Glamping in Alberta | Trying Out Glamping

Glamping in Alberta | Trying Out Glamping

Even though people have been glamping in Alberta for decades. Glamping has never been easier for people who do not have their own equipment. Such as trailers or motorhomes.

Because more now than ever before, campgrounds in the province. Our building their own glamping sites. So that whether people do not want to go camping, can enjoy the wilderness.

Or people who have never been camping before. Can get a taste for what it feels like. Before they go out by their own equipment.

The word glamping was created in two thousand and five in the UK. As a merging of the two words glamorous and camping. So when elevated experience campgrounds wanted to add glamping their services.

They decided instead of luxury tents or yurts. That they would build tiny cabins, staged in the wilderness. But with all the amenities and lecture use of a hotel room.

Therefore, when people are looking to go glamping in Alberta, they should look no further than elevated experience. In order to enjoy nature in this picturesque river valley.

In a way that ensures they do not have to compromise on the luxuries that they need. Such as a flash queen-size bed, and a television, to keep them entertained if the weather is poor.

What people can also expect when they book a glamping site at LB the experience campground. Is a mini fridge, to hold the food that they would like to eat throughout their vacation. As well as a barbecue to cook that food on.

They will either get to sit on their porch, sipping their coffee and enjoying nature. And whether it is cool outside, or hot. They can control the temperature with the air conditioning that is provided in these amenities.


However, even if people are glamping. They may still want to have a campfire. If for nothing else than visiting by, or gross to the occasional marshmallow.

And that is why every glamping site comes complete with a fire pit, as well as a bench. So that people do not have to bring anything but themselves to enjoy their glamping experience at elevated experience campground.

However, what makes elevated experience completely unique to other glamping sites. Is that they have a wide variety of amenities and services. For their guests who are camping or glamping.

They have a mini golf course, that for everyone that books a site they get their first game for free. And also programmed activities such as goat yoga. Fun for yogis of all ages, and experience level.

However, people who are glamping may truly want to experience some of the more traditional types of camping experiences. And there is boat launch for people to utilize.

If they would like to take a boat out onto the river, whether they want to go fishing or not. Or, people can simply cast their fishing lines into the river, in order to spend an afternoon in the beautiful river valley.

Elevated experience campground is also great for families. As they have slip and slides for rent, the candy store and a retro arcade. That means there is something for everyone, no matter what their age is.

While camping is popular. Glamping in Alberta is accessible to everyone. And people should not let this unique experience pass them by. They should book their next vacation at elevated experience campgrounds.

Glamping in Alberta | Trying Out Glamping

Many people living in this province love spending time in nature, whether they are camping or glamping in Alberta. That is because there so much beauty in this province to explore.

When people want to have a completely unique glamping experience. When they book a week or weekend in their tiny cabins at elevated experience campground, there will be many things to try.

Set in the gorgeous River Valley, right by the North Saskatchewan River. People have often compared this beautiful site to the beauty of the mountains, without having to drive.

And while the owners of elevated experience campground understand how beautiful it is. They say they want to be as well-known as the national parks of them or Jasper, which are destinations for people all over Canada.

One of the things that makes them different when people come glamping. Is that they focus on customer service. And aim to exceed all guests expectations every time they visit.

No matter how many times their guests are going to visit when they go glamping in Alberta. Whether it is their first visit, or they have been there dozens of times. They want to make each experience unique and memorable.

How they do that is by offering some of the most unique services and amenities. Available in any camping or glamping sites around. Whether people are there to go roughing it in a tent.


Or whether people want to get away in nature, but do not enjoy sleeping on the ground, or cooking over an open fire. There is something for both of these types of people, and everything in between.

There are glamping sites, which are tiny cabins, set in the woods. But have all of the amenities of a hotel room. And this allows people to enjoy whatever activities they want to pursue outside.

While allowing them to stay in luxurious accommodations, sleeping in a queen-size bed. Using air conditioning, and watching television for example.

And whether people are camping or glamping in Alberta at this campground. They can all order pizza to have it hand delivered by elevated experience staff, straight there campground.

So they do not have to worry if they have exerted to much energy fishing, boating or hiking and biking in the river valley. And are too tired to cook, they do not have to.

And whether they want to rent one of the large yard games like yahtzee or Jenga. Where they want to explore the river valley in a unique way, by renting one of the discovery kids.

That helps people have and many adventure, whether they want to explore the river valley at night. Explore the river, or learn how to go gold panning, and perhaps take a souvenir home.

There so many things to do at elevated experience campground. That from the moment they arrive, until the moment they leave. They will have the most unique camping experience they have ever had.