Alberta Campgrounds | Fishing Vacations Are Popular

Alberta Campgrounds | Fishing Vacations Are Popular

A common reason why people go to Alberta campgrounds. Is so that they can get time doing their favourite hobby, which is a fishing.

Alberta Campgrounds

Whether people are going fishing, or lake fishing. Spending time on a boat. Or casting their line into the water from the shore. There are many ways to enjoy this popular past time.

In fact, people do not just go fishing in Alberta campgrounds. Fly fishing is the most popular type of fishing in the entire world. And is most often done in rivers. When people in this area, are wanting to go river fishing.

One of the best rivers to do that in, is the North Saskatchewan River. It is a very extensive river. And although it is shallow in spots. It is home to some of the most amazing species of fish. Including the sturgeon.

Sturgeon are protected species. And everywhere in the world, they are protected from people fishing them to keep. While they are extremely rare to come across. This is because they are bottom feeders.

Which means, they rarely come to the surface. However, they does not unheard of. For people to stay at Alberta campgrounds, and see one while they are fishing the North Saskatchewan River.

In fact, the largest Sturgeon recorded on this river. Was only a few years ago, and measured over 10 feet long. The reason why sturgeon are protected. And never allowed to be fished.

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Is because it takes them so long to reach sexual maturity. Therefore, it can take decades. For a population to recover, if it is overfished. Sturgeon can live to be a century old.

However, only start reproducing between the ages of 15 to 20. Therefore, even very old fish by our standards. Our not yet reproducing. Which is why they are protected species.

The largest Sturgeon in the world, was caught off the coast of Florida. Measuring over 24 feet in length. It was estimated to be about sixty years old. These amazing creatures, need to be respected.

And if accidentally caught. People need to snap a quick picture. And then gently return it to the water. Other fish that people can catch while going to campgrounds. In order to fish the North Saskatchewan River.

Our northern pike. Also known by their nickname, as Jack fish. While they are a very common fish. Most people do not like to eat these. Making them a perfect fish for catch and release.

They are known to get to be quite large in size. Therefore, people catching them for releasing. Often see how large of a northern pike that they can catch. Experimenting with large lures.

Often in the shape of big fish, or even frogs. When people are ready to go fishing on the river. They should look no further than elevated experience camping. They have many different campsites available.

For people who are staying in a tent, a trailer. Or who are fishing in a large group. Or people who are less interested in roughing it. They can stay in one of the glamping facilities. Which will allow them to spend more time fishing, then cooking over an open fire and sleeping on the ground.

Alberta Campgrounds | Fishing Vacations Are Very Popular

When people are looking for a vacation close to home, and in Alberta campgrounds. A popular activity is to go fishing. Most people do not need very expensive equipment. And they do not need to go very far. In order to have a fun time. And to catch amazing fish.

While there are lakes and rivers throughout the entire province. Most people can find somebody of water that contains fish. Close enough to home. That even if they are going for an afternoon.

Or a weekend. They will be able to find some great fishing close to home. Many people choose which Alberta campgrounds they stay at. Based on the body of water that they are close to. However, not everybody wants to spend their time.

Pitching a tent, or cooking over an open fire. Which means elevated experience camping. Can be the perfect campground, for people looking to spend more time fishing. Then spending time camping.

As well, a common scenario is when people want to go to Alberta campgrounds. In order to fish. But their family, is not interested in joining them in that activity. And want to stay at a campground, that has many different activities.

Elevated experience camping can be the perfect spot. For people who love camping and fishing. And the people who would rather be doing anything else. Not only are they located right beside the North Saskatchewan River.

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But they have a great activities, such as a retro arcade. Filled with classic video games. Mini golf and goat yoga. So that there is literally something, for every interest. If people would rather spend the entire day.

Relaxing and a hammock with a good book. They can head down to the community library. If they would rather exert a lot of energy. They can either hike the interpretive trails. Or bike them, even if they did not bring their bike.

They can rent one, from the office. Or, rent any number of board games. Or giant yard games. Such as giant sized Jenga. That can bring an interesting new twist, to a family favourite game.

Regardless of what activities people are doing when they come to elevated experience camping. They do not have to spend their time cooking if they do not want. For lunch, they can head to the day use area.

Where they can meet up with their loved one who is fishing. So that they can enjoy a joint lunch together. Eating the gourmet hotdogs, and grilled cheese sandwiches. That are on offer at the food truck.

At the end of the day, when nobody feels like cooking. They can order a pizza. That will be delivered by the elevated experience staff, to their campsite directly. When they are ready to leave.

They can take part in the checkout breakfast. Enjoying pancakes, sausages and coffee. So that their perfect fishing vacation. Does not need to involve cooking or cleaning at all.