Glamping in Alberta | Unique Vacations

Glamping in Alberta | Unique Vacations

Many people decide to go glamping in Alberta. For their summer vacation, to give them some unique experiences and adventure in their own backyard. When they are looking to do this, they should look no further than elevated experience campground.

Not only do they have typical camping amenities. Allowing sites for people to bring a tent, or a trailer. As well as flush toilets, and showers. But they have also added glamping facilities to their amenities.

These tiny, luxury cabins. Our nestled in the river valley, and have all of the luxuries. Of a hotel room, so that when people want to go glamping in Alberta. They will have luxury, in these cabins.

The first thing that people will notice when they arrive, is the fact that there is a front porch. With a bistro table. And they may already be imagining themselves sipping the morning coffee, watching the sunrise on their first day of vacation.

Or, they are thinking of enjoying the sunset, while sharing a meal with their loved one. There is also a full-sized barbecue, is that people do not have to worry about how or where they are going to cook their food.

As well as a fire pit, and bench. So that they can feel free to roast marshmallows, or have a visit and a sing-along next to a roaring fire. For the quintessential feel of camping in Alberta.

When they walk into this gorgeous base. Not only will they see many luxuries. That are not typically found camping. But the attention to detail in the space is amazing, and adds a charming feel.

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The soft, inviting looking queen-size bed. Is one of the first things that people will see. And if their idea of a perfect trip to go glamping in Alberta. Is to get away, and spend as much time sleeping in, napping.

And reading in luxury and comfort. They will be immediately pleased with the look of this space. However, there is also a large flatscreen TV mounted to the wall. That is hooked up to satellite.

Which means people do not have to leave their favorite television show, or movies behind. And can stay connected, if that is their perfect idea of a vacation.

Other details people will notice in their gorgeous tiny luxury cabins at elevated experience campground. Is the fact that there is a water cooler, with a dispenser for man’s best friend.

And everything in elevated experience is pet friendly. So people do not feel they have to leave their furry family members behind. Because they are welcome here.

There is also a mini fridge, microwave, and coffeepot. As well as all of the dishes they would need to use will they stay there. So that if they decide to bring their own food. There is a place to put it, and places to cook it.

However, they can simply order pizza on-site, that is made to order and hand delivered. Truly bringing luxury to glamping.

Glamping in Alberta | Unique Vacations

Vacations mean different things to many different people, and when they go glamping in Alberta. That brings many different ideas up. To the different types of people who are planning to go glamping.

This is why elevated experience campground. Can offer all types of experiences, to all types of campers, and people looking to go glamping.

Because they have so many different amenities and activities. That there is never any lack of things to do. So that even if people think that all they want to do is relax. If they get done relaxing. There are things that they will be able to do.

Since the location of elevated experience campground. Is nestled in a picturesque valley, read against the North Saskatchewan River. There are many different water activities that people can enjoy.

If they have a boat, they can use the boat launch. Whether they want to ride around on the river. Or if they want to go fishing. And even if people simply want to sit on the banks, dangle their feet and and enjoy the sound of the river.

That is possible at this beautiful campsite. However, there are many other things to two. Other than spending time in the water. And there are many activities that they can rent.

For example, they have a mini golf course, that every guest gets a free game. So that they can start their glamping in Alberta trip on the right note. However, that is not the only activity that there is.

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People can enjoy many of the different games that there are for rent. Such as yard games, which are oversized versions of fun family favourites like yahtzee or Jenga.

That can put a fun and unique spin. On a familiar game. To allow people a unique experience. However, if playing games, people prefer the electronic version. They can head into the retro arcade.

There will be many different arcade games, from people’s childhood. To allow people to spend an afternoon revisiting their childhood. Or sharing their old favourite pastimes with their children.

And as the perfect place for people to spend the day, when the unpredictable Alberta whether gets unseasonably cold or wet. However, when the weather is gorgeous there are still many activities to do.

Such as joining a yoga practice. Which is perfect for people of all ages and yoga abilities. Where they will share their space with playful goats. That is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

And when they are done on the river, exploring, and having fun playing games. And they realize that they are hungry. They can simply ordering a pizza, that will be delivered their glamping cabin.

To give people a truly unique experience whether they want to go camping for their summer vacation. Or if they want to try glamping in Alberta for the very first time. When they come to elevated experience campground, everyone can have fun, with a wide variety of activities.