In a beautiful river valley. But they have many different trails. That people are going to be able to enjoy. On foot, but also by bicycle.

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And while it was incredibly popular last year. Which meant they wanted to bring more bikes in this year. Mountain bikes, are not very inclusive. To a wide variety of people or sizes.

Therefore, they brought in a fleet. Of recumbent bicycles instead. These bicycles, have four wheels instead of two. Which means they are incredibly stable. So that people will be able to sit on the bike.

And not to put over, even if they are standing still. The wheels, are still quite rugged. And can travel over almost any terrain. Including the rugged, and rough terrain. Of an Albertan river valley.

As well, what makes these recumbent bicycles different. Is the fact that instead of a saddle seat. People will be able to sit comfortably. In a bucket style seat. Which is perfect for people of all abilities.

People who have hip problems. Or disabilities. Are still going to be able to sit in these bikes. And pedal quite easily. Where it would be impossible, on a standard mountain bike.

The seat is adjustable as well. So that even the smallest child. Can sit comfortably. And reach the pedals. While the largest adults. Can move the seat back. In order to accommodate their long legs.

This year, if people have never gone camping at Alberta campgrounds and biking. Or, have never even gone biking before. Because they never had access. To a bike that could fit their body.

They should especially check out elevated experience camping. Instead of any other campgrounds. To try biking, and camping for the first time. They will fall in love, and keep coming back.

Alberta Campgrounds | The Top Reasons For You To Go Biking

Camping in Alberta campgrounds. As well as biking, are incredibly important. Unfortunately, the Alberta summer is very short. Which makes enjoying both, a little bit more difficult.

However, at elevated experience camping. They have brought in bikes. So that people who visit their Alberta campgrounds. Do not have to pack their own bike. Especially since they will likely. Have no room.

Especially when people are ready. To rest, relax. And rejuvenate. From a very hectic and stressful year. Biking can help people do that. There is nothing more relaxing. Then being surrounded by beautiful sights and sounds of nature.

And when combined with biking. This can be an extremely positive mental health break. What biking does, is it helps release endorphins. Which are directly responsible. For giving people a mood boost.

As well, the endorphins it can relieve stress, lower anxiety. And is responsible for people saying that they have lower feelings of depression. What biking can also do for people. Is help bring them into the present moment.

Which is a huge challenge for a lot of people. As they constantly feel pulled in many directions. And are always thinking about what is going to happen next. Or what they have to do next.

By forcing people. To concentrate on steering their bike. And peddling, can help people. Enjoy the present moment. And truly enjoy the scenery, and the sounds around them.

While biking is incredibly beneficial. For people’s mental health. It is also incredibly beneficial. For people’s physical health as well. It is considered a low impact exercise. Good for people with joint problems.

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Because there is no impact, like in running or walking. It is even great for people with existing injuries. And many doctors recommend cycling. To help cover from injuries faster.

The reason why, is because cycling can increase their circulation. And that increased blood flow. Is directly responsible. For injuries healing faster. People can bike at their own pace and his speed.

Which is perfect in the Alberta campgrounds, that have a wide variety of terrain. And even biking, for ten minutes. At a low intensity. Can help people boost their heart health.

Making them less susceptible to strokes, heart attacks. And lowering high blood pressure. While working out on a bike. People can strengthen the largest muscle groups on their body. Their quads, glutes, calves and hamstrings.

And this muscle group, can help them increase their metabolism. And improve their endurance as well. When people start their day by biking. The increased circulation will help wake them up.

And keep them awake. Warding off feelings of lethargy and listlessness. Helping them stay alert for the entire day. People who bike, even just ten minutes a day. Will lower their insulin levels.

That helps improve their diabetes. Or borderline diabetes. And ensures. That there able to burn twice as much fat. And this calorie burning capability. Does not and when the ride is over.

When people are ready to visit Alberta campgrounds. To improve their physical and mental health. By visiting elevated experience camping. They can ensure, to bike at the same time.