Glamping in Alberta | Why Glamping is Trendy

Glamping in Alberta | Why Glamping is Trendy

Even though glamping in Alberta seems to be on the rise lately. Glamping is no more trendy then it ever was. With the first people going glamping, occurring hundreds of years ago.

However, it was not always an easily accessible activity. Requiring people to have their own luxury accommodations. To take with them camping. Therefore, that everybody could engage in it.

This is why more people than ever before are going glamping in Alberta. Because more campsites are building glamping accommodations. Such as yurts, luxury tents and tiny cabins.

Therefore, going glamping is as easy as renting a glamping site at a campground. And then heading out to that campground, for their vacation. This is why elevated experience added tiny cabins to their campsite.

This way, they can help people fall in love with the outdoors. By allowing them the taste of the wilderness, if they have not been camping before. Or if they are unable to engage in camping.

Went people can expect when they book their very first glamping vacation with elevated experience. Is that upon arrival to the campground, they will get greeted with a cup of coffee for the registration process.

While their loved ones can get out of the car, and enjoy the warm fire that has greeted them. And they can roast a marshmallow while they wait.

While they bring their luggage to the tiny cabin that they are staying in. They will notice right away that the cabin will have a fire pit and bench in the yard. As well as a barbecue, and porch to sit on.


This is so that people can have whatever glamping experience they want. Whether it is sipping a coffee on the porch watching the wildlife. Or if they want to cook their food on a barbecue.

Or even though they want to stay in a cabin. They still want to roast winners and marshmallows over an open fire. All of those possibilities are open to them, with there glamping sites.

When they open the door to their accommodations, they will most likely first notice a queen sized bed. As well as a television that they can use to watch shows, or movies if they wish.

There will be a many fridge in order to store the food that they brought with them. However, if people do not wish to cook anything at all. They can always order pizza service from the campground.

And have pizza delivered directly to their tiny cabin. And this is why elevated experience has elevated glamping in Alberta. Because they have added so many amenities, that make it such an amazing time.

However, people who want to go camping as well. Need to understand that there are many camping sites available as well. It will be created the same way, and have access to the pizza delivery if they wish.

So that even people who are roughing it. Can get the taste of what glamping can be. The sooner people book their first camping or glamping trip their elevated experience campground. The sooner they are going to be able to come back again.

Glamping in Alberta | Why Glamping is Trendy

Even though it might seem like people are spending more time glamping in Alberta. And the word glamping has only been coined in the last fifteen years. Glamping is no more trendy now than it has been for several years.

In fact, the word glamping comes from merging the two words glamorous and camping. And it simply refers to going camping, with accommodations that are not typically found in the wilderness.

Therefore, when people have brought coffee pots, or barbecues with them to their campsites. They have been glamping. And when people fit their trailers and motorhomes with many luxuries of home.

That is now considered glamping. When twenty or thirty years ago. It was simply called camping. And staying in a tent, and sleeping on the ground was offered to as roughing it.

However, whether people want to go glamping in Alberta, or if they like roughing it. They will be able to do either of those activities at elevated experience campground.

Which is located just outside of Drayton Valley, nestled in the beautiful river valley on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. The dress could beauty of this location is similar to the mountains.

And while many people want to experience nature, by hiking, biking or boating. Not everybody wants to have this experience when they head out to elevated experience campground.


Often, they want to reconnect with their loved ones, or have a fun vacation with their children. Which is why there are many different amenities, and experiences to engage in.

When people arrive, they will be given a voucher for one three-game of many golf. To start their vacation on the right note. And people can return for additional games, as they choose.

However can also rent many different activities. Such as a yard sized Jenga or yahtzee. That can put an extremely unique twist to a family favourite game.

People can also rent a slip and slide, but if the weather is not good enough for yard yahtzee or a slip and slide. The family can also head to the retro arcade and candy store.

Offering activities for children, teenagers. And the nostalgic parents, or playing video games from their childhood. However, if people want to be a lot more active, they can be.

They have many different programmed activities, led by the elevated experience staff. Such as yoga for all ages and experience levels, the addition of goats running around spreading joy to all participants.

As well as discovery kids that they can use to go on a guided mini adventure. To explore the surroundings, and learn about her valley.

Whether people want to go camping or glamping in Alberta. There is something for everybody at elevated experience campground. And the sooner people can make plans to return, and continue having an unparalleled experience this campground.