Glamping in Alberta | Why Food Trucks Belong Camping

Glamping in Alberta | Why Food Trucks Belong Camping

One thing people do not typically think of when they want to go camping, or glamping in Alberta. Is to look for campsites that offers food trucks. Typically, when people are going to spend a vacation in the wilderness.

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They are not expecting to have many creature comforts from home. And even when people are glamping in Alberta. They typically only think of the creature comforts of their accommodations.

However, one Campground in Alberta. Is looking to change the face of camping in this province. This is elevated experience camping. And they want to appeal to a wider variety of campers than ever before.

While many people who like to go camping. Have all of the equipment, and want to spend time in the wilderness. And therefore, they are not looking for a lot of activities or amenities in their campground.

However, that is only a certain percentage of campers. And there are many other people. Who would love the opportunity to go camping or glamping who want a wide variety of activities.

Because either they do not really like spending time in nature. Or, they need a lot of activities in order to feel entertained or relaxed. Many people, have never been camping before.

And do not know what part of the experience they will enjoy most. Some people do not like camping at all, and these are the people that want to go glamping in Alberta.

Which means, they do not want to do any of the traditional camping type of activities. Therefore, elevated experience camping. Wanted to appeal to the most people possible.

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They added a wide variety of amenities to their campground in the first year of operation. Adding things like a community library, a retro arcade and candy store. As well as activities like goat yoga.

In addition to the traditional types of camping activities already there. Such as trails for hiking, a boat launch to get watercraft onto the river. And a playground for the children.

However, not content to offer the same services every year. Elevated experience camping owners. Wanted to offer their campers, and their glamper’s. Something unique for their camping experience this year.

This is why they are bringing in a food truck, offering gourmet comfort food. To help elevate everybody’s experience. Whether people are too busy exploring, and having fun to cook dinner.

Or if glamper’s, wanted to get away from their regular life. And avoid cooking or doing dishes for their entire vacation. They are going to love what the food truck offers.

Whether people go to the food truck, and eat their meal picnic style in the day use area. Or whether they want to bring their meal back to their private campground, to enjoy with their friends and family.

They will be able to have any option they want, while trying all of the combination of meals and side dishes on offer from this food truck. For a truly unique experience camping, or glamping. People should check out elevated experience camping.

Glamping in Alberta | Why Food Trucks Belong at Willey West

Many people may not associate food trucks with camping, or glamping in Alberta. But elevated experience camping. Wants to help people have a unique vacation, no matter what their goal is.

They wanted to cater to an extremely wide variety of people. Which is why last year, they added glamping sites. To their already impressive number of camping sites for single families or groups.

These tiny, luxury cabins. Are outfitted with every luxury that people can find in a hotel room. From a queen-size bed, to a large, flat screen television hooked up to a satellite dish.

A barbecue to cook their meals on, a mini fridge, and all the things they need to cook their own food. However, many people, especially those that desire to go glamping in Alberta.

Do not want to cook, or clean dishes on their vacation. Where they are escaping their regular life. And wanting to do nothing more than rest and relax as much as they possibly can.

For these people, they are going to be pleased to hear about the addition of a food truck. That will be servicing the campground from Thursday, to Saturday. Offering up traditional comfort foods.

But with the gourmet twist, as well as side dishes. That will please every palate. Whether people want to enjoy their meal picnic style. Or take it back to their campground. They will love not having to cook or clean.

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However, while the food truck is going to be in operation Thursday through to Saturday at the campground. For people who are camping, glamping. Or simply using the day use area for an afternoon.

If people are looking for the food truck during the week. Just five minutes outside of the campground. People can go to the town of Drayton Valley, where Monday to Wednesday they will host the food truck.

Including Wednesday evening, it will be at the farmers market during the entire summer. And while the food truck is going to help fill the bellies of campers and people glamping in Alberta.

As well as give people a great new experience. People can also feel good about supporting the food truck. As it is going to be employing at risk youth. Who are going to be learning important skills.

These are youth that may not already be employable. You are going to be able to gain the skills. And gain the confidence they need. To carry new skills into their life, but they will be able to find gainful employment.

The food truck has a program that they call operation Sasquatch. That teaches these youth the skills that they need. Before putting them on the food truck for the entire camping season.

So they will be fully employed, earning a full wage. But also earning skills that will help them contribute to their family and the community in general. So the food truck, will help people feel good in their stomach.

But also feel good in their heart, as they do good for the community that they are supporting.