Alberta Campgrounds | Spend Your Vacation In A Garden

Alberta Campgrounds | Spend Your Vacation In A Garden

Even though people may not think gardening and camping belong together in Alberta campgrounds. Elevated experience camping would disagree. Thinking the two are a match made in heaven.

Alberta Campgrounds

That is why they have decided. To add to their already impressive list of amenities. Community gardens to the campground that they manage. Which will serve several purposes too many.

First of all, this year a not-for-profit food truck. Called operation Sasquatch. Will be operating on their property for the weekend. Selling gourmet grilled cheese and hot dogs to campers.

Because they are not-for-profit, they can use all of the help that they can get. And because elevated experience camping loves giving back. They decided that they would share some of the produce that is grown.

With the food truck, to help them keep their costs down. As they service the campers in their campground. And to help them serve nutritious food as well.

But in addition to providing food to the food truck. They also wanted to provide an opportunity. For the campers. To get to experience gardening. Because it is such a popular pastime for many.

What this will do, is help people who love gardening. Be able to do this activity. During their summer vacation in Alberta campgrounds. But also help people who have never gardened before.

The opportunity to experience this. And perhaps, gain new insight. To how their food is grown. And how much fun they can be. To get their hands dirty, while growing it themselves.

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Community garden can be so beneficial. Because it also helps reduce negative community impacts. By promoting food sustainability. And eliminating food insecurity. I people who do not know where their next meal is coming from.

It can spark a new appreciation for the agricultural industry. Or help people see. How their food gets to their plate. Because many people. Particularly those who have spent their entire life in the city.

May never truly understand it. It can let people, adults and children alike. See the vegetables are grown. And what they look like, while they are still in the growth stage. And it can help a community reduce.

There food transportation costs. As they eat more food that they grow. And therefore, depend less on food. That has been trucked in, for hundreds of miles. While the vegetables lose nutrients.

Anyone who is staying at these Alberta campgrounds. Will be able to access the community gardens. They can experience weeding fertilizing. And harvesting vegetables. As well as eating them fresh off the vine.

Many people may not have had vegetables this fresh. And may be completely amazed. At how it tastes. And find the activity of gardening to be amazingly relaxing and rewarding.

Gardening is also great for people’s bodies, providing exercise. And good for their minds. Because it assists with mental health. Many people love to meditate while spending time, connecting with the earth in a garden.

When people are ready to have a unique vacation. And spend their vacation enjoying a garden. They can contact elevated experience camping today.

Alberta Campgrounds | Enjoy Spending Your Vacation In A Garden

New this year, to the Alberta campgrounds that elevated experience camping manages. Is a raised community garden. The reason why they are bringing a garden to their campground.

Is because they know about the positive benefits. I would community garden on a community. But also, so that people can experience fresh vegetables. During their stay on their vacation.

However, there community gardens are going to be unique. Because they will be raised gardens. Instead of the traditional gardens, on the ground. One of the first reasons why they decided to make them this way.

Is because gardens that are on the ground. Are much more susceptible to damage from small animals. Like rabbits, and skunks for example. By putting them up on raised beds. They are eliminating the possibility.

That these animals will be able to get them to the vegetables. And damage the plants that they encounter. They could put a garden on the ground. And then build the fence.

However the problem with that. Is that animals will be able to dig under the fence. Or sneak in. If someone carelessly leaves the gate open for a few moments by accident.

Once inside, and the gate is then closed. They will have all the time that they want. To destroy all of the vegetables and plants that they can. And anyone who has spent time in Alberta campgrounds knows.

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That there are these small animals everywhere. While a raised garden bed does not protect against damage from dear. That is why elevated experience camping has also put up fences.

These fences will protect the gardens. From dear. While letting the sun in. And access, by opening up a latch. And the gate on hinges. This way, they can protect more adequately from damage by wildlife.

And these raised garden beds have the ability. To be moved to a more advantageous location. In future years, if the placement was not the best this year. Another reason why raised garden beds are so good.

Is because it allows easier watering. With better drainage, to ensure. That any excess water can run off easily. This not only can avoid damage from plants that have been overwater to. But it also helps eliminate.

Soil born fungal diseases. That are more likely to crop up. In gardens that have been overwatered. Another benefit of having raised garden beds in Alberta campgrounds.

Is the fact that the are going to be more accessible. By a wider variety of people. Who are unable to bend or plunge. In a traditional garden. Will be able to enjoy their time in a raised bed garden.

Because they will not hurt their body by feeding and watering. Even people who never gardened before. Due to the fact that they are limited physically. Will be able to enjoy gardening on raised beds.

Having a unique vacation may be as simple as visiting elevated experience camping. For a gardening summer vacation.