Glamping in Alberta | Unique Camping Amenities

Glamping in Alberta | Unique Camping Amenities

Often, when people want to go camping or glamping in Alberta. What their ideal trip looks like is different to everybody. Which is why people should and up coming to elevated experience campground for their vacation.

The reason is because they have so many different amenities. From traditional camp sites, to allow tents, trailers and motorhomes to stay comfortably.

But they also have tiny cabins for glamping. Which will allow them to completely unique experience, even if they are participating in the same activities as the campers do.

Often, the reason why people seek out to go glamping in Alberta. Is because they either do not like traditional camping. Or they are unable to do traditional camping.

Often because they do not have the equipment. Or they do not have the ability to store camping equipment. Or are unable to engage in camping, due to physical or other limitations.

And whether people do not want to pitch a tent, or are unable to pitch a tent. The glamping sites they have at elevated experience Grounds can ensure that other people are looking for a luxury experience.

Or if they are simply looking to get away into the wilderness. They are going to be able to get but they need at this amazing campsite.

It is location is one of the reasons why it is such a destination. Nestled in the river valley, just outside of Drayton Valley. The campsite is just on the edge of the North Saskatchewan River.

It is so picturesque and beautiful, that people who visit. Often compare its beauty to the mountains. Which is one of the reasons why the owners want to make this campsite a destination.


That is just as popular and coveted as Banff, Jasper and Kananaskis. And with the ever so close, not only is there a boat launch. Whether people want to go boating, fishing on the river itself. Or fishing from the bank’s of the river.

This is just one of the traditional type of camping activities that people can enjoy. As well as birdwatching, hiking, and just getting out in nature. However there are many other activities that people can do at elevated experience.

Often, when families are going on a vacation together. Whether it is camping, or glamping in Alberta. They have children, and keeping them entertained can be difficult.

This is why elevated experience has a wide variety of amenities and activities available. From mini golf, and a retro arcade, that can entice adults and children alike.

People can also rent large yard sized board games such as Jenga or yahtzee. That can help give people a new spin on a familiar game that may be a family favourite. But enjoyed in the new way.

Or, people can rent a slip and slide, or even enjoy some of the programmed activities, such as doing yoga with goats. Whether people have no experience doing yoga. Or are very familiar with yoga.

This is a perfect activity that is suitable for people of all ages. As long as they do not mind sharing the space with some very playful and fun-loving goats.

The matter what people are looking for in their camping experience. Whether it is camping or glamping. They can get they are looking for right at elevated experience campground.

Glamping in Alberta | Unique Camping Amenities

Often, when people think about camping or even glamping in Alberta. They think of gorgeous landscape, with not a lot of other amenities available.

In fact, many people who go camping, do it as a means to get closer to their favourite activity. Whether that is hiking, biking or being on water boat or fishing.

However, for people that love spending time in nature. But do not necessarily have a hobby. These people can enjoy their experience and elevated experience campground. Whether they are camping or glamping.

The reason why, is because they have many different amenities available. That can help give them something to do. Because often, while many people think that they are going to spend their entire vacation resting and relaxing.

Often, when people get out the wilderness. After a couple of hours. They now need something to do. And when that happens, abated experience those exactly what people can do.

For people who are new to the province, or for children. There are discovery kits that people can rent. These are backpacks that have all the tools to go on a guided mini adventure.

That can be fun and educational, as children and adults alike explore the river valley. Whether people want to rent the discovery kit for a daytime adventure.


Or, if they want to rent the discovery kit for nighttime. The river valley can be a completely different place at night. And they can find out some unique things about the location from this kit.

As well, there is a discovery kit that will take people to the river, and teach them about this ecosystem, and the animals that live in and around the river.

And finally, for the ultimate experience of glamping in Alberta. People can take a discovery kit and learn how to do some gold panning. And ten for gold in the North Saskatchewan River.

If people are lucky, and learn quickly. They may even be able to take some gold home with them from their vacation at elevated experience camping.

And since the camping season in Alberta is incredibly short, with five months spanning May to October. It is very important that every camping trip that people have. They should make the absolute most out of it.

Which is why elevated experience campground should be the first place that people go to. When they not only experience the amenities here. But the glamping as well as the exceptional customer service.

They will not want to go anywhere else. Because no matter what they are looking for. Going to be able to get it at this campsite. Whether they want to go roughing it, camping with family. Or spend a luxurious time glamping in Alberta. They will get exactly what they need on this vacation.