Glamping in Alberta | Unique Vacation Experiences

Glamping in Alberta | Unique Vacation Experiences

People who have already been glamping in Alberta at elevated experience campground. Knows so that they offer a wide variety of services and amenities. For the people that are staying in their campground.

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And people who have been glamping at elevated experience campground. Already also know. The kind of dedication that they put into customer service. And delivering an amazing experience to every person staying there.

This is why they have grown so much in their first year of operation. Through word-of-mouth, by people who were blown away. Both by the amazing amenities, and amazing customer service.

People would go, and fall in love. And want to return more throughout the summer. With others, never having gone glamping at elevated experience. Are looking forward to the new camping season.

So that they can experience what their friends and family have been raving about four months. However, if people have been expecting to go back to elevated experience next year.

And have the same level of service and amenities. They are going to be very disappointed. Because elevated experience are not content, to offer the exact same services. They want to offer more, each and every year.

Therefore, the new amenity that they are bringing this year. Is a food truck, that will service the people who are staying in the campground either because they are glamping in Alberta. Regular camping.

Or even people that are simply using the day use area, or launching a boat into the river. This food truck, will be operating at the campground from Thursday, all the way to Saturday.

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Allowing people to purchase a small menu of gourmet items. That they would not be able to get anywhere else. These items were very well researched. For both popularity, by people who would want to eat them.

As well as by talking to other food trucks. About what their most sought after dish was. Therefore, they are offering gourmet hotdogs, and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches on their food truck.

Not only are these simple, comfort foods. That everybody can enjoy. But they are not easily found in other restaurants. And the fact that they are elevating them to a gourmet level.

Means that it will appeal to a wider variety of people. To be able to have great food, while they are glamping in Alberta. For some people, going glamping means they do not have to cook or do dishes.

Which means the addition of a food truck, is a welcome one to the people who want to go glamping on their vacation. And not regular camping, where they have to cook over an open fire.

The best thing about this food truck. Is that it is owned and operated by elevated experience camping society. Which is a separate entity from the campground. Whose mandate is to help the community both socially and economically.

This means not only purchasing from the food truck is a good decision for their empty stomachs. But it is a good decision, because it will help build the community they are staying in.

Glamping in Alberta | Unique Vacation Experiences Close to Home

There are many things there are many things that people enjoy about glamping in Alberta. From being able to enjoy the great outdoors. To not having to sleep on the ground, or pitch a tent.

For some people, their idea of roughing it. Is staying in a hotel with no room service. But even at elevated experience camping. People can get room service when they order a pizza.

Not only is the pizza made hot, fresh and to order. But it is also hand-delivered by the fantastic staff of elevated experience camping. So people can go glamping in Alberta, and have room service as well.

And while many people were completely blown away by the great level of customer service. As well as the amazing amenities from elevated experience camping in their last season.

They are not content to simply provide the same services, and hopes that everybody stays happy. They are dedicated to constant improvement. Which is why they are planning on opening in the new camping season with new amenities.

One of their most exciting amenities that they are bringing to the campground. Is a food truck, lovingly dubbed operation Sasquatch. The food truck, is actually owned and operated by a separate entity than the campground.

Whose mandate is actually to support the community that they are in both socially and economically. Therefore, the decision to purchase food from this food truck is a good one for their stomach, and their heart.

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The food truck actually hires individuals that are at risk in the community. Between the ages of fourteen and twenty. To help them gain the skills they need to be successful in life and in a future job.

They will learn how to interview for jobs, and skills such as customer service, team building and money management. That will serve them well in their future job, once they leave the food truck.

However, they will also learn important tasks and skills. That will serve them well in the food truck. Such as safe food handling, knife safety. And how to cook from scratch.

They will have some experience in a commercial kitchen. Before the end of their classroom component of this course. but also at the end of the two months. They will transition to working in the food truck for the next five months.

Which is the entirety of the camping season. Not only will they be gainfully employed full time. But the rate of pay that they will be getting is a full paycheck. Which means they are learning and building their skills but also earning money.

Therefore, when people who go glamping in Alberta want to skip doing the dishes. As well as skip cooking the meals entirely. The food truck is going to be a feel-good option.

That helps their tummy feel satisfied. But helps them know that they are spending their money. In a program, that is truly making a difference in the community that they are in.