Alberta Campgrounds | Take a Fishing Vacation

Alberta Campgrounds | Take a Fishing Vacation

One reason why many people flocked to Alberta campgrounds. For their weekends, and summer vacations. Is to cast some lines into the lakes and rivers. Because they love fishing.

Alberta Campgrounds

Fishing is a very popular recreational activity throughout the entire province. And when people want to go to a place where there are a lot of great fish. They often end up at elevated experience campgrounds.

Not only are they located on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. But in fact, their boat launch is located right in and Eddie, within the river. Which means the water travels upstream.

Which creates a bit of a pool, that is great for fish to gather. Whether people are putting a boat in the water, in order to attract fish. By letting their lines dragged behind their boat, called trawling.

Or, if they want to stand, or sit on the shore. Casting lines into the river. This is going to be an amazing location. For people to fish, where they have a real chance at catching some amazing fish.

What kinds of fish can be caught at elevated experience camping. Include Pike, also known as Jack fish. As well as sucker fish, walleye, sockeye and goldeneye fish. One kind of fish that is unique.

To the North Saskatchewan, River. Is the sturgeon fish. This is a very prehistoric fish, that have been swimming in the waters for centuries or longer. If people do manage to catch a sturgeon.

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They will be very struck by its pale silver colour. And the fact that it does not have scales. However, the sturgeon fish is also protected in Alberta. So if people catch a sturgeon while fishing in Alberta campgrounds.

They must release it, and if they do not, they could lose their fishing license. Lose their boating license. Have their fishing gear confiscated. As well as face a steep find, and potentially could end up in jail.

Therefore, if people do manage to get a sturgeon on the line. It is important that they take a photo of it. And then release it gently. To keep these amazing creatures, protected.

When people are fishing in Alberta campgrounds. They need to make sure that they have the right tackle. So that they can catch a great fish. Either to release it. Or to have a great dinner.

One of the most versatile things in a person’s tackle box. Is a bobber. What it does, is put on a leader, so that when a person casts their lure into the water. It floats on the top of the water.

And with the wind, and current. It will gently wiggle the lure under the surface. In order to attract fish. The reason why people would use this, is so that they do not have to constantly jig their fishing rod.

In order to make the bait or the lure. Look attractive to the fish. When people are looking for an amazing vacation of fishing. Elevated experience camping is going to be a great choice.

Alberta Campgrounds | Why Not Take a Fishing Vacation

When people want to go fishing for vacation, there are many Alberta campgrounds. That will offer great fishing. Whether people want to catch and release, or catch something for their dinner.

When they want to stay within Alberta, they should look no further than elevated experience camping. Not only are they located on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. But there boat launch is actually located.

On what is called an Eddie. And Eddie is where the water of the river, starts flowing back upstream. Creating a bit of a pool, where the fish can congregate. Which is why fishing is so popular in this area.

If people have never been fishing before. And would love to try. Elevated experience camping is going to be a great place to start, for any beginners. They will be able to yet some instruction from the team.

And will be able to find out what are must haves in their tackle box. Ultimately, people who are starting fishing. Need a fishing rod, a real, to bring the line in. As well as lures and hooks.

What a lure is. Is something that is used to attract the fish. And usually has a hook on its. So that when the fish bites the lure. They will get hooked, which is what allows them to get caught.

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There are many different types of lures. From fly lures. That are fuzzy, and look like an insect. This is a favourite treat of fish. Especially since it is not common, to find an insect in the water all the time.

They come in many different colours. To attract different fish, in different areas of the water. People can experiment with colours, and sizes of fly lures. In order to attract different fish.

There are even special classes that people can take. Learning how to tie their own flies. So that they can catch fish, using a lure that they have created.

Another kind of lure that people can use. When their fishing in Alberta campgrounds. Is what is called a spoon lure. They are metal, and curved. Each allows them to spin, when they are pulled through the water.

They are typically painted on one side. And the shiny side, will flash in the water attracting the fish. One of the most popular spoon lures, is called the five of diamonds. And is expert, at attracting Pike.

Another type of lure that people can use. Is made of rubber, and will wriggle very realistically in the water. It is designed to look like a magnet. And can attract bigger fish, to take a bite.

When people are ready to start fishing. Or they are experts, who have been fishing for years. They will be able to find many Alberta campgrounds to fish at. But particularly, elevated experience camping. With their amazing location on the North Saskatchewan River.