Alberta Campgrounds | Community Garden In Campgrounds

Alberta Campgrounds | Community Garden In Campgrounds

While elevated experience camping, is always adding something new to their Alberta campgrounds. This year, they will be offering. The opportunity to garden, as well as go camping.

Alberta Campgrounds

There are a lot of benefits to having a community garden. In a campground they say. Starting with the fact that many people who go camping. Often end up not packing enough fruits and vegetables.

Partially, because they are hard to pack. Without getting bruised, or damaged in the cooler. Therefore, their camping food. Tends to be a lot of hotdogs, hamburgers and potato chips.

Having a community garden that they can access. On their camping trip. Will give many people the opportunity. To add fresh vegetables to their meals. For something different, partway through their camping trip.

These community gardens, will be accessible to everybody. Who is spending time in the camping, or glamping sites. As long as they follow some very simple rules. But tools back where they found them.

Respect the plants, and the vegetables. Only take what they can eat, and close up the gate when they are done. They can also come into the garden, to enjoy some time weeding. Or watering the garden.

Because many people love gardening because they consider it relaxing. Rewarding, and great for their mental health. However, it is not just the campers that are going to benefit from having a community garden.

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This year, elevated experience also will have. A food truck, selling delicious hot food. To the patrons of the Alberta campgrounds that they manage. From Thursday to Saturday, operation Sasquatch.

Will be selling their hot menu to campers. And people using the day use area. And during the week, Monday to Wednesday. They will be in the town of Drayton Valley itself. Not only is this food truck.

A new addition, to the amenities that the campsite is offering. It is also a non-for profit. Which is why elevated experience camping wanted to help out. By providing some of the vegetables they need.

Out of the community garden. Since they will be selling to a lot of their guests. They wanted to make sure that they could keep their food bills down as well. Aside from helping people eat more nutritiously.

There are many other benefits. To having a community garden. Whether that garden is in a town, city. Or if it is in Alberta campgrounds. It will bring an awareness to agriculture. And promote food sustainability.

It will teach people where their food comes from. And particularly children, who have grown up in a city. We never have seen where their food comes from. And this can be a fun learning opportunity.

It also helps communities reduce their food transportation costs. While reducing water runoff. And decrease the amount of waste in the garbage. By composting all waste that can be composted.

There are so many benefits to having a community garden. That this can be a great determining factor. Helping people decide which Alberta campgrounds they want to spend their summer at this year.

Alberta Campgrounds | Community Garden Located In Campgrounds

Even though most people have not heard about community gardens in Alberta campgrounds. Elevated experience camping things that this is a very natural fit. There are many benefits to both the campground.

As well as the campers, who will be able. To spend time in the garden. And will be allowed to harvest some of the vegetables. To eat while camping at elevated experience camping.

The community gardens, or being designed to be accessible by more people. Therefore, they have decided to create raised garden beds. Because more people will be able to access the garden.

The plants, and the vegetables. In a raised bed, rather than a traditional garden. On the ground, because it is difficult. For many people to bend, or crouch. Because of injured backs, sore knees.

Or simply, they have certain physical or other limitations. That would make spending time. In a traditional garden difficult. In order to be more accessible, they built raised garden beds for this community garden.

Not only will it be easier on the back, and knees. For weeding, watering and harvesting. But there are also many benefits of having raised gardens. That traditional gardens do not allow for.

One important distinguishing difference. Between a raised garden bed, and a garden bed on the ground. Is that gardens on the ground. Are much more susceptible to damage by small animals.

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Anyone who has spent any amount of time in Alberta campgrounds. Will know that animals are everywhere. Small animals like mice, rabbits and even foxes and skunks. Will eat the plants and vegetables.

And even a fence is not going to eliminate. The possibility of damage from these small animals. They could dig under the fence easily. Or simply scurry in, if someone carelessly left gate open even for a moment.

Therefore, raising up the garden. Will ensure that these small animals. Will not be able to access the plants or vegetables. And eliminate that risk immediately. However, people who have been in Alberta campgrounds.

Also knows, that deer and moose are often seen. Therefore, there raised garden beds. That elevated experience camping has built. Include barriers, that are enough.

To prevent deer and moose from snacking on the plants and vegetables. Also, are easy enough to unlatch, and open, on a hinge. So that people can get in to weed, water. And harvest the vegetables whenever they want.

But the benefit of raised garden beds and do not stop there. Because these raised beds are easier for water to drain out of. They can avoid problems. Such as root rot, or soilborne fungal diseases. From being too waterlogged.

This summer, if people are looking for something unique. Nutritious, and educational. They should look no further than elevated experience camping. And spend some time in a community garden.

They will experience the relaxing, and rewarding benefits. And will also, eat a bit healthier during their vacation. The only words of advice, would be to book their camping site early. As sites are selling out quickly.