Alberta Campgrounds | Go Gardening For Your Vacation

Alberta Campgrounds | Go Gardening For Your Vacation

When people decide to go to Alberta campgrounds this year. For their summer vacation, a may not consider. All of the different activities that will be available. However, when it comes to elevated experience camping.

Alberta Campgrounds

They truly will have something for everyone. Even large families, where everyone seems to have. Completely different interest from the next person. Will be able to find something for them at this campground.

This year, one new activity that they are introducing. Is a community garden. There are many things that this garden will do for the Alberta campgrounds that have gardens. First of all, it will help service.

The not-for-profit food truck called operation Sasquatch. Since they are and not-for-profit. They can use all of the help they can get. And elevated experience camping deserves in giving back.

Not only will operation Sasquatch be serving gourmet hot dogs. As well as it gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to the patrons of elevated experience camping. Thursday Friday and Saturday.

They will also be in operation. In Drayton Valley during the week. Since they will be spending so much time in the campground. Elevated experience camping, wanted town them out. By supplying them with fresh vegetables for their menu.

Therefore, the community gardens. Will be used to benefit this not-for-profit. So that they can keep their costs low. And deliver hot and delicious food. To the campers at elevated experience camping.

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But also, people who are staying within the campground. Whether they are camping, or glamping. Or going to be able to enjoy gardening here as well. The community gardens will be open to anyone.

Who wants to get their hands dirty. Watering, weeding and fertilizing these vegetable plants. Being able to take some vegetables for their efforts. When they are ready to leave for the day.

Not only is gardening a favourite pastime. For many people, helping them feel relaxed. During this rewarding activity. But it is also good for their body, as good exercise. And great for their mental health as well.

Community gardens also do many things. For the community that they are in, whether it is a town, a city. Or like this one, located in Alberta campgrounds. They will reduce negative community impacts.

Through many different means, first by promoting food sustainability and food security. Especially for people who are not exactly sure. Where their next meals are coming from.

It increases unawareness and appreciation for the agricultural industry. And helps reduce communities food transportation costs. By helping them grow their own food. And be less dependent on food that is trucked in from miles away.

It also reduces overall garbage waste. By creating a place to compost food waste. So that less ends up in the landfill. And of the compost can be used. To go back into the community garden. And grow healthy vegetables.

Whether people are tired of their hot dogs and hamburgers. While they are going camping. Or they simply want to enjoy in a healthy and fun activity. Camping at elevated experience camping. Can help them have the best summer vacation ever.

Alberta Campgrounds | Go Gardening This Year On Your Vacation

Many people may not think they would enjoy a gardening vacation, in Alberta campgrounds. But since gardening is such a popular pastime. The operators of Willie West camping, outside of Drayton Valley.

Think that it is going to be incredibly popular. Which is why they have decided to add raised garden beds. To their already impressive list of amenities. This garden is going to suit many needs.

Giving people who love gardening. An activity to enjoy while on vacation. Allowing people the opportunity. To see where their food comes from. And helping people eat a little healthier.

As a departure from their chips, hotdogs and s’mores. That they typically eat while on a camping vacation. While many people love camping, because they get to eat delicious treat foods.

Sometimes, being able to have some vegetables in that mix. Can be a welcome departure. Or help people enjoy a salad, in addition to their hotdogs for example. Many people do not bring vegetables camping with them.

Because they are hard to keep in good condition. In a cooler full of their eggs, hotdogs and milk for example. So camping in Alberta campgrounds that have community garden.

Can allow people to have some fresh produce. As a treat, on their vacation. And while community gardens have proven to have huge benefits. Whether they are in cities, towns or in campgrounds.

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But also, the raised garden beds. Provide an additional benefit. Which is why they have decided to install these types of gardens. In the campgrounds that they manage.

One benefit of the raised garden. Is that it can keep pests out like rabbits, and skunks. That would happily ravage the vegetables. And even eat the plants if they could.

Anyone who has visited Alberta campgrounds. Are likely also going to point out that there are dear. Who will also be quite happy to eat the vegetables and the plants. The raised garden beds provide protection.

Making it impossible for rabbits and skunks to eat vegetables. While dear, and still be able to reach the garden. Which is why elevated experience camping. Has installed large gates made of mesh.

That are impossible for the dear to get the garden. While allowing people in whenever they want. By opening a latch, and having access garden. Whether they are watering it, weeding it.

Or harvesting the delicious vegetables to eat. Another benefit of the raised garden beds. Is that it can help people avoid soil born fungal diseases. By allowing thorough draining of the space.

Instead of gardens that are in the ground. That will cause of waterlogged garden. If there is a very large rainstorm. Or if someone has accidentally over watered the garden.

If people would like the experience of gardening for their vacation in Alberta campgrounds. The opportunity is all theirs. What they would have to do, is book online, at elevated experience