Glamping in Alberta | Vacation At Elevated Experience Campground

Glamping in Alberta | Vacation At Elevated Experience Campground

Not everybody loves camping, but elevated experience knows this is why they set up their glamping in Alberta luxury cabins. These are tiny cabins, that have many different luxuries, comparable to a hotel room.

Glamping in Alberta

But they are set in the picturesque beauty of the river valley. Where the campground itself is situated. And when people think about glamping, they often think of it as a new and trendy activity.

This is actually not true. Glamping in Alberta has been around for decades. But actually around in the world for centuries. With the first historical reference of camping happening with Genghis Khan.

Glamping is simply a mashup of the two words glamorous and camping. And while it was coined as a word in the UK in two thousand and five. And then added to Webster’s dictionary eleven years later.

Glamorous camping has been around for as long as people have been staying in tents. As Genghis Khan made his way across Asia, he stayed in tents. That were outfitted with all of the luxuries of the day.

Including servants, silk tapestries and rugs. However, this is not the only instance of glamorous camping in history. The sultans would often be known to travel in elaborate caravans.

And as they stayed in tents. They would want all of the luxuries that they would experience and their palace with them. So when they set up their camp, they would have all of the luxuries of home with them.

And even in France, the largest instance of glamping had been recorded. With almost thousand glamper’s converging in one location. With luxurious accommodations.

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Including fountains that ran with wine. For the several they event. Therefore, people who want to go glamping in Alberta. Are in good company. Because it has been done throughout history.

In fact, the most famous Hollywood celebrity. That is known to have been glamping is Matthew McConaughey. Who set up hundreds of glamping sites on his ranch.

In order to accommodate guests for his wedding. To allow people luxurious accommodations. While staying in a rustic and beautiful setting.

Therefore, when people are looking for this in a vacation. They should look no further than elevated experience campgrounds. Because not only did they have amazingly beautiful accommodations.

Sent in an amazingly beautiful location. But because they have amazing customer service. And outstanding amenities, that are not found anywhere else.

For example, one thing that sets them apart. Is the fact that while there glamping sites have barbecues, so people can cook their own food. As well as a tiny fridge, a microwave, and dishes.

They also offer the ability to order pizza. That is cooked fresh, order and on-site. And then delivered by their very own elevated experience staff to the glamper’s.

Therefore, no matter why people are looking for a glamping experience. They are going to get an extremely elevated experience and elevated experience campground. The only recommendation.

Is that people should book their vacation early enough in the summer. So that when they fall in love, they can continue coming back for the rest of the summer.

Glamping in Alberta | Vacation At Elevated Experience Campground

When people are looking for a unique summer vacation, they should try out glamping in Alberta. Even just once, so that they can experience what everybody is talking about.

And while glamping is becoming more popular. It is far from a new activity. People have been doing this activity in Alberta for decades. Because what glamping truly means.

Is people who go camping, but also bringing luxury items from home. Even people who stay in tents, can go glamping. If they bring luxuries that are not normally found while people are roughing it.

For example, many people might want to bring an espresso machine with them while they are camping. Or, they have a blowup bed that they bring. So they do not have to sleep on the ground.

Whatever luxuries people desire, can turn their camping trip into a glamping trip. However, when people go glamping in Alberta at elevated experience campground.

They will stay in tiny cabins, that not only are glamorous. But have many of the same amenities found in a hotel room. They will have their fire pit, and bench. In case people do want to have a traditional fire.

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But they will also have a full-size barbecue for their exclusive use. To cook all of their meals on if they desire. There is also a porch attached to the front of the tiny cabin. That has a bistro table, and two chairs.

Whether they sit here sipping their morning coffee and watching the sunrise. Or sit here, sipping wine watching the sunset. This can help them feel connected to nature if that is what they want from their glamping trip.

inside, there is a queen-size bed, a large, flat screen TV mounted to the wall. And from every detail, there is luxury everywhere. From bedside lamps, that have plug-ins for people’s technology.

To a flashlight that people can use, to navigate in the dark. So that that is not one more thing that they have to remember to bring. In fact, when people are glamping in Alberta at elevated experience campground.

All they have to bring our the close that they wear, and, if they want to compare their own food. The food that they eat. Otherwise, they can simply order pizza for their meals.

If they do get bored, or are looking for adventure. There are many different activities that they can do. From traditional things like hiking, biking and horseshoes. Two more unique activities.

Such as go to yoga, retro arcade and mini golf. It does not matter what people are looking to do for their glamping trip. As long as they have their expectations, and book with elevated experience campground. They are going to be able to have an amazing time. That will help them fall in love with glamping, the outdoors. And their family.