Alberta Campgrounds | Facts About Mushrooms

Alberta Campgrounds | Facts About Mushrooms

A popular activity for many people visiting Alberta campgrounds during the summer. Is searching and foraging for mushrooms. There are dozens of different kinds of mushrooms.

Alberta Campgrounds

That grow not only throughout Alberta. But throughout Alberta campgrounds as well. There are mushrooms called poly spores. Which are not true growing. And then there are mushrooms.

That do grow on trees. Mushroom foragers typically look for poly spores. And there are several different kinds. That people can find, while they visit elevated experience camping. In Drayton Valley.

They can find honey mushrooms, several different kinds of oyster mushrooms. There are a few different kinds of morale mushrooms. And one of the most popular kinds. That are popular throughout the world.

Saffron milk caps. In addition to those mushrooms, people can forage for. Puff balls, which are poly spores that look like white puffy balls. Which are also edible.

While not all mushrooms are edible, some are poisonous. Some are on palatable. And some, have great medicinal value. It is very important that people become extremely familiar. With different types of mushrooms.

Because the difference between edible mushrooms. And poisonous mushrooms, are not as obvious. As many people think. There are look-alike mushrooms. Therefore, people must know several ways.

In order to identify a mushroom. And there is not one thing to look for. That will definitively say. If a mushroom is safe, or poisonous. People can look at what they look like. What the gills under the cap look like.

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The smell, the colour. But also, by the mushrooms spore print. The spore print of a mushroom is like it is a fingerprint. After a person picks the mushroom. They can place it, Side down.

On a piece of paper. Then, they can leave it for several hours. Or preferably overnight. Then, they can pick up the mushroom. And look at the spores that were left behind. On the piece of paper.

They will typically look like the gills, that are underneath the cab. But they will also be a different colour. Based on what kind of mushroom it is. The spore print may be white, black or brown.

Or, it might take on the colour. That is very vibrant, such as yellow, pink and red. Become very familiar with all of the different indicators. In the mushrooms that you are foraging for.

Therefore, when you go looking for mushrooms in Alberta campgrounds. Will be able to tell. Quite easily with a little bit of practice. Which mushrooms you are looking for. Something else to keep in mind.

Is that while most mushrooms tend to like dark and damp locations. Certain mushrooms like to grow in certain conditions. Such as saffron milk caps tend to enjoy. Growing underneath the discarded pine needles.

And are often found, very close to pine trees. However, when people are foraging for mushrooms. They simply need to keep an eye out. And the search, is often as fun. Or more than the find.

Alberta Campgrounds | Facts About Wild Mushrooms

There are many reasons for people to visit Alberta campgrounds. And search for mushrooms. Foraging is a very popular past time. Because many people love to eat wild mushrooms.

However, mushrooms also have great medicinal value. And herbalists, both professional and hobbyists. Like to search for shrooms. That they can put into their home remedies.

When they go out into Alberta campgrounds to search for mushrooms. There are several things that they can keep in mind. For example, mushrooms tend to grow back. In the same location year after year.

Much like an apple, being plucked from the Appletree. People can keep going back to that Appletree. Year after year, to pick the fruit. And this is the same with mushrooms. Many people tend to think.

That the mushroom is the entire structure. But this is not true at all. The mushrooms are in fact, just the fruit of a much larger plans. And are actually referred to as the fruity bodies of the organism.

The larger organism as a whole is called a fungi. And the larger organism. Grows underground, and is referred to. As the mycelium. Therefore, when people pick mushrooms. They are simply picking fruit.

Off a larger organism, and the mycelium will still exist. Producing more and more mushrooms. If people are wondering how big the mycelium is. It is actually considered the largest living organism on planet Earth.

One mycelium can cover hundreds of square kilometres. And the largest mycelium ever recorded. Is actually in Russia. When people are searching for mushrooms. They can keep coming back to the same location.

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Not only will the conditions be very similar. But they now, if the mycelium was there before. It will generally produce more mushrooms in the future. When people are looking for medicinal mushrooms.

One of the best of that can be found in Alberta campgrounds. Is called Ganoderma Apple natum. Which is part of the right she family. Which has such a long list of medicinal uses.

That it could not be listed in this article. However, before people start using it. Or consuming it, they need to know. How important it is to properly prepare. Each type of mushroom.

While some, improperly prepared are simply unpalatable. Others are dangerous, and can cause gastrointestinal upset. In addition to learning how to prepare the mushrooms properly.

People should also keep in mind, that they should not wash their mushrooms. They should simply brush them off, in order to get the debris off of them. And then, to cut them open.

Just like apples, wild mushrooms can have worms inside of them. And while it will not harm a person. If they accidentally eat a mushroom. That has a worm or two inside of it. It is simply, unpalatable.

If people would like to forage for mushrooms. While visiting elevated experience camping. They do have mushroom experts on staff. Who would be more than happy. To offer helpful tips. And help people go.

Looking for mushrooms, for fun. To eat, or to learn. If people would like to spend more time in elevated experience campgrounds. All they have to do is reserve a spot today.