Glamping in Alberta | What To Bring While Glamping

Glamping in Alberta | What To Bring While Glamping

When people decide to go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience camping. They get the additional luxury, of having flush toilets. And the bathrooms on site, will have everything from toilet paper.

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To sinks, complete with soap and paper towel. So that people do not have to worry about where they are going to clean their hands. However, this does not mean that people should not come prepared with their own toilet paper.

The reason why, is because if people are going to be spending any amount of time away from their campsites. Either fishing, boating or hiking and biking. They may need toilet paper for any number of reasons.

And if they think all they need to do, is toss a role of toilet paper from home. In their knapsack, and they are good to go. This is not true for many reasons. People should put the toilet paper in something to be safe.

Not only is it very possible, that they might get wet. While they are glamping in Alberta. Whether they are outdoors, and are caught in a sudden shower. Or, they are spending time on the North Saskatchewan River.

And they accidentally fall in, or get sprayed. The toilet paper that they are carrying, could now become a waterlogged mess. Getting everything in their knapsack wet. And weighing them down.

Not to mention, completely useless. When people are in need of some toilet paper, when nature calls. Or if they need to blow their nose, when they are on the go in the wilderness.

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As well, when people go glamping in Alberta. They may not realize the resiliency of the squirrels. And their ability, to get into many different types of containers, such as knapsacks.

People have put supplies in their knapsacks. Only to realize when they turn around quickly. That the squirrels have already been able to get into those knapsacks, and steal food, toilet paper.

Or anything else that they could get their hands on. This is why it is extremely important. That if people are bringing toilet paper with them into the wilderness. Which is an extremely good idea. They also need to put it into a different container.

Something that is not only waterproof. But something that will prevent squirrels from stealing it as well. If people have a coffee container at home. This makes a fantastic toilet paper storage device.

That squirrels are not able to get into very easily. And can ensure that people will always have this twelve paper. When they need the most. And not find out that it was shredded by squirrels on the trail.

When people are getting ready to go camping, or glamping. A bit of preparedness in what they pack. Can help ensure that they have a great time. Because it will have all the supplies that they need.

Even if they do not think they are going to be venturing far away from their glamping cabin. Having a few things on hand for their vacation. Can ensure that they are ready for any circumstances.

Glamping in Alberta | What To Bring While Glamping

Many people may not know what to expect, when they go glamping in Alberta for the first time. They may be going glamping, as a way of seeing if they would enjoy camping. Before buying a lot of expensive equipment.

However, with a bit of resourcefulness. People can end up with great ways to bring supplies while camping, or glamping. That are not going to require spending a lot of money acquiring them.

For example, whether people are going camping, or glamping in Alberta. They are going to need to eat. And many people, especially when they are on vacation. Love eating eggs.

However, it may be very difficult to bring eggs on a camping or glamping vacation. Simply because they are so fragile, and even the containers that are designed. To protect eggs, on a camping trip sometimes fail.

However, if people simply take their eggs, and crack them into a bowl and beat them up. And then store them in a plastic bottle. This can solve the problem, of how to protect eggs from breaking.

Whether this container is a Mason jar, or a squeeze bottle, similar to a cleaned out ketchup bottle. This can ensure that people have a leakproof way of storing their eggs.

So that they do not end up with a all over their camping food. But that they also do not have to give up having delicious scrambled eggs, or omelettes on their vacation.

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And who wants to eat plain scrambled eggs? When people are going camping, or glamping. They do not want to compromise on the food that they eat. And while they might pack the best food in.

They may be a little bit perplexed. About how to bring the spices that they really love to have. To make their food seasoned to their exact taste. While many people bring their large space containers.

Most people do not have enough room for this. And want to put their spices in something smaller for packing with them. When they are camping, or glamping in Alberta.

And when this is the struggle, people can instead purchase tic-tac-toe containers. They are extremely easy to empty out, and do not require cleaning. And are the perfect size for spices and seasonings.

Like salt and pepper, as well as garlic powder, chili powder. Or what ever spices people desire, on their food. This also ensures that they do not waste additional spices, when they are on vacation.

These are great tips and tricks. That can make a camping or glamping in Alberta vacation that much better. And has the added benefit, of helping people get all of their camping equipment together.

Because if the reason they are going glamping, is because they do not have supplies yet. Using these easy hacks. Can help them get the supplies they need to quickly, and inexpensively. So that next season, they can start camping instead.