Glamping in Alberta | What Is Glamorous Camping

Glamping in Alberta | What Is Glamorous Camping

Although camping is an incredibly popular activity in Alberta, glamping in Alberta is rising in popularity for many reasons. Allowing people to see the beauty of Alberta. In a way that they would not be able to otherwise.

The name glamping, is a mashup of the two words glamorous and camping. A portmanteau that was coined in UK in the year two thousand and five.

Although it took another six years to be added to the Oxford dictionary. People have been going glamping not just in Alberta, for decades. But throughout the world, and throat history.

In fact, the very first known glamper in the history books. Is it Genghis Khan. Because when he travelled, although he stayed in tense. He had every luxury that he could afford from his time.

With luxurious tapestries hanging from the walls, rugs and servants to serve his every whim. But he was not the only glamper in history.

And while people did not travel while they glamper any longer for the most part. People are still going glamping. By mixing the luxuries of their life. With their portable, and temporary housing.

And while glamping had typically required purchasing equipment. Such as a trailer, or motorhome. Or even having camping gear, to bring luxurious items with. Such as raised beds, or espresso machines.

That is not accessible for everybody. Which is why more campsites throughout Alberta, are creating glamping sites for people to rent. To allow them the opportunity to experience the wilderness in this way.

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Therefore, when people are looking to go glamping in Alberta. There are many sites that are available. That were not around several years ago. Because of its popularity, and how it is in growing throughout the country.

And when people are looking to go glamping in Alberta, they should look no further than elevated experience campground. Because they have recently added more glamping sites to their amenities.

To allow people a little sliver of luxury. In the beautiful picturesque beauty of the North Saskatchewan River Valley. Not only are there glamping sites and ability to get away.

But from the moment they see these tiny cabins. They will know that they are going to be experiencing something completely unique when they come for their state.

These cabins are designed to look like tiny little houses. And they have a fire pit, and a bench in the yard. As well as a porch, that has a bistro table and two chairs.

That people can immediately see themselves having a coffee in the morning, while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. When they set foot into the beautiful space. Not only are all of the little details beautiful.

But they will not be able to avoid seeing the gorgeous, and plush queen-size bed in the middle of the room. The large flatscreen TV. That has a satellite hookup. So they can watch all of their favorite shows.

And an air-conditioner, to ensure they are comfortable at all times. When they want this luxurious glamping experience. They should call elevated experience campgrounds and book their spot today.

Glamping in Alberta | What Is Glamorous Camping

Anytime someone brings some luxuries that are not typically found camping, that is considered glamping in Alberta. And with the popularity of this activity on the rise. Especially as it becomes popular, and trendy.

More campsites than ever before. Are offering glamping sites and services to a wider variety of people. Looking for a unique getaway for their summer vacation. And especially as summer is so short in Alberta already.

Going glamping can also mean that people can extend the camping season slightly. By offering them a little bit more shelter from the elements. To allow them to enjoy nature a little bit longer before the snow flies.

As well, and elevated experience camping, they are nestled in a the beautiful river valley, on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. That not only is this picturesque.

But because they are in a valley, they are somewhat sheltered from a lot of the elements. And while many people love going to the Rocky Mountains in Banff or Jasper.

When they make their trip to elevated experience campground. They are going to have better weather more often than in the mountains. That are notorious for cold and snow, even early on in the year.

However, because the surroundings are so beautiful. Many people who do not want to make the drive all the way to the mountains. Are extremely happy with what they see at elevated experience campground.

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And in addition to that, they offer so many different amenities. That there is never a lack of anything to do. So while many people want to know glamping in Alberta. So that they can get away from everything.

And be able to sleep, rest, read books and watch movies. That is simply not everybody’s ideal vacation. Because they want adventure, such as hiking, biking, boating or other activities.

But even if people come to elevated experience camping. In order to do as little as possible. After a few days of resting and relaxing. They might feel that is the right time to start engaging in some activities.

And when that is the case, they will have a wide variety of activities to choose from. Such as games that they can rent. Minigolf that they can play on the mini golf course that they have on site.

Our whether they want to have a completely unique experience, and engage in some goat yoga. And try their hand at stretching their muscles. While the company of these playful animals.

When people come to elevated expense campground for their vacation. It will be able to design a vacation of their dreams. A being able to do any of the activities that they desire.

In a beautiful and picturesque setting. So that even if families come together while going glamping in Alberta. There is going to be something for everyone to do. To help them have the vacation, that will make everybody happy.