Alberta Campgrounds | Enjoy Fresh Vegetables Camping

Alberta Campgrounds | Enjoy Fresh Vegetables Camping

Some of the reasons why people love going to Alberta campgrounds for their summer vacation. Is because they love camping food that they eat. Hot dogs, hamburgers. And marshmallows roasted over an open fire.

Alberta Campgrounds

Often, that is because it is difficult to transport. And keep fresh vegetables from wilting. When all people bring with them is a cooler. And they need several different things. To eat for the week.

Which is why bringing community garden beds. To Alberta campgrounds, is something that elevated experience camping. Is very passionate about. They will have for the new camping season.

A community garden, and there willy west, Drayton Valley location. That will serve several needs. Within their campground, starting with operation Sasquatch. This is a not-for-profit food truck.

It is going to be operated by disadvantaged youth. And as a not-for-profit, they are looking for inexpensive ways. To cut the bills. So that they can keep their prices low. And serve more food to the campers at the campground.

That is why operation Sasquatch will be allowed to access the community garden. And use the vegetables. In their menu, serving fresh and delicious food. At the campground, Thursday through to Saturday.

But also, they wanted to provide the campers. That will be staying in their Alberta campgrounds the opportunity. To experience gardening for themselves. And be able to enjoy some of the fresh produce as well.

That is why anyone who will be camping this year at elevated experience camping. Will be welcome to spend time gardening. And reaping the benefits of the garden. During their stay in the summer.

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They only ask that people treat the garden, and the equipment with respect. Taking only the vegetables that they will be able to eat. And then closing the gates when they are done.

Community gardens are beneficial for so many reasons. Not only will it help reduce negative community impacts. By promoting food sustainability and security.

It will teach people about agriculture. Help produce food transportation costs. And even bring the community together. As they learn how to grow their own food. And depend on each other.

Community campgrounds are even beneficial. Because they have been linked to reducing crime. Within certain neighbourhoods, due to the fact that it eliminate vacant lands. And turn them into productive areas.

That criminals will avoid. Because of the bustling activity that now fill these areas. However, immunity campgrounds are also great. Because they promote healthy environment.

By eliminating neighbourhood waste. By providing a composting element. Not only place for people to compost their food waste. But a place that they can use the compost that has now been turned into soil.

As well as increases the air quality in an area. Because plants breathe in carbon dioxide. And expel oxygen. It is what we use, to breathe. As we asked carbon dioxide, plants will use that to continue to turn it into oxygen for our use.

Community gardens also reduce water runoff. That takes important soil nutrients with it. And help promotes a thriving ecosystem. People should think of elevated experience camping. If they want to have a summer vacation. That truly has a positive impact.

Alberta Campgrounds | You Can Enjoy Fresh Vegetables Camping

Camping, and gardening have not typically been done together in Alberta campgrounds. But there is one camping company, elevated experience camping. That is trying to change that. And change everyone’s camping experiences for the better.

Coming new this year, they will have raised garden beds. That not only is going to help the not-for-profit food truck, operation Sasquatch. But they will also allow campers access to these garden beds.

Whether they want to engage in some relaxing, and rewarding gardening. That is good for their mind, their body and their soul. Or if they simply are interested in harvesting some delicious vegetables.

For sharing with their family, in addition to their hotdogs, and hamburgers that they brought with them. However, these gardens that they have installed. Are not your typical, average garden.

They decided to build raised gardens. For many different reasons. If anyone has visited Alberta campgrounds in the past. They would know all of the creatures, and animals they can encounter.

Many of these animals would be more than happy. To help themselves to a garden. Eating the vegetables, as well as the plants. And destroying an entire garden. In a very short amount of time.

Even by building a fence around the entire area. Would not stop many animals. Who would dig under the fence. Or wait until they could find their way in. Through a carelessly unattended gate for a moment.

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Therefore, by bringing in raised garden beds. They can automatically. Eliminate many small animals. From being able to ravage the garden and destroy it. However, many people have been to Alberta campgrounds.

And now that there are going to be here. To their also interested in eating the vegetables. As well as the plans. Which is why elevated experience camping. Has put large lattices. On the edges of their raised garden beds.

The sun will be able to get in, and nourish the garden. While allowing easy access. People who are interested in gardening, or harvesting the food. By putting these lattices on a hinge.

And allowing people access, by opening up a latch. Another benefit of having raised garden beds. Is that they are going to be more easily attended to. Because they are waist height. So that nobody has to bend.

Along with hunching down, hurting their back. Moreover, hurting their knees in order to weed, water. Along with harvesting the garden. These raised garden beds will make it much easier. For anyone to access the garden.

Even people who may have had a limitation. And have been unable to participate in gardening activities before. This can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For many people who have never gardened before.

Or be a welcome activity, for people who love gardening. And who would love the opportunity. To eat fresh vegetables while on their summer vacation.