Alberta Campgrounds | Glamping Defined

Alberta Campgrounds | Glamping Defined

People who have been visiting Alberta campgrounds for decades have been known to be going glamping. Although it was not known by that name decades ago.

In fact, the word glamping, which is a mashup of the 2 words glamorous and camping. Was first coined in the United Kingdom in 2005. But was not added to the Oxford dictionary until 2016, 11 years later.

While it did not traditionally have a name. People have often referred to glamping as luxury camping, posh camping or even comfort camping. Because it just means camping with luxuries that are not traditionally experienced while going camping.

Some of the earliest people glamping in Alberta campgrounds. Are the people who have explored the area with their beautiful recreational vehicles. That allowed people to travel in style. But continuing to enjoy the outdoors.

These RVs were often fitted with a chemical toilet, as stovetop or an oven. And as people bought more and more recreational vehicles such as motorhomes and fifth wheels.

They started adding more and more luxuries of home. Such as a microwave, air conditioning, televisions, and heaters just to name a few. Which allowed them to camp, without having to leave the comforts they enjoy at home behind.

Every year, recreational vehicle companies are coming out with vehicles that have more and more luxuries within them. Some having satellite television, Wi-Fi Internet, skylights, fireplaces and air conditioning.

However, people do not need to be limited to glamping by an RV or motorhome. Because there are many different ways that people can go glamping throughout Alberta campgrounds.

For example, people can end up staying in a yurt, which is a portable, semi permanent structure similar to attend. But with structured walls and ceilings. That allow them to continue to be camping.


Many people who are enjoying an outdoor music festival. Can have the option of staying in a yurt. So that they do not have to feel like they are camping while at the festival.

In addition to yurts, there are tiny cabins, and luxury tenants. That can come with everything including air conditioning, a heater, indoor plumbing, just to name a few. And in fact, people need to know what luxuries they are looking for. So that they can find the right glamping experience for them.

And while glamping used to be seen as a luxury that rich people paid for. Today, when people go glamping. It is ultimately so that they can make camping accessible to more people.

People with disabilities, such as being in a wheelchair. Or who have mobility issues. Can enjoy camping through a glamping site. While having to pitch attend, or cook dinner on an open fire. Might make camping completely out of reach for them.

Other people may love camping. But must go glamping. Simply because they do not have the ability to purchase the camping gear that they need to enjoy this activity.

Ultimately, camping is an extremely expensive activity. Even if people are just using tenants. Because tents, sleeping bags, air mattresses, dishes and cooking equipment. Just to name some of the most basic things. Are very expensive, and are often out of price range for many people.

Glamping can offer people the ability to stay outdoors. Without having to pay for all of the expense upfront. Many people love camping, which is why glamping can be so popular.

Alberta Campgrounds | Glamping Defined

Although glamping is a brand-new word. Added to the Oxford dictionary just 3 years ago, people have been glamping in Alberta campgrounds for longer than that. But people have been luxury camping for centuries.

Proof of this, is the history of the field of the cloth gold. Which is a diplomatic summit that happened in 1520 in northern France.

Only were almost 3000 tents erected to. But the luxury business of these tents was unparalleled. With fountains running with red wine for all participants to freely enjoy.

However, this is not the only example of extravagant tents living in history. The Ottoman Empire sultans often created luxurious dwellings in tents fit for royalty, which they were.

400 years later, in the 19 twenties. People started doing African safaris. As a way of experiencing the beauty of the African landscape. The majesty of the African animals. An experience wide variety of African culture.

As this was typically an activity reserved for the richest of the rich. The tents that they erected for the travellers to stay in. Can only be described by today’s standards as glamping sites.

Nowadays, people can go glamping in a wide variety of ways. Including treehouses, teepees, portable pods, vintage trailers and even yurts.


If people want a unique experience in Alberta campgrounds. They may want to enjoy treehouses. That give them a birds eye view of the landscape. And an experience that they would not be able to have otherwise.

While there are some glamping sites in Alberta campgrounds throughout the province. People can often bring their own glamping sites in recreational vehicles, pods and trailers.

And ultimately, depending on what kind of experience people are looking for. They can match their accommodations, with the amenities that they do not want to leave behind.

Nowadays, when people go glamping. They often want to experience the joy of the wilderness. Without the hassle of cooking over an open fire unless they want to. In so many RVs or trailers have ovens, stove tops and microwaves.

And people have even been known to bring things like their instant pot, blender, and coffeemaker with them on their excursions to the great outdoors.

When people want to go to campgrounds. They should only be limited by their imagination. And what amenities they truly want to enjoy in their home away from home.

Anytime people are ready to go to camping. But they are not ready to camp. Glamping can be an extremely fun way of vacationing and enjoying nature.