Alberta Campgrounds | Encountering Wildlife

Alberta Campgrounds | Encountering Wildlife

Being able to enjoy this scenic beauty and wildlife is important to many campers and hikers when they go to Alberta campgrounds. There is a wide variety of vegetation as well as animals, in every part of the province that people visit.

This can be extremely attractive to people who are going to enjoy the sights and the animals. Such as a bird watchers, or wildlife photographers for example.

However, with the amount of animals native to this province. People who go out to enjoy nature. Need to know that they will encounter a wide variety of animals.

Where they are in the province will dictate the types of animals that they see. From birds, squirrels and rabbits nearly everywhere they go. To Canadian geese, and pelicans near the water.

To big horned sheep, and elk and moose in the mountains. And even bears and various parts of the province. Because many Alberta campgrounds are in their country.

Knowing the kinds of animals that people are bound to encounter when travelling to various parts of the province is important. So that people can be prepared with what they need to do.

However, there is one animal that most campers and hikers do not wish to encounter. And this is the skunk. Skunks are most famous for the spray that they admit when they are startled as a defence mechanism.

However, the most important thing for campers and hikers to keep in mind. Is that skunks are very peaceful. And they do not want to spray. Not only because it depletes their energy and leaves them week. But it also leaves them defenceless. Until their body makes more spray, which can take up to ten days.


Knowing this, can help campers and hikers no what to do when encountering a skunk. So that they do not end up startling the animal.

The first and most important thing that they should keep in mind is to stop moving immediately. This will help avoid startling the skunk. As well as give it a lot of options for how it is going to escape.

It should immediately run away. But if it does not, people can start moving extremely slowly backwards. They should never turn their back on the skunk, and keep an eye on it all times as they leave the area.

Skunks can spray a phenomenally long distance away, up to 3 m. So campers and hikers should not assume that they are safe from the spray and stay and watch the animal.

Especially if the skunk is with their babies. They will be even more defensive. And another reason why hikers and campers should leave the area immediately.

Pets should also be leashed at all times. So that if encountering a skunk with their dog or cat. People can ensure that they keep their animal still and quiet. To avoid upsetting the skunk.

By knowing how to safely encounter a skunk. Can help ensure that campers, hikers and skunks can peacefully coexist in Alberta campgrounds. Without either affecting the other.

Alberta Campgrounds | Encountering Wildlife

A lot of the beauty of Alberta campgrounds is the wide variety of wildlife. Many people like going camping and hiking. Because they will be able to see a wide variety of animals living in their natural habitats.

And while many people understand not to interact with the animals. This is especially true when people encounter skunks in Alberta campgrounds.

Skunks are very well known for their defence mechanism. Which is spraying an oily substance out of the glands underneath their tail.

Many people driving through the country late at night have often smelled if a skunk has sprayed. Especially because this smell can be detected by the human nose up to five point 6 km away.

However, not only is it in incredibly smelly liquid. It can also cause severe skin rotation, temporary blindness and watery eyes. And can cause nausea in the people and animal that is sprayed by it.

Not only can skunks spray extremely long distances away, up to 3 m from their body. But they can spray six times in a row, before they are no longer able to spray anymore.

This is a skunks last resort. Because it is their only defence mechanism. And while they do not want to spray. They will if they feel that their life, or the life of their babies are in danger.

If people encounter a skunk, some telltale signs that they are getting ready to spray include stomping their feet, hissing and reasoning their tail.


While campers or hikers should already be backing up slowly to get out of range of the skunk. If they see these signs, they might want to brace for getting sprayed.

If people do get sprayed, it can be very important to neutralize the oil as quickly as possible. To avoid severe irritation, and nausea.

Most people have heard that tomato juice is the only way to get rid of skunk smell. And the reason why this is a known cure, is because of the acid in the tomato juice. And how it neutralizes the oil in the spray.

However, if campers and hikers do not have tomato juice on hand. They can find a solution by using 3% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. By using one court of the peroxide and ┬╝ cup of the baking soda. This solution can help neutralize the oil and the smell.

People should also add 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap just before they apply this liquid, to help with cleaning the oil.

Campers and hikers can easily carry hydrogen peroxide and baking soda whenever they visit Alberta campgrounds. Just in case they, their animals. Or people that they are with accidentally encounter a skunk. And startle them, even if they are trying to leave the skunk alone.

Not only by knowing how to encounter a skunk without startling them. As well as how to neutralize their spray. Can help campers and hikers enjoy their trip. Without letting encountering a skunk impede their enjoyment of the experience.