Alberta Campgrounds | Posh Camping

Alberta Campgrounds | Posh Camping

Posh camping is another name for glamping, which is gaining popularity in many Alberta campgrounds. Glamping which is a mashup of the word glamorous and camping. Is simply a word describing people who are camping while taking many luxuries of home with them.

And although it is gaining popularity. With more people going glamping then they have ever before. This is not a new phenomenon. There have been instances of people going glamping for centuries.

Previously, it was a way that royalty used to travel. To ensure that they did not have to leave all of the luxuries and comforts of their palace behind. Even though they needed to travel across the country.

They were known for bringing luxuries such as silk drapery, rugs, and even setting up fountains that ran red wine instead of water. So that they could have all of the comforts they wanted.

Although glamping is not reserved just for royalty. In the nineteen twenties as African safaris became a popular way for the rich to see the beauty of the African desert and surroundings.

The tents that they stayed in could only be described as luxurious. Offering every single comforts that they could want while in a foreign country.

Nowadays, when people go to Alberta campgrounds for their own glamping experience. This typically means staying in a recreational vehicle. Or staying in one of the many glamping sites that are available throughout Alberta.


Depending on the campground, there might be luxury tents, yurts, or tiny cabins. That while offering many of the luxuries of home. Also help people feel as though they are still camping. So that they can continue to enjoy nature.

In fact, there are many different glamping sites throughout the province. Including more than just luxury tents and yurts. Allowing people to stay in pods, grain bins that have been modified. As well as treehouses with all of the comforts of home.

When people are getting ready for their glamping trip. They should ensure that they are looking at the different glamping sites that will offer them the experience that they desire.

The different glamping sites available will have different amenities and luxuries not typically found in the great outdoors. So they need to know about what they are looking for. So that they can get a glamping site that matches with what their idea of glamping is.

They should think about amenities such as heaters and air conditioning. As well as things like if there is satellite television, Wi-Fi or indoor plumbing.

Since there is a glamping site for every style of camper. They should find one that will allow them to experience camping in a way that allows them to feel as comfortable as they want.

There is also owing to be different prices for various glamping sites. So by planning their trip ahead. And calling the various Alberta campgrounds they wish to travel to. Can help ensure that people are heading the glamping experience that they desire.

Alberta Campgrounds | Posh Camping

Any time someone visits Alberta campgrounds and takes comforts that are not normally found will camping. This can be considered posh camping. Or as it is commonly known nowadays as glamping.

There are many reasons why people may want to go glamping instead of camping when they visit Alberta campgrounds. From already travelling through the province but not having their camping gear with them.

Having glamping sites available. Means that people can make an impromptu stop along their way. So that they can enjoy the beauty of the province. Even if they had not intended ongoing camping in the first place.

It may be something that people who have extended families who love to camp. But they do not enjoy the activity themselves. Going glamping. Means that their families can camp. While they are not excluded from the camping trip themselves.

And most importantly, camping is not always accessible to everybody. There may be physical limitations that people experience. That makes going camping something that they are unable to do.

By going glamping, people will be able to enjoy the feel of camping. But at the same time, will be able to do it in a way that is more possible for them to do.

However, people need to keep in mind that the various campgrounds throughout the province. Will have various glamping sites that have different amenities.

Some do not have indoor plumbing. So that people get a feel of what it is like to go camping. And some will have fire pits outside, so that they can still have a campfire and feel like they are camping.


People should make a list of all of the amenities that they need to have or they want to have when they go glamping. So that they can choose the glamping sites that matches them the best.

Glamping sites also very in cost depending on where people go. And what type of amenities are available when they booked their site.

They should also look to see what other activities are in the Alberta campgrounds that they visit. So that they can ensure that they are going to be enjoying the trip. Based on what else they can do once they get to the campsite.

For example, at elevated experience they offer many different amenities on site. Such as go to yoga, and arcade and a candy shop. Just name a few of the things that make them different than they other campgrounds.

So by being aware of everything that each campground has to offer. Can help people choose the right venue for their summer vacation. So that they can spend their time enjoying the Alberta wilderness.

Without feeling like they are leaving something at home. Or that there is not enough activities to keep them busy when they are camping.

If people want more information about glamping, and what they can expect. They can contact elevated experience to find out more information about this popular activity.