Glamping in Alberta | What To Expect At Elevated Experience

Glamping in Alberta | What To Expect At Elevated Experience

The owners of elevated experience campground wants to make everyone’s experience great whether they are camping, or glamping in Alberta. In fact, they have a desire to make their campsite synonymous with Banff, Jasper and Kananaskis.

Located in a valley close to Drayton Valley on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. They offer a picturesque view of the outdoors in Alberta. That is describe like staying in the mountains, though having to drive to the mountains.

However, not satisfied with being just another campsite. They want to set themselves apart from their competition not only by offering excellent customer service.

But because the amenities they offer, are second to none. Allowing people to have an amazing experience whether they want to have a traditional camping experience by roughing it in a tent.

Or, if people have a trailer, fifth wheel were motor home. And want to just drive to their getaway spot. And be able to start camping right away. Because everything is already set up in their trailer.

Or, whether people do not like camping, have never been camping. Or are looking for an elevated camping experience, but going glamping.

Elevated experience campground offers the ability for all of these campers to coexist with each other. Allowing sites for tenting, trailers, and tiny cabins that are there glamping sites.

Glamping in Alberta is even more popular than ever before. With glamping being a portmanteau of the word glamorous and camping. It brings hotel accommodations to the great outdoors.


And while when many people think of glamping. They think of the luxurious accommodations, and hotel room amenities. Which they definitely offer in their tiny cabins. With air conditioning, queen-size bed and a barbecue.

But also, the services that they offer, and what is available for people to rent. Can ensure that everybody’s experience is elevated. Whether they are glamping in their tiny cabin, or roughing it by staying in a tent.

Whether people want to do traditional camping activities such as hiking and exploring, going fishing in the river playing horseshoes. Or they are looking forward to some more unique camping experiences.

Such as renting a slip and slide, playing a game or two of many golf. Or if they want to get away from inclement weather in the retro arcade.

That is all possible for all campers to do with her they are camping or glamping. But also, they have grabbed activities as well, such as yoga with or without goats.

That can give people an experience that they have never had before. All well enjoying the wilderness of Alberta. And while many people love the unique experiences they can enjoy at elevated experience.

They often simply want to go camping or glamping in Alberta. Because getting away from the city can help them relax. There are even things that can help these campers get what they want.

Such as pizza delivery, free coffee on arrival, and flush toilets and showers. So no matter what someone is looking for in a camping experience. They should visit elevated experience.

Glamping in Alberta | What To Expect At Elevated Experience

When people think of camping or glamping in Alberta. They often think of Banff, Jasper or Kananaskis. Because these are some of the most popular destination spots for campers in the province.

However, elevated experience camping wants to be considered as a destination spot as well. Because they have not just camping and glamping sites available.

But because they want to give people who are coming to their campground an experience like nothing they have ever had before. Starting with exceptional customer service.

Not only to the owners provided exceptional customer service. But they also train each and everyone of their staff members. To give each camper excellent customer service as well.

Right from the moment they get to the campground to start checking in, whether they are camping or glamping. There will be free coffee and water upon arrival.

To help people start relaxing the moment they get on site. But also, they will have a fire pit going, where they or their kids can get out of the car, stretch their legs and roast a marshmallow.

When people are trying to get out for a vacation, it can often be very stressful. With people having to pack their clothes, pack their car. And beat the traffic out of town.


By the time they arrive at their campsite, they can be aggravated or even stressed out even more. Which is why they want the experience of arriving at the campground to be amazing.

And whether they are going to be staying in a campsite, with a tent or a trailer. Or whether people are therefore an experience of glamping in Alberta. And are going to stay in their tiny cabins.

All of the amenities that they have available, including pizza delivery, yard games to rent such as Jenga or yahtzee. Or whether they want to play around of many golf, and avoid cooking by ordering a pizza.

All of these on amenities are available to all campers, no matter where in the campground they are staying. And all of this excellent customer service extends through the entirety of their vacation.

When checkout is happening, and people are getting ready to leave to go back into their lives after camping or glamping. They often do not want to have to cook breakfast and pack up the campsite.

Which is why they have created the checkout breakfast. For a small fee, people can get pancakes, sausages and coffee. So that they can have the hearty breakfast they need to pack up camp.

Without having to cook first, which would take extra time to cook and clean before they go. And if people are glamping in Alberta, the pancake breakfast can be extremely beneficial.

So that they do not have to prepare to pack or cook breakfast, so that they can eat their breakfast, and head back to town, feeling rested and relaxed.