Alberta Campgrounds | Camping Etiquette

Alberta Campgrounds | Camping Etiquette For Newbies

Despite the fact that many people go to Alberta campgrounds to get away from other people and the city. They have to keep in mind that there will be other people camping around them.

Being very aware of the important rules of etiquette that all campers should follow. Can help ensure that all campers have a fun time getting away from the city.

A very important rule of etiquette that all campers need to follow. Is respecting their own campsite. This means ensuring they keep fires in the fire pit. And avoid moving that fire pit.

And if people want to hang things like tarps, clotheslines and comics. They should ask the campground management if this is allowed. And what the best way they can go about doing this is.

The goal is going to be leaving their campsite as pristine as they found it. So they should avoid doing anything that is going to cause a permanent change to the space. When they leave, they should up litter and put out there fires so that the next camper can have the same experience they have.

Another rule of etiquette that is very important to follow in Alberta campgrounds is being very mindful of littering. This does not just mean while inside their own campsite. But children who are eating candy, or playing with water balloons. And even people smoking. Need to be very respectful of where they put their litter.


There will be trash receptacles for garbage when people are outside of their campsite. And there will be ashtrays available for people to put their cigarette butts into. By avoiding throwing their butts on the ground. All campers can enjoy the natural beauty of the campsite. Without having to look at unsightly trash wherever they go.

In addition to respecting their own campsite, and avoiding litter. People need to also respect other people’s campsites. And avoid cutting through their space. Even if it means a shortcut.

Campers should also be very aware of when trails that they are on are going near other people’s campsites. And respect their privacy. And to keep the noise levels down. People often come to Alberta campgrounds in order to relax.

And while people are often very mindful of not littering, and respecting the space. This also means ensuring that if they do see something that needs attention. Whether it is litter on the ground that did not make it into a trashcan. The can be empowered to pick that trash up themselves.

If they see something else, such as a bathroom that needs to be cleaned. Or something that has been broken. Bringing this to the attention of the campground management is extremely important. They will ensure that this can get fixed quickly. Or cleaned properly. So the everyone’s experience can be a good one.

By everyone working together to follow important campground etiquette. Can help ensure that all campers have a fun and relaxing experience. And that they are able to enjoy the beauty of being out in the wilderness.

Alberta Campgrounds | Camping Etiquette At Our Campground

Just because many people go to Alberta campgrounds in order to get away. Does not mean that they are going to be all alone. And they need to be respectful of the areas that they are camping in.

When everyone is respectful of each other, everyone can enjoy the time that they spend camping. No matter what activities they want to do. From hiking, fishing, or simply relaxing away from the rush of the city.

When way that people can help ensure this is possible for all campers. It is respecting the quiet times of the campsite. This does not mean that everyone has to go to bed when quiet time comes around.

People can continue having a fire, hang out with their family and friends, and visit. But it does mean that they should work to keep their noise down. Stereo’s can be turned off, and people should mind the volume of their own voices.

By being mindful of other people who want to go to sleep at that time. And especially mindful of families. Children often go to bed much earlier. Can help ensure that all campers, can have a fun time. And can sleep whenever it is important for them.

An important rule that people should follow is keeping their food away. If people leave food out, they can attract a wide variety of animals to the campsite. This can be distracting, or even dangerous if it attracts larger animals.


But when animals are attracted by the smell of human food. They start to become less afraid of humans, which can bring them around to the campsite more. Which is dangerous. All campers should work together to avoid attracting animals of all kinds.

By not only not leaving food out. But by keeping the food that they bring in sealed containers. And even leaving it in their car. To avoid animals smelling their food and coming around to investigate.

This also includes pet food. As many people like coming to Alberta campgrounds with their dogs. Wild animals do not know the difference between pet food and human food. So their pet food also needs to be kept in a seal able container. And ideally in their car or vehicle as well. To minimize that smell.

Another very important rule of etiquette that all campers should follow is not to bring their own wood into the campsite. Most Alberta campgrounds will have firewood for use. Either for free or for sale. So there is no need for people to bring their own.

The danger of bringing their own wood in is that it could bring in pests or diseases to the campground. Common problems that can come in with would include pine beetles and Dutch Elm disease. These can cause a lot of problems and instruction in a campground. Therefore, it is best for everyone if wood is not brought in by the campers.

By following these important rules of etiquette. All campers can enjoy their time. While able to enjoy the beauty of the campsite when they arrive, and allowing the next person to come after them to have the same experience.