Alberta Campgrounds | Fresh Vegetables While Camping

Alberta Campgrounds | Fresh Vegetables While Camping

Often, when people decide to go to Alberta campgrounds. For their vacation, they may not pack many fresh vegetables. Because they do not necessarily travel well in a cooler. And they are bringing all of the other food they need for their trip.

Alberta Campgrounds

That is why, elevated experience camping has decided to bring something new. To their Alberta campgrounds this summer. They have decided to install raised garden beds in their Willie West campground.

That all campers can have access to. As long as they are respectful to the garden. Put tools back where they found them. And close the gates when they leave. That way, they will be able to enjoy fresh vegetables.

That are grown in the community garden. And enjoy the taste, and nutrition. Without having to leave room in their cooler. There are many benefits to community garden.

In addition to supplying the campers with fresh vegetables. They are also going to help the food truck. Called operation Sasquatch, that will be operating. In their day use area, on the weekends.

The food truck is in non-for profit organization. And they can use all of the help that they can get. Particularly, getting fresh produce that they will use. To make the delicious meals that they are going to sell.

Another benefit of having a community garden. Is that it will help reduce negative community impacts. Even though it is a summer community. A campground is a community.

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And having a raised garden bed, in the Alberta campgrounds. Will promote sustainability. It will raise awareness about agriculture, and where our food comes from. Reducing food transportation costs.

By not having to truck in food, for hundreds of miles. While it sits for days or more, losing nutrients. As well, community gardens help eliminate water runoff. That takes valuable soil nutrients with it.

A community garden also brings the community together. As people gather, in order to work towards a common goal. And share in the roots of their labour. If people would like to teach their children about where their food comes from.

This will be an amazing learning opportunity. As many people have never had the opportunity. To see where their food comes from, or learn how it gets from the farm onto their plates.

A community garden will also reduce neighbourhood waste. Through the act of composting. All the food waste can go into a compost pile. Which can then, be put back onto the soil in the garden.

Thus, it reduces waste. And gives the nutrients back to the garden. To continue to grow nutritious vegetables for the community. As well, many people find that gardening is relaxing.

Rewarding, and great for their mental health. There are many reasons why community gardens are powerful. And people can enjoy that, when they visit elevated experience camping this year.

Spots are picking up fast, therefore anyone who would like this opportunity. Should call, or book their vacation this summer online. So they do not miss this opportunity.

Alberta Campgrounds | You Will Be Able To Eat Fresh Vegetables While Camping

Up until now, if people wanted fresh vegetables while visiting Alberta campgrounds. They would have to pack them in their cooler, and hope that they last the entire camping trip.

However, when people visit elevated experience camping. The Alberta campgrounds at Willie West campground, by Drayton Valley. They will be able to enjoy the community garden.

This community garden has been built on raised garden beds. And can be accessed by anyone who is staying at this campground for their vacation. Whether it is the weekend, or a weeklong trip.

There are many benefits of a raised garden bed. Which is why they decided to build this style. One great benefit, is that they can be moved. And if they discover that this location was not optimal for various reasons.

It will be able to move it two different parts of their campground. Another benefit of having a raised garden bed, is that they can be built, using any material. Which means that this can be an inexpensive project.

That can actually involve recycling various materials. To eliminate them from the landfill. Another reason why they opted to go with a raised garden bed. Is because it is much more accessible, by more people.

For example, many people are unable to do traditional gardening. Because they are unable to bend, or kneel. While raised garden beds are very easy to access. Even for people with mobility issues. Or other physical limitations.

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The third benefit of having the raised gardens in Alberta campgrounds. Instead of having gardens that are built into the ground. Is that there are many different types of wildlife. That visit the camp sites.

Anyone who has spent any time in the Alberta wilderness. Either camping, or on a farm. Will know, that there are many different animals. That will eat the garden, and the plants within it.

From small animals, like mice and rabbits. Even foxes and skunks, which are known to inhabit the Drayton Valley area. As well as larger animals, such as deer and moose are likely to snack in the garden.

A garden that is on the ground, will be very hard. To fence, in order to eliminate the possibility. Of these animals destroying the garden. However, the raised garden. Is automatically much safer, from small animals.

Like rabbits, mice and skunks. And for the larger animals like deer, they built in a mesh fence. That is very rigid. And is built on the perimeter of all of their garden boxes. The sun can shine in.

Helping the garden grow. While animals, such as deer and moose. Are unable to snack on the food items. When people are ready to harvest, the sides open up on a hinge. Enabling people to harvest.

Weed the garden, or tend to it. And then close the gate, and keep it safe from animals once more. If people would like the opportunity. To go camping and gardening at the same time.

They should look no further than the Alberta campgrounds, elevated experience. However, they are filling up fast. So campers should book their spots very quickly.