Glamping in Alberta | Unique Vacation Amenities

Glamping in Alberta | Unique Vacation Amenities

Often, when people decide to go glamping in Alberta for vacation. It is because they are looking for a unique vacation. That they are unable to find anywhere else. And when they decide to go to elevated experience camping.

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They are going to get a wide variety of amenities, for a wide variety of people. Who have many different interests. This is great for families, who have children with many different interests.

But also great for people who do not know exactly what they want to do on vacation. Or, who think they are going to be able to sit and unwind for the entire week. And do not realize that there going to get bored of that very quickly.

Last year, they unveiled amazing amenities. Such as mini golf, a retro arcade and goat yoga. But they are not content to simply do the same services and amenities for the next year.

Which is why they have been busy working all winter, to unveil their newest amenity. To the people using their campground. They are bringing in a food truck, that is owned and operated.

By elevated experience camping society. Which is a completely different entity than the campground. And their mandate, will be to support the community socially and economically.

The food truck, will be dedicated to providing gourmet food. While supporting at risk youth, through a program called operation Sasquatch. Giving skills to youth, that will help them find gainful employment in the future.

This seven-month program, includes two months of classroom learning. Where they will learn the skills they need. To work in the food truck. But are also transferable to future jobs.

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Not only will they learn safe food handling practices, and knife skills. But they will also learn things. Such as money management, customer service, and how to work well in a team.

Whether they get another job in food service. Or something completely unrelated. The skills they learn, will be transferable and invaluable. Therefore, when people are glamping in Alberta this year.

And they go to elevated experience camping. Not only are they going to get a wide variety of unique amenities and services. But they will be able to support the community that they are staying in as well.

And while many people who go glamping in Alberta. Need to bring their own facilities, such as trailer, and camping gear. However, the people who go to elevated experience camping.

Only need to worry about the close that they want to wear. As well as the food they wish to eat. Because everything else will be provided for them. From the queen-size bed, and TV with satellite.

To the barbecue, microwave, coffee pot and toaster. Whether people want to stay in their tiny cabin all weekend. Or if they want to get out and explore the wilderness. However they wish to have a vacation, they can do.

When people are ready to go glamping they should go somewhere that has many different amenities. But who truly cares about the community that are supporting them. I supporting the community back.

Glamping in Alberta | Unique Vacation Amenities At Willey West

There are many things that help people have an amazing glamping in Alberta vacation. When they go to elevated experience camping. There are many different amenities and services that they can enjoy.

Last year, they added goat yoga, a retro arcade, and community library to the already impressive list of amenities that they offer. And this year, it will be no different. By adding more amenities to offer their campers.

This year, they are going to add a food truck, that will operate at the campground. From Thursday, to Saturday. Whether people are staying overnight in the campground. Or using the day use area for picnics, or boat launching.

And while the food truck is going to offer a great service to the people staying in elevated experience camping. During the week, it will be in operation in the town of Drayton Valley.

Where people of all types will be able to find it. And enjoy some of the gourmet food choices that are on offer. They did a lot of research, in order to find the perfect menu for the food truck.

Combining some of the most successful food choices from other food trucks. To some of the most sought after dishes by food truck patrons. To come up with gourmet hotdogs and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

The even offer a side, of gourmet corn on the cob. That come in for different flavoured. Including Mexican, Parmesan pesto. As well as, send red pepper, and sriracha corn for the people who love spice.

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And while the food truck will offer delicious food to people who are camping, glamping in Alberta. And people who are just out and about in the town during the week.

There also helping the community, socially and economically. First of all. Because the food truck will be staffed by at risk youth, tween the ages of fourteen and twenty.

They will be able to learn skills that will be transferable to future jobs. So that they can gain new skills. That will help them be successful in the future as well.

Therefore, when people are ready to go glamping in Alberta. And they are looking for different glamping sites to compare. They can look no further than elevated experience camping.

That only because they have a wide variety of amenities that they offer to their customers. But because they also are dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

And the combination, have created many fans of their campground. That have people wanting to come back time and time again. Year after year. When people are ready for a unique vacation, that has a wide variety of activities.

They should check out elevated experience camping. However, they should do so early on in the camping here. So as they fall in love, they can keep coming back for more.