Glamping in Alberta | Why Glamping is Popular

Glamping in Alberta | Why Glamping is Popular

When people are looking to get away for a weekend or a vacation, they often go glamping in Alberta. Because glamping is quickly becoming an extremely popular activity. Because it is merging a hotel experience, with the outdoors.

When people go to elevated experience. Not only are they going to be able to get a regular camping experience. From being able to bring a tent, or a trailer and camping in that.

Two glamping in one of their tiny cabins, that is a glamping sites. This brings a level of excellence to a typical camping experience. Where these tiny cabins have a queen-size bed, and air conditioning.

Which is something that people typically do not get when they go camping especially in a tent. However, that is not the only amenities that these tiny cabins have. They also come with a television, a mini fridge, and a barbecue.

So that people can cook their own food if they wish. And they also have a cooler, so that people can go in by food they wish to cook. And keep it, without having to have their own camping gear.

As well, these glamping sites come with a fire pit. So that people can still feel like they have a camping, or an outdoor experience. Such as having friends over for a visit by a campfire.

Or so that they can cook marshmallows over an open fire. And get the true camping experience. But this is not the only thing people will get well glamping in Alberta at elevated experience. They offer many other amenities for glamper’s.

If people have come to the great outdoors to relax. But they still need a lot of activities to keep them entertained. They have large yard games that they can rent such as yahtzee or Jenga.


These are large games that are fun to play on the lawn and in groups. That can help people conquer boredom while they are relaxing in the great outdoors. And there are even more amenities that they offer at elevated experience.

They have programmed activities such as goat yoga. That people can experience whether they have done yoga before or not. They also can rent a slip and slide, go play a game of mini golf, or play in their retro arcade.

There is also a store that they can go to for would, and ice. They also have a candy store, in case they are have a sweet tooth that they need to satisfy. They also have regular other camping amenities.

Such as a river with a boat launch to go boating or fishing. As well as horseshoe pits, so that people can play horseshoes. And of course, they have flush toilets, and showers available to everyone.

The goal at elevated experience, is to give people an elevated experience while they are camping. Which is why they also have the ability to cook pizza, and do pizza delivery to all of the campsites.

And they also have a checkout breakfast. Including pancakes and sausages with coffee. So that on the day that people are leaving the campsite, they do not have to cook.

When people are going glamping in Alberta, they should look no further than elevated experience. Because it is going to be an experience like no other.

Glamping in Alberta | Why Glamping is Popular

Glamping in Alberta is becoming a very popular activity. Because it helps people of all experience levels enjoy camping, and experiencing nature.

When people go glamping, they do not need to have their own camping gear. Which can actually be quite expensive to purchase. And difficult to store if people do not have the room where they live.

By going to elevated experience, not only do they have regular campsites. They also have glamping sites, which function as a hotel room staged in the outdoors.

People want to go glamping in Alberta, because they do not have their own camping gear. They only need to bring themselves, the close they want to wear, and the food they want to eat.

There will be a queen-size bed, as well as a mini fridge, a barbecue to cook their food on. And even other amenities such as television and air conditioning.

While there is no indoor plumbing in these glamping sites. There is a flashlight available, to help people walk the pathway to the flush toilets. So that they can truly get the feel like they are camping, while they are staying in the lap of luxury.

However, when people are glamping in Alberta, it can be more than just staying in great amenities. Such as when people go to elevated experience. They will get an extremely high level of service.


This extremely high level of customer service is extended to every single guest. Whether they are glamping or if they are going to go roughing it by staying in a tent.

The first thing that they can experience when they arrive at the campsite. Is that there is a fire started, and marshmallows for the travellers to get out, stretch their legs.

And start enjoying their camping experience right away while they are getting registered. There is also going to be water and free coffee, so that people can start to relax and unwind the moment they set foot on the site.

When people get there, if they are immediately hungry. Not only is there a store that has staple food in it. But there is also pizza delivery on-site. So that if people do not feel like cooking.

Or they have arrived too late, or come back from an adventure later than expected. And they do not want to try and cook or barbecue in the dark. They can simply order pizza.

Where will be hand delivered to their campsite or glamping site. It is also very important to note that not only is elevated experience looking to create an exceptional camping or glamping experience.

But they are ensuring that they train their staff to provide the same excellent customer service as well. For their customers that they are brand-new or repeat customers.

So whether they play mini golf, rent a slip and slide, or have fun in the retro arcade if it is raining out. No matter who they talk to, they are going to get exceptional customer service. To ensure their camping experience is like no other.