Alberta Campgrounds | Summer Vacation Of Gardening

Alberta Campgrounds | Summer Vacation Of Gardening

There are many reasons why elevated experience camping decided to add garden beds to their Alberta campgrounds. They believe that gardening, and camping are two activities that go hand-in-hand.

Alberta Campgrounds

Which is why they decided to add gardening, to their already impressive list. Of amenities at their location, just outside of Drayton Valley. At the campground called Willie West.

Some of the benefits that they believe having a community garden will bring. To their summertime and camping community. Is reducing negative community impacts. By promoting sustainability.

And reducing food insecurity. As well, there able to promote awareness of agriculture. And teach people where their food comes from. In addition to learning how their food gets from the farm to their plate.

When he children, and even adults. Especially if they have been raised in a city their entire life. Have never seen vegetables growing. Or, have never experienced gardening for themselves.

This can be an amazing opportunity. To teach children where their food comes from. When they visit the Alberta campgrounds that elevated experience manages. In addition to that, they are helping their community.

Reduce food transportation costs. As well as increase access to fresh food. Especially since many people who go camping. Typically do not bring a lot of fresh fruit or vegetables with them.

It can also decrease the amount of waste in the campground. Simply because they will have a composting been in the garden. And any waste that is compostable, will be put their instead.

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They can reduce their waste. But at the same time, the compost will then be added to the garden next year. Creating a beautiful cycle, where the plants in the garden, will benefit from the compost.

In fact, even if people go to Alberta campgrounds and never spend time in the garden. And they also do not eat the vegetables, they are still going to benefit from the community garden.

That is because the plants are going to clear the air of the carbon dioxide. That people and emit. And then turn that carbon dioxide into oxygen, for fresher and more breathable air.

As well, a community garden will also improve their campgrounds. Because a community garden will reduce crime. By eliminating an expansive vacant land. That is attractive to criminal activity.

Community Gardens also encourage the community to come together. So that they are working towards a common goal. And that also drives away criminal elements. There are many benefits to having a community garden.

When people love gardening. And they spend their summer vacation at elevated experience camping. They will also have the added benefits. Being able to improve their mental health.

By engaging in this rewarding and relaxing activity. When added to the already impressive list of other amenities. At elevated experience camping. Such as goat yoga, mini golf, bikes and an arcade.

The choice is going to be very simple, for anyone looking for a location. For their camping summer vacation. However, they should book early so they do not miss out on this opportunity.

Alberta Campgrounds | An Entire Summer Vacation Of Gardening

Although many people have never heard of gardening while spending time in Alberta campgrounds. That is about to change says elevated experience camping. Not only have they brought a community garden to their campground.

This is a raised garden, which has a lot of benefits. That a traditional garden does not have. Starting with the fact that a raised garden, is much more accessible. By a wider variety of people and abilities.

Some people love gardening, but have a physical limitation. That keeps them from doing the activities that they love. Perhaps they have a bad back, sore knees. Or have a walker or wheelchair.

Perhaps, people would love the opportunity. To try their hand at gardening in Alberta campgrounds. But they would not be able to engage in traditional gardening. Therefore, having the raised garden beds.

Exists an activity that they are more able to try out and fall in love with. However, that is not the only reason. Why elevated experience decided to bring raised garden beds to their Alberta campgrounds.

They also did their research, and found that the raised garden beds. Were much more safe from small animals. Who would eat the plants, and the vegetables in a garden. If they ever got the opportunity to.

Small animals like mice, rabbits and skunks. Would take any opportunity they could. T the vegetables and the plants in a garden. Even by building a fence around a traditional garden, is not guaranteed to keep these animals out.

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While a raised garden, is much more safe. Because they simply are not able to scavenge in raised garden. Because they cannot reach it. And while anyone who is spent time in Alberta campgrounds.

Know that there are also deer. That would not be hindered by a raised garden. Which is why elevated experience camping built barriers. That will allow the sun to shine through.

While ensuring that deer, and even moose would not have access. To the garden, but could easily be opened by people visiting the garden. The most important rule of the garden will be to close this gate up at the end.

However, there are more reasons than keeping out animals. That they decided to build raised garden beds. They found through their research. That a raised garden bed is more healthy, because of easier water drainage.

The water can drain out, making sure that plants do not get waterlogged. Where they could become susceptible to root rot. Or even soilborne fungal diseases. Because they are kept to that.

Therefore, raised garden beds. Are healthier for the plants. More easily accessible by people. And less accessible by animals who would destroy them. They also know that adding a community garden.

Will help the community learn how to grow food. Be able to eat healthier while they are there. And they will be able to take use of their land. If people are ready to learn how to garden. Were simply enjoy this favourite activity. On their summer vacation. Elevated experience camping, is the natural place to go.