Glamping in Alberta | Try This Fun Vacation Idea

Glamping in Alberta | Try This Fun Vacation Idea

While camping been a popular activity and Alberta for many years, glamping in Alberta is gaining popularity very quickly. Especially with the proliferation of permanent and semi permanent glamping sites.

These glamping sites can include everything from luxury tents, tiny cabins, and even yurts. Which are semi permanent tents, with structured walls and ceilings.

Or even things like recreational vehicles, houseboats, and even igloos, pods and renovated grain bins for example. The only limitation that there are two different glamping amenities, are people’s imagination.

And the reason why glamping in Alberta is gaining popularity. Is often because it brings camping, two people who are unable to. Because of physical limitations or other limitations.

Or because people cannot go camping, due to the inability to get the gear that they need. Or the fact that they simply do not like camping, for many reasons. Including not wanting to sleep on the ground.

Or to cook their food over an open fire. Or even not wanting to pitch a tent for example. Which is why glamping is a great activity. Because all of these people who cannot or do not want to go camping, can enjoy glamping in Alberta.

It requires no specialized equipment. And it does not require any specialized skills. And whether people are passing through, or this is their intended destination. Going glamping is extremely fun and popular.

In fact, the definition of glamping in the Oxford dictionary. Is a mashup of two words, glamorous and camping. And simply means going camping, with many luxuries of home.

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The word was first coined in the UK in two thousand and five. But actually has been happening throughout the world for many centuries. As well as happening in Alberta for decades.

But these permanent glamping sites are fairly new, and growing in popularity very quickly. When people want to find a place to go glamping in Alberta. They should look no further than elevated experience campgrounds.

Nestled in the river valley, beside the North Saskatchewan River. Just outside of Drayton Valley, in Alberta. Not only do they have traditional camping sites. But they also have glamping amenities as well.

So that whether people want to go glamping by themselves. Or join their families who are camping. But have their own glamping sites. It is possible at this campground.

There tiny cabins, have all of the luxuries that they would find either at home, or in a hotel room. From a queen-size bed and air-conditioners. To a large screen television that is hooked up to satellite.

They also have a fire pit in the yard, and a bench. A barbecue, and a bistro table and chairs. So that they can enjoy their glamping trip any way that they want to. By cooking on a barbecue.

Roasting marshmallows on an open fire. Or even if they want to avoid making dinner at all. They can order a pizza to be delivered to their campsite, is made fresh on-site.

Glamping has never been more popular. So people should try out this fun activity. By booking a reservation at elevated experience campground today. They do not miss out on this opportunity.

Glamping in Alberta | Try This Fun Vacation Idea

Even though many people are seasoned campers in Alberta, they may want to try glamping in Alberta. For fun, and unique way to have a vacation in the summertime.

Glamping means glamorous camping. And if people do not have their own camping equipment, or trailer to bring with them for glamping experience. They can simply reserve a luxury cabin at elevated experience.

These tiny cabins bring all of the luxury of a hotel room. However, nestled in the beautiful river valley of the Alberta wilderness. That can help people feel as though they have truly escaped the city.

And whether they want to spend the entire time in their cabin, watching satellite television. And resting, and unwinding. Or if they want to explore nature and the river.

There going to be able to have the vacation of their own design at elevated experience campgrounds. They have many different amenities, from a boat launch on the river.

So people can bring their own watercraft, and have fun on the water. Or if they are going to go fishing, in order to see if they can catch one of the many sturgeon that live in the river.

Or if people want to have land adventures. They have many other activities on-site. Such as goat yoga. Which is a perfect activity for people of all ages and abilities. To allow them to enjoy the playfulness that goats can bring to the activity.

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As well, there are different discovery kids. That people can rent. That are naps ask, that have all of the tools they need for a mini adventure.

And whether they want a daytime exploration kit, a nighttime exploration kit. Or kit that will teach them how to do some gold panning on the North Saskatchewan River. They can have fun, and perhaps take a unique souvenir home.

As well, people are planning on spending time outside. But the unpredictable Alberta weather. Means that it is too cold or wet to do what they want. They can always spend an afternoon in the retro arcade, and the candy store. Playing retro arcade games with their significant other or their kids.

As well, there are many games that they can rent. Such as yard sized yahtzee or yard sized Jenga. And there is even a mini golf course on-site. That every visitor gets their first game for free.

So that no matter what kind of experience people are looking for. Whether they want to get away, so that they can relax, read a book. And watch some of their favorite movies. Nestled in the beauty of the Alberta river valley.

Or if they are looking forward to an adventure, without having to sleep on the cold hard ground. They can get the vacation of their making when they book for their glamping in Alberta trip at Elevated Experience Campgrounds.